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Interview with Evie, Reed, Russell and Brennus from Amy Bartol's Premonition Series

"Kristie, are you sure we are going to be ok? I mean a faerie who sucks blood, we have blood, lots of blood? I'm nervous," Jen says pacing back and forth. Kristie says confidently, "Everything will be fine. We also have three angels to protect us and two of them of super powerful. They won't let Brennus harm us." Lisa walks over to Jen, placing her hand on her shoulder and says, "Jen, I guarantee the minute you meet all of them you will forget your fears. Evie is beautiful and the men/angels/faerie are just freaking gorgeous!" Kristie laughs while nodding in agreement, "Ladies, they will be here any minute so let's get the.. " There is a knock at the door. Kristie rushes over to answer it. Jen and Lisa stand there frozen with mouths open as four of the most beautiful beings walk into their sight. Evie and Reed are hand in hand. Russel is on the other side of her while Brennus is a few steps behind them. "Thank you all so much for coming. We're the Three Chicks! I'm Kristie and those two over there are Lisa and Jen, please come in and make yourselves comfortable," Kristie says, while shaking their hands. We walk over to the couch and get settled. Jen finally finds her voice and is slightly blushing as she focuses on Russell and says, "Umm, let's get this started." Lisa's eyes can't decide on who to stare at, they are going back and forth until they settle on Brennus, and she says, "Yes, and don't forget that Amy told you to behave!"  Everyone bursts into laughter...........

Three Chicks:  Evie, how difficult has it been for you with 4 men vying for your love? *Lisa sighs a little too loud and whispers even louder, “Poor you” as she looks back and forth between Reed, Russell and Brennus. Kristie and Jen look at her shocked but then look at the men and then at each other and smirk knowingly* 

Evie:  I’m not looking for sympathy, but I have to admit that it feels like there are four people inside of me all struggling to be whole—to be one person.  I’ve made my decision about who I love most and who I want to be with.  I love Reed.  I need him.  *Looks down at her hands in her lap*  But I don’t enjoy hurting anyone and that’s all I seem to do lately.  Maybe this is my Karma.  I’m told that I asked God for my own love—one of my own making— not my soul mate.  Maybe I wasn’t specific enough because now I have more love than I can handle—undying love.  But not everyone loves me; most angels want to crush me when they first see me.  I’m dangerous.  *smiles self-effacingly*  I don’t know.  It is what it is.  

Three Chicks:  Evie, when you found out that your dad Tau, Xavier (your ex- boyfriend) and Cole went to high school with you- What went through your mind?

Evie:  I panicked.  I wanted to hide from them.  I have so much history with Xavier that I’m in no hurry to rehash...and that’s only what I remember from high school.  All other history with him I’m hoping remains firmly in the past. 

As far as Tau is concerned, a part of me thought...I mean...we weren’t exactly friends in high school—not with the stupid rumors Tau and Cole would spread, but a part of me was hoping that we could have a relationship like I had with Uncle Jim.  I don’t see that happening now. 

Three Chicks:  Evie, have you figured out what your purpose here on earth is? Russell is the same as you, yet you seem to be the one EVERYONE wants, why is that?

Evie:  I haven’t been able to figure out exactly what my mission here is... but I know what I hope it’s not. As for the difference between Russell and me—why everyone seems to want me and not him—I think there are a couple of reasons for that.  For one, he’s not female.  Gancanagh kind of have a thing for wans—same with Ifrits.  Ifrits like human women.  Another reason is that we’ve managed to keep Russell hidden from the Fallen until now.  But that’s over.  They know about him.  I’m grateful that we’ve been able to keep him hidden from them until he’s had a chance to become more powerful.  He has more of a chance of survival now. 

Russell:  *grins* I have wicked skillz.  We’re gonna kick their fallen asses. 

Evie: *smiles despite her obvious fear* You’re damn right we will, Russ.

Three Chicks:  Evie, now that you know the truth about Xavier, how are you feeling about it?

