Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Release Blitz for Willa Nash's The Bully


The Bully by Willa Nash is now live!


Nellie Rivera is trading traffic for tranquility. When the quiet streets of small-town Montana beckon, she leaves Denver behind and moves to Calamity. It would be the perfect adventure if not for Cal Stark.

When her archnemesis dares to show his face one Saturday morning, declaring he is moving there too, she vows to make his life a misery. The town isn't big enough for the both of them and besides . . .

She was here first.

Cal has been a thorn in her side since high school. He might have bullied her back then, but she's not a modest teenager anymore and has learned a few plays of her own. If all goes to plan, she'll run the former pro quarterback out of town within a month.

There's only one problem. Cal has the same plan. He wants Calamity bad enough to pull out all the stops. And after one kiss, she realizes that he doesn't play fair.


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Meet Willa

Willa Nash is USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Devney Perry's alter ego, writing contemporary romance stories for Kindle Unlimited. Lover of Swedish Fish, hater of laundry, she lives in Washington State with her husband and two sons. She was born and raised in Montana and has a passion for writing books in the state she calls home.

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Lisa Kane's 4 Star Review

Willa Nash's (Devney Perry) The Bully is a sorta kinda enemies to lovers. Nellie Rivera has recently moved to Calamity to work along side her boss, Pierce. Cal Stark has just retired from the NFL and has moved to Calamity at the suggestion of his best friend, Pierce. Nellie and Cal have a complicated history. He was the popular rich kid in high school, Willa was there on a scholarship. Her father maintained Cal's family's lawn. In typical high school manner, Cal often teased Willa to get her attention. But he didn't realize that she viewed it as bullying her. She liked him but he hurt her feelings too many times. 

When Cal stumbles upon an old diary of Nellie's he finally realizes how his actions must have come across to her. They both have moved to a small town, running into each other is unavoidable. He asks her the same question over and over,

"Tell me why you hate me." 

She says the same thing over and over to him, 

"This town isn't big enough. You have to move."

Check and checkmate. Who's going to give first? 

Cal and Nellie don't alway avoid each other if you know what I mean. Seems they've been "not avoiding" each other for years. Once that itch is scratched they go their separate ways, only to return somewhere down the line. It was easier when they lived miles and miles apart. But now they are both in the same town and are going to have to redefine their relationship. 

This was us. 

Push and pull. Cold or hot. Off to on. 

Nellie is constantly pranking Cal, her memories of him always seem to churn around in her head. I have to admit, that for a grown woman, at times, she acted pretty immature. Get over it already. Kids act like jerks in high school. Most people have memories they just want to forget about. As the years pass, and people grow up and experience the good and bad they usually become much better versions of themselves. 

Cal did have some manning up to do when it came to his past. He hasn't always been the nicest guy to his fans or fellow team mates. Being the golden boy, he usually got away with it, but Nellie has no problem letting him know that he screwed up more than once. 

"Does it matter? One thing. What's one thing you hate about me? This should be an easy question, so just answer me."

"You're mean," I blurted. 

Cal didn't flinch or cringe or jerk. He didn't even blink. But I knew I'd hurt him. The sting showed in his hazel eyes. 

I didn't read the first three books in this series, but I wasn't lost. The previous characters make lots of appearances and there are explanations for who they are, where they fit in, who belongs to who, so no worries if this is the first book you pick up to read in the series. 

This is my first Willa Nash story, I've read lots of the author's previous works under Devney Perry. I liked this one, it's funny and complicated and has a different feel. I think I'm going to spend some time in Calamity and check out the others in the series. 


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