Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Blog Tour: Why Not Me? by Erin Ashley

Title: Why Not Me

Author: Ashley Erin

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Why Not Me:

He didn’t choose me, and now he wants his second chance.

Allie Vincent has a good life. All of her boxes are checked off.

Sweet boyfriend? Check.

Awesome job? Check.

Great friends? Check.

Life is going according to plan. That is until the man who broke her heart seven years ago comes crashing back into her life.

Suddenly those checked boxes no longer seem important.

Her once neat life is now in turmoil as she’s caught between a past love and a current one.

A choice between two men.

One is her best friend and partner for the past six years.

The other makes her heart race, but he left her shattered.

One is safe, secure.

The other is a risk she doesn’t know if she’s willing to take . . . again.

3 stars
Review by Jen Skewes

Allie has a great boyfriend, a job she loves and the two best friends that a girl could ask for.  But when she runs into the man who broke her heart seven years ago she starts to think about her life and her relationship.  

Landon and Allie we’re only together for nine months, but the love and passion that they had for each other was intense.  They were in love and Allie thought they had a future together.  Until Landon broke her heart and left her behind.  But her heart wasn’t the only one that was broken.  Seven years later and Landon still regrets losing her.  And even after all this time she still holds his heart.  But Allie isn’t available.  She’s been with Brendan for six years.   If the only way to have her in his life is as a friend then he will take it.  

The feelings are still there and not just for Landon. But he broke Allies heart once and she is afraid he can do it again. Plus she’s with Brendan now.  Life seemed so perfect until Landon came back.  Now Allie must decide if her heart still Belongs to Landon or Brendan.  

When I first read the blurb for this book I knew I had I read it.   Unfortunately I didn’t love it as much as I had hoped.  I had a hard time connecting with the characters. This is a story of second chances that is filled with drama and angst. The writing was good and overall I did enjoy this book.  

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About Ashley Erin:

Ashley Erin lives in Alberta, Canada where winter and summer compete to take over. She wears flip flops as soon as it’s above freezing, because her hatred of socks outweighs her dislike of snow. Her boyfriend stays with her despite a penchant for adopting rescued cats and dogs without permission. Their two dogs and four cats are spoiled rotten. When Ashley isn’t writing, she is reading or working with horses.

Ashley is a self-published author of contemporary and new adult romance. Follow her on Facebook to keep up with her current and upcoming releases.

Connect with Ashley:

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