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Release blitz and Review: Truly by Carmel Rhodes

Release Date: June 11

The summer after senior year was supposed to be the best summer of my life.

It was supposed to be full of adventure and self-discovery and making love under the stars.

It was supposed to be about losing myself and finding my way.

Only, it wasn’t supposed to start like this.

I wasn’t supposed to go to that party.

He wasn’t supposed to notice me.

The hot jock with the trust fund and chip on his shoulder.

My ex-boyfriend’s brother.

Noah Tedesco is so far out of my league he might as well be playing a different game.

Noah wasn’t supposed to look twice at a girl like me, but he did.

Now that I’m on his radar, my life will never be the same.

Truly is a dark coming of age romance that explores themes of dub-con and non-con and happily ever after. Proceed with caution.  

5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

Truly is a dark romance, so be warned.  This book may not be for everyone but for me personally I loved it.  Ms. Rhodes wastes no time with the bully/dark romance of this story.  It starts out in a way that honestly, you won't be sure how you feel about what just happened, bit trust me when I tell to keep reading and keep an open mind.   Because from beginning to end this book had me!!!  I could not put it down. I fell in love with the characters, felt for them and loved how well the dark element was written.  

As you read in the blurb, Truly was dumped by her boyfriend on graduation day.  She goes to a party with her best friend and ends up running into her ex's half-brother.  They didn't have the best relationship, so she never really met him before.  But for some reason he wants her.  She is on Noah Tedesco's radar and she has no idea why or what to do about it.   No matter how many times she pushes him away, he does not give up.  Maybe he isn't getting that she doesn't want him, or maybe he just doesn't care. He is very persistent and what Noah wants; he gets.  

Truly is a story that captured me from the very start.  This book will completely test your boundaries, as well as your morals.  I questioned mine many times.  See, I fell in love with Noah, regardless of his behavior.  Truly is very weak when it comes to him, and while at times I wanted her to stand up for herself, I also understood why she gave in.  She saw the Noah that not many people see, quite possible a side that no one has seen.  To the rest of the world he is a great basketball player, the rich boy who has it all.  But no one knows what this boy is going through and how much he has to deal with.  I loved that Truly was the one that he could open up to, tell his deepest darkest secrets too and while she may have seen a few sides to Noah, she accepted all of them.  She knew how to handle him.'

Tru was looking forward to her summer trip with her best friend, a way of keeping her mother's memory alive.  But after meeting Noah, as the blurb say, her life will never be the same.  She was both strong and weak when it came to Noah.  I honestly think that they were perfect together.  She was meant to be in his life and meant to be his.  

This book is not for the faint of the heart.  As I mentioned I fell in love with Noah but also questioned my sanity because of it.  But I guess like Tru I saw that there was so much more to Noah than most people saw, and one thing was or sure, he loved her and cared about her.  

Proceed with caution, because this book tests limits, it will make you feel everything, and it will make you fall in love with two characters who both had their flaws.  I think in a way they both were trying to find themselves and in the process of it all, they found each other and that is exactly what they both needed.  The friendship in this book were also such a big part of this story, I loved the connection between Tru and her best friend.  How much they were there for each other and how we also got to see the deeper part of their friendship as times as well.  Carmel Rhodes' writing was flawless.  This story is deep and raw, and I loved every word ad every moment.  Blew me away!!!! 

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Writer of words. Mother of Joy. Wife of Compassion. I like to write stories about real people who go through real struggles, and come out the other side stronger. I also like to write smut. Welcome to my brain. It’s a little screwed up, but always well intended.

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