Monday, January 28, 2013

Review: Consequences by Aleatha Romig

Our 4 star review by guest reviewer Lesley Davison

“All behaviors, good or bad have consequences, and even the truth can’t fight appearances.”

Consequences starts out dark and troubled me at times, yet I couldn’t stop reading. How could one man be so sadistic and one woman allow her life to be dominated and controlled?The more I read the more I needed answers and as I kept going the mystery began to unfold.

Devious, cruel and controlling are just a few words to describe Anthony Rawlings. Anthony is a man determined to avenge the “wrong” he felt was done to his Grandfather and their family company. Nothing and no one would stand in his way and all actions had consequences.

Claire Nichols, bright, young and beautiful is currently tending bar at Red Wings after losing her job as a
meteorologist assistant for the local tv station in Atlanta.  Claire makes a point of not getting involved with customers but Anthony Rawlings can be very persuasive and Claire agrees to have drinks. Unfortunately for Claire, she soon finds herself with memories of a harsh abduction and being held in a mansion with no means of escape. Who could have done this to her none other than Mr. Anthony Rawlings?

Left with little hope Claire soon finds ways to please Anthony to earn freedoms. She endures humiliation and
abusive behaviors but learns to compartmentalize these actions to maintain her sanity. Anthony’s plan is in
motion but he soon finds Claire is not as weak as he had thought, finding both her beauty and determination
intriguing. Anthony and Claire marry, their life on the outside seems perfect but appearances can be deceiving and Claire’s private life is still completely controlled by Anthony. She constantly lives in fear of making that error in judgment or breaking a rule. Of course Anthony never lets her forget public appearance is everything and breaking the rules results in a consequence.

I cheered and thought FINALLY as Claire attempts freedom!!  However, my excitement is fleeting as her freedom is short lived and Claire soon finds herself in handcuffs and being accused of attempted murder of her husband Mr. Anthony Rawlings. Poor Claire – WHY? Ms. Romig has written a brilliant ending to this challenging and disturbing story which has left me wanting more!

What does Mr. Rawlings have up his sleeve?  Is Sophia his next victim or will Claire be his undoing? Looking forward to answers and getting to the TRUTH…..

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