Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Review: Surrender Your Love by J.C. Reed

4 star review by Guest Reviewer Nicole Lorenzo
Brooke Stewart is a NYC realtor who was sent by her boss to meet Mr. Mayfield to discuss a possible partnership between the two companies. When Jett Townsend shows up in his place, although she can feel the sparks of passion igniting between them, Brooke knows he’s full of trouble and his arrogant, self-assuredness, makes her dismiss him and the meeting and vow never to see him again. Imagine Brooke's surprise when she wakes up from a drunken night out with her best friend to find none other than Jett Townsend in her bed!

“Maybe it was the way the guy walked-full of confidence and cockiness- but the moment I saw him entering the bar I knew he was the kind that would bring me nothing but trouble”

After throwing him out of her bed and apartment she heads to work only to find that she has been headhunted and hired by Mayfield Properties, the very company that Jett works for.  After being whisked to Italy to start her new job things take even more of a twist when Brooke learns that Jett not only works for the company, he is Mr. Mayfield himself!

 “So you’re—”
My speech eluded me.

“Jett Mayfield, the stingy SOB who just hired you.” 'He held out his palm.”' 

In Italy, as they are working together trying to attain a new property, they find that neither of them can ignore the passion between them. Jett propositions Brooke with a contract for No Strings Attached Sex. Knowing she can’t keep her hands off of him for much longer, Brooke agrees.

“I hired you for your attitude, and so far I’m pretty happy with my decision. But I’m not sure I can work with you until I’ve fu*ked this attraction out of my system.”

They spend the next two weeks in Italy discovering each other and Brooke feels her well-placed walls slowly coming down and her feelings for Jett intensifying. They both have secrets though and even as they are falling for each other, Brooke knows Jett is hiding something from her. Jett, although at first seems like your typical cocky, arrogant, sexy rich guy, )who is all of these things), is also very caring and sweet in his own way. You know he is keeping secrets from her and it really seems to be eating away at him.

"You're beautiful," he whispered. "I could watch you and only you, for the rest of my life."

After their romantic time in Italy ends and they are back in New York, Brooke learns exactly what Jett is hiding from her. This unexpected twist to the story and of course a cliffhanger, leaves you wanting for book two!!  I really loved this book and give it 4 stars! It has the perfect blend of steamy romance and mystery. I now anxiously await Conquer your Love, which is due to be released June 1, 2013.  Now, please??

“I care enough for you to let you go, Jett whispered. “But I’ll never stop protecting you.”


  1. WHY do so many authors have cliff endings lately? I read A LOT and it's a major pet peeve. Books don't have to have HEA but they do need to END. I love authors like Kristen Ashley that continue the story like Rock Chick without cliff hangers.


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