Sunday, February 3, 2013

Review: Beauty From Pain by Georgia cates

Our 4.5 star review

Jack McLachan doesn’t do relationships, but he does do short term, mutually consensual sex affairs. In fact he’s done those twelve times in the last four years. Laurelyn Prescott does relationships, that is until she discovers that the one she thought she was in is a lie. When she joins her best friend Addison for a 3 month visit to Australia, relationships aren’t on her agenda. She prefers to find romance in a good book.

“…pick up where I stopped on the slutmance I‘d started earlier. “

Laurelyn is a singer, whose mother has a history of addiction and neglect and her father is someone she refers
to as the “sperm donor”. She was the result of her mother’s fling with a famous country singer, who chose not to be a part of Laurelyn’s life.

Addison’s family owns vineyards in California and her brother Ben and his friend Zac are students studying wine in Australia. Addison and Zac strike sparks off each other immediately, Laurelyn and Ben, not so much. At least not on her side, leading to a little bit of drama. Addison welcomes a short term fling and knows how to keep Zac from taking her for granted. Laurelyn is a bit skeptical on her friend’s strategy.

“You know me. I don’t want to be that girl, the one who wears out her welcome.” Right, because dude doesn’t owe you anything after he gets in your pants.

From the moment Jack spots Laurelyn singing in a bar he is impressed and utilizes both his brain and wallet to learn the necessary information to arrange for their next “coincidental” meeting. His proposal: three months of mind blowing sex and a fantastic time followed by a parting of the ways. Not least of which is one of the important rules of this game; anonymity. False names, no important shared details of their backgrounds. Laurelyn is still smarting from her last disastrous breakup, and is hesitant to enter into such an unconventional agreement. Although Addison offers another one of her pearls of wisdom,

“The best way to get over somebody is to get under someone else.”

Who can argue with such sage advice? What starts out as the perfect uncomplicated set up quickly becomes complicated. Realizing that they both enjoy more than a little off the charts sex (and there is plenty of that) they reveal more details of their histories and truths about themselves than they intended. Thrown in the mix are a couple of ex’s who want back in, Jack’s meddling family and Laurelyn’s daddy issues and there is plenty to keep a reader interested.

What happens when the agreed upon three months is over, and both find that they are not ready to say goodbye? Cates has managed to create interesting, intelligent, humorous and sensual characters with Laurelyn and Jack. Their relationship develops at just the right pace and there is enough heat to satisfy the appetite. I am not normally a fan of cliffhangers and sequels, but this is one series that I
look forward to continuing.

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