Evie: Hmmm, how do I feel about finding out that Xavier’s an angel and that he lied to me?  That he’s been lying to me for a long time?  That he’s very good at lying to me?  I guess I feel betrayed.  He had so many opportunities to tell me what I am and he didn’t.  I don’t care if he was forbidden to tell me.  If he loved me, really loved me, he would’ve told me.  He would’ve prepared me for what was coming, but he didn’t...and then he was gone...and I was alone.
Three Chicks:  Evie, how is your trust with everyone? It seems they all have their own agenda when it comes to you. If it comes down to it, will you be able to battle against your father Tau, Cole and Xavier?

Evie:  Let me be clear.  My family is: *ticks them off on her fingers*  Reed, Russell, Buns, Brownie, Zee, and Anya.  I trust them with my life.  I’ll protect my family from anyone who threatens it.  So, yeah, if it comes down to it, Tau’s not my family.

Reed: You may have to include Preben, too, love.  Brownie has a thing for him, but like me, he’s a Power.  You don’t need to protect us. 

Evie: I think I may have heard that about Powers somewhere before. *smiles at Reed before looking at Kristie* Ah, Preben’s one of us, too.  Which, I guess, gives him the right to pray for death.

Three Chicks:  Evie, since you are half human, half angel; are you able to have babies? Any plans for them in the future?

Evie: *blushes* That part of me seems to function like a normal human.  So I guess I could.  But...I don’t know what my future holds and there are severe consequences for what I am—a half-breed.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready to subject another person to that, especially a child—my child.  My aspire is an angel, so unless things change with him, like they did with Tau, then we really wouldn’t be able to have children together anyway.  I’m okay with that.
Three Chicks:  Reed, why were you so mean to Evie when you first met her?

Reed: When I first saw Evie, I was certain that she was my enemy.  She’s danger incarnate.  That elicits something in us—in angels.  Powers want to crush things that are dangerous.  But I felt this unbelievable attraction to her—I wanted to hold her close and protect her at the same time as I wanted to tear her apart and destroy her.  I was mean to her to force her to escape me so that I wouldn’t do either.  I had thought that she was more than likely my enemy...but she wouldn’t go and I couldn’t kill her. 

Three Chicks:  Reed, you already have Evie’s body and most of her heart. Is it possible for you to win the love of her soul from Russell and the piece of her heart back from Brennus?

Reed:  I no longer doubt that she loves me best...or most best.  *smiles*  What if I could win her whole heart?  Every day we’re together she learns my secrets and I learn hers.  My focus is on mitigating the future...and a part of that involves aligning my heart with her soul.  My heart is always searching for ways to win hers.  Always. 

Three Chicks:  Reed, what is going on with you and Xavier?

Reed: Xavier believes that Evie is his. I know that she’s mine.  I just need to impress upon him the fact that I’m her aspire and I won’t relinquish that title.

Brennus: *snorts*  She’s moin.

Reed: Actually, Brennus, she’s my aspire now, in part, because of, thanks.

Brennus: *looks bored*  She’s yer aspire until such a time as ye stop breathing, aingeal, den she’s a free 
agent...and eternity is a long time ta be alone.
Three Chicks:  Reed, when Brennus captured you were you aware of what was going on? Even though you were under his Thrall? (Kristie quickly looks over to Brennus and gives him a disapproving look)

Reed: *loses all emotion* I was aware of what was happening...and I remember it all.  I plan to discuss everything that went on there with Brennus soon.

Brennus: I look forward ta dat conversation.
Three Chicks:  Russell, when did things change in regards to your feelings for Evie, we know your soul loves her but physically, what changed?

Russell: *glances at Evie*  I still feel the same as I always did for her.  I love her.  She’s a part of me, but when Anya’s near it’s...

Evie:  Hellfire.

Russell: *gives Evie a crooked smile*  Yeah, it’s hellfire...and I’m a lost cause.  

Three Chicks:  Russell, how are things going with Anya? Is she still pissed off at you? (all three chicks lean forward waiting for his answer while Jen whisper’s, “he is hot, who doesn’t love a country boy/angel?” We all blush and giggle)

Russell:  A country boy angel, huh?  *grins*  Thanks, Jen, *grows serious*  But tell that to Anya ‘cuz pissed off doesn’t even come close to it, y’all.  I don’t know what’s happenin’ to us—Anya and me.  Buns and Brownie keep tellin’ me that they tried to warn me ‘bout Thrones—‘bout Karma, but seriously, Anya’s beyond reason right now.  *shakes his head*  If she wasn’t so mad and so wicked damn sexy I’d maybe be able to talk to her rationally.

