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Release Blitz: Dominik by Sawyer Bennett

Dominik (Arizona Vengeance, Book #6)
Sawyer Bennett
Release Date: February 18, 2020

I built myself up from nothing. A product of the foster care system, I learned early on how to fight hard to get what I want. Whether it was starting my first company in college, earning my first billion, or buying my first professional sports team, I know how to get what I want, when I want it.

Until now.

Willow Monahan is fierce, independent, and hot as hell. She also takes great pleasure in shutting down my advances. The younger sister of one of my star players, Willow intrigues me to my very core. And while she may have willingly given me her body, she is hesitant to offer up more. Now I’m on a mission to find out why.

I’ve decided to approach my desire for Willow like I’ve approached much of my life; with persistence, determination, and a whole lot of that Dominik Carlson alpha charm. Buying a hockey expansion team, building the Arizona Vengeance from the ground up, and bringing home a championship may prove to be an easier feat than winning Willow’s heart.

But I’ve never been a quitter.

Willow Monahan… I’m coming for you.

4 stars
Review by Trinette Dungee

Set boundaries. Don’t let it get serious. Have fun.
That’s Willow Monahan’s motto and that’s how she likes it until Dominik Carlson enters her life and turns it upside down. Suddenly the sex only relationship she wants is being challenged by the man who is determined to have more with her. 
Dominik is a self-made man, he’s worked hard for everything he has and has become accustomed to getting everything he wants, and he wants Willow Monahan. Dominik figured his biggest obstacle with Willow would be her brother Dax, one of the players on the Arizona Vengeance hockey team he owns. Dax has made it clear that he doesn’t care that Dominik is his boss…his sister is off limits; but Dominik’s biggest obstacle turns out to be Willow. 
As always Sawyer is very good at introducing supporting characters and planting seeds for their own stories and with Dominik, she was no different. He popped in stories and with Dax’s story seemed to suddenly burst on the scene and made us literally drool with anticipation to learn more about this man. What I really liked about this story, was how we learned about Dominik's character along with Willow's. Typically, there’s some background given about a character and you can pretty much figure out what their issues or secrets may be. With Dominik that wasn’t the case; we just knew he was wealthy as hell, he was dominant, and he got what he wanted. We learned about him along with Willow. 
“I never finished college,” he says, which absolutely shocks me. How did I not know this about him? “You’re kidding me?” my jaw hangs slightly open, and I clamp it shut. “ I mean…is that common knowledge?” Dominik shrugs. “It’s no secret. I mean, the press made a big deal abut it wen I first bought the Quakes, but it’s not such hot news these days.” I just stare…agog. A man who thinks nothing of plopping down almost seven thousand a night on a hotel room hadn’t even finished college. I mean, not that people must have a degree to be successful in this life. I know that much. But damned if this doesn’t make him all the more mysterious and exciting, and I want to know more.

Willow nails it…he’s mysterious and exciting. 
Dominik does not pull punches with Willow. It’s made clear from the beginning that she does something to him that no other woman ever has, and he means to have her, no matter what. He’s very in tune to Willow as much as she doesn’t want him to be.  

My mouth hits hers for a bruising kiss that’s meant to tame her. When I lift up, I repeat. “All night. I’ll take you home after breakfast.” “But this is just sex. That’s all. There’s—” “Willow,” I growl, and her mouth snaps shut. “I’m starting to get you have some sort of issue with intimacy or something. If you want to call this merely great sex, that’s fine. But I’m greedy, which means I want a lot of this ‘sex only’ thing, so you’re staying in my bed all night tonight and that’s all there is to it.”

As far as Willow goes, well I wasn’t a fan at first. Truthfully, she drove me batty and worked my nerves because I couldn’t take her “playing hard to get” act; but then I realized, she wasn’t playing at anything. Like the conclusion Dominik came to, so did I…something happened that made her hold me at arms-length.
Nora saunters to Tacker, puts her hand on his hip, and rises on her tiptoes to kiss him. He closes his eyes to receive her lips, and my heart flutters in response to their love. For a moment – a mere wisp of time—I think perhaps I might want that someday. Then stark reality slaps me in the face, a reminder I did try it once. Love had shit all over me—so badly I will gladly go without that kind of devotion, thank you very much.

What I found fascinating about Willow was that, while she appeared to be “a rock”, when she needed to, she shared, she shared. 

Regan rolls her eyes. “Again…you have no qualms with racking up your own notches, so try again.” Damn it. I knew we shouldn’t have had such open sex talks. Finally, I admit it to her. “He’s dangerous, Regan. As in, someone I could fall for and I just don’t want that.”

I wanted Willow to get her act together and for her and Dominik to get their HEA but what really sealed the deal for with Willow was this admission. 

“Dominik didn’t give up on me. When most men realize I don’t want anything more than a romp, it doesn’t tend to last long. It’s the way I like it. But damn, Dominik is persistent, bossy, and demanding—”

I think she unknowingly admitted that she kind of wants the HEA, that she wants a partner, someone to have her back. 
Two stubborn, two strong personalities, two strong willed people who manage to breakdown each other’s walls to get their HEA. Just what I like.
There’s always so much packed into Sawyer Bennett's books that I have a hard time narrowing down what I want to focus on so aside from the Dominik and Willow’s power struggle, there’s also the great banter, the work Dominik does with the kids from the foster home, and the hilarious guy discussions that take place. 
Sawyer always manages to have a little cross over excitement in her series and this is no different. However, this series has crossover from a couple of series. There Arizona Vengeance mixed with some Cold Fury and some Jameson Force Corp. All I’m going to say it the last little cross over damned near gave me a freaking heart attack!!! 

I don’t know how she does it but not only do we get the cross over but we also get a peek at some upcoming storylines. Not only are we being prepped for Aaron Wyled, but there’s another character, Rafe Simmons that helps with the cross overs, who both seemed to have intriguing stories.

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About the Author:
Since the release of her debut contemporary romance novel, Off Sides, in January 2013, Sawyer Bennett has released multiple books, many of which have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

A reformed trial lawyer from North Carolina, Sawyer uses real life experience to create relatable, sexy stories that appeal to a wide array of readers. From new adult to erotic contemporary romance, Sawyer writes something for just about everyone.

Sawyer likes her Bloody Marys strong, her martinis dirty, and her heroes a combination of the two. When not bringing fictional romance to life, Sawyer is a chauffeur, stylist, chef, maid, and personal assistant to a very active daughter, as well as full-time servant to her adorably naughty dogs. She believes in the good of others, and that a bad day can be cured with a great work-out, cake, or even better, both.

Sawyer also writes general and women’s fiction under the pen name S. Bennett and sweet romance under the name Juliette Poe.

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