Monday, April 8, 2013

Giveaway: Mr. Mysterious in Black by S. Ann Cole

Mr. Mysterious In Black (Billionaire Brothers Series #1) by  

 Heartbreaks aren’t fun.

They are painful and harrowing, and sometimes you just wish there’s something you could do to make that needling pain disappear.

Those wishes, luckily, are sometimes granted. Maybe not in the way you would’ve chosen, but at least that horrible pain’s gone right?

Life, however, is a tease. We think it has played in our favor, but really, it hasn’t—or has it?

In the past, Sadie FrancĂ©’s life was miserable and colorless. That was until the insistent and mysterious rich boy, hell-bent on making her his girl, gave her a taste... A taste of happiness. A taste of love. A taste of life. But the minute Sadie let her guard down and started believing that life wasn’t so much of a bitch after all, that taste, that sweet nectar, turned bitter on her tongue. And then, it was gone…

It was called heartbreak.

And it was awful.
Nevertheless, merciful favors of Life ridded her of that pain, and its memories. So, she thought she was safe.
Until seven years later…
In the present, Sadie’s life is still miserable. Her life is a shit-fest, and she knew it would remain that way until her last breath.

Mr. Mysterious in Black, however, begged to differ.
Into Sadie’s misery of a life, barged a most mysterious oddity of a man. This man made a fearless Sadie fear. He made a careless Sadie care. He made a hopeless Sadie hope. Even though Sadie thought this man in black to be the most complex person she’s ever met, she’s drawn to him in a way she can’t control. She wanted him, body and soul.

But when Sadie began having strange dreams, dreams that were her forbidden memories, memories that doctors told her were irretrievable, Sadie realized that Mr. Mysterious in Black wasn’t at all mysterious. It’s her who’s Miss Oblivious In—well, many colors

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