Three Chicks:  Russell, why is it you remember all of your past lives and Evie can’t? Do you think someone is behind it and purposely blocked her memory of the past?

Russell: I think I died that night...on the floor of the 7-Eleven.  I remember leavin’ my body and sort of watchin’ everythin’ from outside it.  Red brought me back, and when she did that, I started to remember everythin’—every past lifetime with her—every first time that I’ve kissed her.  I’m different now.  I think a piece of me truly died that day ‘cuz I’m more than just Russell Marx—he was just human.  Now I’m part angel.  I still look in the mirror sometimes and wonder who I am—why I’m still here.  I don’t know why Red doesn’t remember us, but if she has to die to unblock her memory of those lifetimes with me, then I hope she never remembers.

Three Chicks:  Russell, if it came down to protecting, we mean like life threatening- Evie or Anya- Could you make that choice?

Russell: I already did choose between Red and Anya.  I let Red go with Brennus when it came down to savin’ Anya from the Gancanagh.  Anya was dyin’; Red knows why I had to save her.  Red and I still have a shot at Paradise.  If either of us dies, our souls can still ascend.  That’s not the case for any of the angels.  If they die, they cease to be.  No do-over.  No gold-watch retirement.  They’re just gone.  Forever.  Red and I have an understandin’ now.  We’re last when it comes to bein’ saved.  The angels come first.  We can’t explain that to any of the them, though, ‘cuz they go all crazy on us when we try, sayin’ stuff ‘bout how they don’t need protectin’.  *rolls eyes*  I’m sick of hearin’ it.

Reed: I’m a Power. I don’t—

Russell: *sighs deeply*  Yeah, I know.  I got it.  *gives the see-what-I-mean gesture*

Three Chicks:  Brennus, why do you continue to pursue Evie? Making threats will definitely not get her to love you the way you want her to. Forcing her will only make her hate you more. Why continue to try? (“BTW, I like your accent,” Kristie says blushing)

Brennus: *eyes narrow*  Ye do na know Genevieve atall.  Ye probably do na understand love atall either.  *raises a dark eyebrow*  Ye tink da opposite of love is hate?  ’Tis na.  Da opposite of love is indifference.  Genevieve is hardly indifferent ta me.  But, I’m na concerned wi’ how she feels about me at da moment.  Me only concern now is dat she continues ta feel anyting atall.  And by dat I mean dat she continues breathing, which is unlikely if she relies on da aingeals for protection.

Evie: You wanted me dead, Brennus.

Brennus: If I wanted ye dead, mo chroí, ye’d be dead.  And if I’d wanted ye undead, ye’d be undead.  Now suffering...dat’s entirely different.  I wanted dat na long ago, but I’m past dat now. 

Three Chicks:  Brennus, if Evie or even Russell were able to cure you, would you let them do it? (Lisa says, “Can you imagine what he would look like undead? He's already gorgeous for a dead guy.” She looks to Kristie and Jen who are nodding their heads in agreement)

Brennus: I’m already undead.  I tink ye mean, whah if Genevieve could make me alive—a faerie?  ’Tis highly unlikely, she’d need to free me soul from Sheol.  ’Twould require her ta go dere.  I tink we can all agree dat ’tis out o’ da question.  *frowns*  If she goes ta Sheol, da chances of her ever coming out again wi’ her own soul is non-existent.

Evie:  *glances at Brennus* You don’t know that.

Brennus: *frown deepens as his jaw tenses*  And ye do na know Sheol.  I do na need ye ta save me, mo chroí.

