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Release Date: November 12

New York real estate developer, Summer Sloane, was just handed a career-changing assignment… persuade three small business owners in the middle of nowhere to sell their properties to make way for a condo complex. Salivating at a juicy promotion, corner office, and impressing her hard-to-please father, she travels to wintry Arid Falls to dazzle the locals and get their signatures on the dotted line.

Little did she know she was stepping into a living, breathing Christmas town crammed with excessively cheerful, fruitcake-loving, over hair-gelled locals who are a few logs short of an open fire—a place even Hallmark would envy.

Her confidence is shaken when she meets charismatic lumberjerk, Nick Snow—the owner of a bait and tackle shop, guardian of a feisty eight-year-old, and her biggest obstacle. 

With advice from her chiropractor-addicted best friend, Val… Summer ignores her growing affection for the town brimming with Christmas crackpots—and her undeniable attraction to the handsome, kind-hearted Lumberjerk… who sends naughty tingles in all the wrong places. 

Can Summer get her signatures and return home with her heart intact, or will the eccentric Christmas town and the man who gets her blood boiling and pulse racing change her mind?

~A little sweet, a little heat, a little offbeat~

Lace-up your snow boots… this is not a clean romance.

4 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

If you are looking for a fun, witty, sexy story that takes place in a small quirky town, during Christmas season, then look no more.  Snowman is the book for you.  I loved everything about this book. It had that Hallmark Christmas movie feel to it but much sexier.  And I love Hallmark movies!!

Summer Sloane is hoping for the promotion that she deserves, the one that come with the corner office with the beautiful view.  When her boss assigns her to travel to the small town of Arid Falls to try to convince three residents to sell their homes, she knows the this segment means everything to her.  It is a complete game changer and a challenge that she intends to win.  Until she gets there sand not only meets the quirky residents, but the man that is considered the ring leader and who will be the hardest to convince.  But that is not the only issue, Nick Snow is hot!! And can be a bit of a jerk when she first meets him.  But convincing him to sell his house is going to be a bigger challenge than she thought.  Living in a big city like New York, this small little town is a complete culture shock for her.  They are just too cheesy and weird for her liking.  But as time goes on why does she feel closer to this people?  And why not she not shake her attraction to Nick.  Getting involved sexually with the man she needs to convince to sell his home, is high on the list of "things not to do while in Arid Falls".  But when she is near him, she has a hard time controlling how her body reacts to him. 

Nick Snow is the perfect guy.  He is loved by all in the town and he takes care of his niece, who lost her parents two years ago.  His reasons for wanting to stay, that have so much to do with his niece will melt your heart.  He feels something between him and Summer as well, but he doesn't know the real reason that she is in town.  When he finds out it may just change his opinion or her.  Or will it? 

Snowman is a warm, fuzzy, sexy read that I loved.  The cheesy and quirky town was so much fun.  You could feel the chemistry between Summer and Nick and the fun, flirty banter between the two of them was just perfect.  The addition of Nick's niece Noelle made this even better.  She was a sassy little girl which I loved, but the way Summer was with her made you think that maybe this little town ad Nick  was everything that she needed.  

I have always loved AC Netzel's writing and this book was wonderful surprise.  In the sense that her releasing a new book was the surprise.  It made me smile and laugh and just a feel good book!!! I hope we get to see more of these characters, like Val and Jeb???

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Meet AC Netzel 

I’m an accidental writer, a wife, and mother. I’m basically lazy at housework and discovered that writing books was a great way to get out of it. 

I’m in love with love and want to spread the joy, make you laugh, and swoon. If you’re smiling when you’re done reading my books, I’m a happy author. 

I like to write about women with a little snark, their relationships with the men they love, and the friends they keep. I may seem a little cynical when you first meet me… but the truth is I’m a Happily Ever After Girl.
A little sweet, a little steamy, a little snarky Romance Author.

My work:
The Casual Rule (Can be read as a standalone)
The New Rule (The Casual Rule 2)
The Only Rule (The Casual Rule 3)
The Casual Wedding (The Casual Rule 3.5—Allie’s story)
Snowman (Coming 11/12/20)

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