Friday, January 25, 2013

Review: Strawberry Wine by Lee Adams

Strawberry Wine by Lee Adams
4 Stars

Tanya Smith has been going to Laurel Lake with her family every summer since she was 8 years old. It was something she looked forward to. She had become close friends with her dwindling group which now has only Will, Paul and Michael left. Tanya has always has a thing for Michael but never acted on it because either she had a boyfriend or he had a girlfriend. This summer seems to be a good one for the both of them, they both happen to be single and they are both 17 years old. It is rare to find your true love at 17, but it happens. Together they explore their feelings for each other, and over the summer their love grows and each day they seem to fall more in love with each other.
This summer is a bit different from summer’s past. Tanya befriends a new girl named Marie. Marie has a difficult life and Tanya along with her friends help Marie to have somewhat of a normal teenage life. They try to keep her away from her abusive stepbrother Brian. They become good friends.  As a group they have fun together, it is after all their last summer together before they all head off for college.  Things are going well for Michael and Tanya, they are young and they are madly in love. Then one night in September changes all of their lives change. Tanya’s heart is broken, their friend Marie suffers a tragedy and things are just over.

It is now 10 years later and Tanya receives a call from Marie’s lawyer.  Marie has left her guardianship of her daughter, Tanny. Tanya isn’t sure she is ready to become a mom. She is single and very successful at her job as a music promoter. She is especially not ready to become a guardian to someone who’s own mother destroyed her happiness 10 years ago. She cannot let Marie’s daughter fall into the foster care system or risk that danger that is still lurking out there that is a threat to Tanny. Tanya takes Tanny back to the one place she never intended to return to, Laurel Lake. It also brings Michael back into to her life, in more ways than one. The chemistry between Tanya and Michael is explosive, it is clear that they never stopped loving each other but Tanya proceeds with caution. Tanny falls very ill and her life hangs in the balance. The secrets Tanya have been hiding come to light and threaten to ruin the happiness that she and Michael have found.  How could the one person that tore them apart bring them back together?

This story absolutely touched my heart. I could definitely relate, especially with Tanny and her sickness. It hit very close to home for me. I was devastated for Tanya, mortified for Marie and pissed off at Michael and felt so bad for Tanny.  This book teaches you to believe in your faith, to learn to trust again and to open your heart!  Bad things happen to good people and you just make the best of every situation.   I highly recommend such a wonderful story and the characters were very likeable and easy to relate to and with.
My only negative thing is that I was extremely disappointed in the ending. Although it was happy so to speak, it was really weak for me.  I really wished the author had done an epilogue. I have so many unanswered questions.

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