Three Chicks:  Brennus, do you really love Evie? How do you know it isn’t lust or infatuation? (Jen says quietly, "You have very stalker like tendencies when it comes to her, it is kinda creepy" "Yes you do and FYI, it is a bit of a turn off," Lisa states matter-of-factly)

Brennus: *slow smile*  I’ve been undead for tousands of years.  I understand lust; I’ve enjoyed it for centuries, but dat’s from da wans.  ’Tis meaningless.  I can kill dem and feel nuting—dey’re prey.  Genevieve is da only female I can touch wi’out making her me sclábhaí, me slave.  ’Tis as if she was made for me.  Dere is no one else like her—na even da other comes close.  She has da ability ta hate da sin but ta love da sinner.  Me question ta you is, how could I na be in love wi’ her?  I know whah ye’re tinking.  You tink dat I’ve been trying ta make her me sclábhaí from da beginning.  ’Tis true.  Once I would’ve done it.  I would’ve done anyting ta keep a part of her wi’ me.  But now, I’ll die before I see her soul surrendered ta Sheol. 

Three Chicks:  Brennus, why did you tell Evie not to trust the angels? Why would she be better off trusting you?

Brennus: Da aingeals only become involved when it suits deir purpose.  Do ye tink for one second any of dem tried ta help Finn when he was taken by Aodh or da Gancanagh?  Or me?  Dey did nuting.  Dey play only for one team, God’s or da Devil’s and da moment ye get in deir way is da moment ye lose.  Genevieve is in deir way.  It will take power for her na ta lose.  She needs me and I’ll be dere for her. 

Three Chicks:  Gentlemen, is it safe to say there is somewhat of a truce between the three of you for the sake of Evie’s safety?

Brennus, Reed, and Russell in unison: No. (all Three Chicks start laughing, Evie joins in shaking her head back and forth...)

Three Chicks:  Gentlemen, what is it about Evie and her powers that everyone seems to want to control?

Russell:  Red’s a scorchin’-hot ass kicker.  She’d be your first pick in dodgeball.  With her on your team, how can ya lose?

Reed: Evie has the potential to be just a few steps beneath God in power.  Her mix of angel and human gives her abilities that none of us possess.  She’s dangerous and anyone who could control her would be dangerous, too.

Brennus: She’s an archetype being—an original model...and she’s a she.  If nature can be trusted, dan we know dat da female of da species is usually more powerful.  She can tear out yer heart wi’ her strength, her magic, or just her smile.  And she’s alone.

Evie: *glances at Brennus*  I’m not alone.

Brennus:  *frowns*  Ye’re alone.  Ye just do na know it.  Ye have a mission and only ye can fulfill it.  Dat makes ye alone, no matter how many aingeals surround ye professing ta help. 

Three Chicks:  Guys what is the first word that pops in your mind when it comes to Evie:

Reed: love

Russell: Red

Brennus: chroí (heart) 

Three Chicks:  Evie what is the first word that pops in your mind when it comes to them:

Reed= aspire

Russell= soulmate
Brennus= king

"Evie, Reed, Russell and Brennus, we really appreciate you taking the time to come talk with us today. We had a very interesting but fun time with all of you," Lisa says while shaking Brennus's hand goodbye. She turns to Russell and gives him a big hug then to Reed and Evie. Jen joins in on the hugging and looks over to Brennus and says, "If I hug you I'll be safe, I mean you're not going to try anything funny?" Kristie starts to laugh and gives Brennus a hug to show Jen that she is safe. We all heads towards the door. "We are rooting for you guys. Be safe and tell Buns, Brownie and Zypher we say hello," Kristie says, while opening the door. They leave and Jen shouts, "Good Luck! We're wishing for a good outcome with everything and try to stay safe!" Kristie closes the door and turns to look at Lisa and Jen and says,"Wow, did that just happen? That was fun, although Brennus was a little scary, I love the way he talks, don't you?" "It was hard to me to concentrate, all I could do was stare at Russell like a lovesick fool then when he talked I got lost in his voice with his cute country accent, whoooo!"  Jen says, while fanning herself off. Lisa looks at both of us, "What am I going to do with you two?" She says while laughing. We grab our purses and coats. "Don't forget to put the alarm on Lisa," Jen shouts are we make our way to the door. "Well, I guess I'll see you ladies back here tomorrow!" Kristie says, as Lisa is locking the office door. We head down the hallway and make our way to our cars to head home for the evening.

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