Monday, July 8, 2019

Review: Free Fall by Abigail Davies

We were never meant to meet; our paths shouldn’t have crossed.

And yet they did.

As an undercover DEA agent, I always thought things through. I didn’t take chances, because I knew one misstep could have disastrous consequences.

Until I met her.
The little sister of my next target.

Lola was a feisty young woman trying to claw her way out of a bad neighborhood.
She was forbidden in every sense of the word, and not just because of the sixteen year age gap.

We were taught to expect the unexpected, but nothing could have prepared me for what was about to happen.

I fell hard.
I fell fast.
I freefalled heart first.

But there was a secret I was keeping, and if revealed, it’d destroy the lives of those I’d vowed to protect. 

One wrong move and everything could erupt in our faces. 
All that remained was one question...
Was she worth it?

Free Fall is book one in the Fallen Duet. A two-part, angst-fuelled, gripping tale of forbidden love, complete with a jaw-dropping twist you’ll never see coming.

5 stars
Review by Jen Skewes

OMG, this book!!  This is the first book that I have read by this author and I cannot wait to read more.  I heard so many great things about this book prior to it’s release that I knew I needed to get my greedy hands on it.  And I am so glad that I did.  From the moment I first started reading to the Holy Crap ending that I did not see coming at all, I was completely sucked in!!

Lola is a 19 year old girl who is living with her step brother, in a bad neighborhood.  She goes to school and works hard so she can find herself a place to live and escape the hell that she is living in now.  Her step-brother Hut is not the same person that she met years ago, the boy who she felt safe with.  Nowadays, she tries her best to not be around him and his “crew”. He has rules that he expects her to follow, and for the most part she does. Until she meets the newest member of his crew, Brody.

Brody is on an assignment to take down Hut and his boys.  When he meets his younger sister, he thinks that she is going to be his way in. Until he gets to know her. Falling for his target’s sister was never in the plan, but meeting Lola has completely turned his world upside down. Falling for her could ruin everything, but being without her doesn’t seem like an option for him either.  When she finds out the truth will she hate him? Will she run from him?  Or will she be able to forgive him?  I’m about to start book two and find out!!

I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved this book.  First of all Brody completely captured me from the moment I met him. I loved him!! He is sweet when it comes to Lola.  You can see and feel how much he wants to protect her and care for her. Yes he is 16 years older that her but that was never even a thought in my mind.  And when he call her darlin’, my God I just melted. 

I r4ally loved Lola and how strong and independent she tried to be.  I hated Hut and wanted nothing for the best for her. I wanted to see her succeed, to move out and walk from the life she was stuck in.  But most of all I wanted to see her and Brody together. They were just perfect.  

This is an unforbidden romance and not just because of the age difference.  There are more reasons why these two cannot be together.  There will be obstacles along the way along with drama and angst.  And let’s not forget the cliffhanger that will shock you!!  I cannot wait to see what happens next!!  

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