Thursday, May 9, 2013

Giveaway: Seasoned Just Right by Renee Wynn


   Knowing that she was the one responsible for her parents' tragic death, Regine Thomas buries her pain and pretends not to grieve. To escape the memories, she moves from her from southern hometown to a small town outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania along with her teenaged sister. Hoping for a new start, she forfeits her plans for law school and opens a small catering business. Her goal is to focus on her business and make sure her sister is taken care of. All that changes when she wins the coveted contract to cater a high society event. There she meets billionaire, playboy Mason Spaulding, a man that makes his own rules when it comes to business and relationships. The fire ignites upon their first meeting. They begin an affair and agree that when it ends they will go their separate ways. But all of that changes when Mason decides he wants more and rewrites the script.

Coming July 2013

Book One of the Whisper Series

Love is Only a Whisper
    Nicole Travis has loved Brent Sinclair most of her life and was certain that he felt the same. But on the night of his parents’ anniversary celebration, she learned that Brent had married another woman. Devastated she fell into the arms of the man who was her nemesis.

     From the moment billionaire Ashton Campbell Sinclair IV saw Nicole Travis his ironclad control betrayed him.  Through the years, he’d kept his distance because she belonged to another man, his younger brother. But now things had changed. His mind no longer recognized that she was off-limits and his heart refused to obey the command.
   When circumstances caused Nicole to turn to him for comfort, his desire exploded into overwhelming passion. While members of his family strived to keep them apart, he was determined to make her his forever.

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  1. Just bought the book can't wait until July . Thanks for the give away and a new author to my list.


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