Thursday, November 7, 2019

Review: Money Man by Terri E. Laine

Nice girls end up last.
Or that’s what I tell my best friend when I spot him for the first time.
He’s everything bad girls’ dreams are made of.
Tall, gorgeous, and sporting a full on smirk when he catches me staring.
So what does this broken hearted girl do?
I toss back my fourth shot and end up in the fancy hotel bathroom getting my mind blown by the sexy stranger.
Reasonable. Especially after dumping my cheating ex fiancĂ©. 
A new year, a new job, and after this one night, I’ll be back to being a good girl.
It’s not like I’ll ever see him again. 

I want her the moment I see her.
And I always get what I want.
That’s how I rose to the top.
One. Time. That’s all she’s meant to be.
I have an empire to conquer, no time for anything else.
Yet one taste and I need more.
Another night and I can put her behind me.
Just one and I’ll let her go. Maybe…
But life throws curve balls and she’s my downfall. 
They call me the money man and she’s the auditor who can ruin me.

4.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

This book started out with a bang, literally.  And from the moment I started reading it, I could not put it down.  When I go to the end, I could not stop thinking about it.  I honestly wasn't sure what to do with myself at that point.  I had no idea what to red next or how I would even b able to concentrate on anything else.  This book was HOT and steamy.  The hero is an arrogant, cocky, domineering, jerk of a man, and I LOVED him!!

Bailey grew up in a world that is so much different from the one she is living in now.  She found out her fiancĂ© was cheating on her and is now living with her best friend and trying to move on.  She starts bu having hot sex in the bathroom with a complete stranger.  something that goes against every moral that has been instilled in her since birth.  But despite her feeling awful for what she did, she does not regret it.  When fate brings this sext stranger to her once again, she cannot resit.  Kalen Brinner is going to ruin her in so many ways.  But she cannot stay away, and she's not so sure that she wants to.  

Bailey is a girl who grew up in a world so completely different from where she is now.  Growing up she was taught that sex is for pro-creating and she is to wait until marriage.  She lived a very sheltered life in a community that made it all seem normal.  It wasn't until she went to college on her own that she really experienced life.  It was a whole new word to her, and while having sex with a stranger goes against everything that she was taught, she didn't regret it.  Probably because one night was not enough.  I loved Bailey, and loved watching her grow, struggles with her emotions and her beliefs.   But what I loved the most was her friendship with her best friend Izzy.  

Kalen is a complete mystery, not knowing too much about him, his past or what he does for a living.  On an intimate level they were very acquainted with each other.  But on a personal and emotional level there was still so much to learn.   The layers of Kalen Brinner were very slowly peeled back to reveal who he really is.   As the reader you basically know who he is and you are waiting for that moment when it is all revealed and even though you know it is coming, I still don't think that I was prepared for it.  I wasn't ready for the emotions it brought out and what happened next.  

Kaken and Bailey's story is hot and sexy.  Their chemistry was palpable, and intense and so steamy.  I admit that there were a lot of sex scenes, but I think that this book was really setting the stage for their love story in a way.  they connected on a sexual level from the very beginning, and that's all it was supposed to be.  I wouldn't say this was insta love at all, but it certainly was insta lust.  there is so much more to these two characters, and while the author explored some of their lives, I cannot wait to see more and dig deeper into them.   

This is a trilogy so there is a cliffhanger.  We are left hanging in a big way, with a little bit of broken heart.  I need the next book immediately, no pressure though.  I truly did not know what to do after I was finished with this one.  I was lost in a way because I became so invested in their story that I could not pick up another book.  I will be patiently waiting for the next book. 

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