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Blog tour: Don't Lie to Me by Stacey Lynn


A standalone erotica/adult romance fiction.

What do you do when the man you love leaves, and the only man you’ve wanted since is the one you can’t have?

When Emma’s first love walked away after learning she was pregnant, she was forced to pick up the pieces, re-evaluate her priorities, and change the course of her dreams all for the sake of her son, who became the only one who mattered.

It also meant taking a job with Jack McMillan; powerful, sexy, controlled, and CEO of McMillan Holdings. Emma has spent the last several years keeping her dreams and fantasies of Jack to herself, but one night, and one encounter, changed everything.

Once the walls between them are dropped and the truth is laid bare, will Jack and Emma’s new relationship be able to survive? When they are forced to confront their pasts, will they learn to finally put their trust in someone else, or will the lies that are told destroy them both?

4.5 star review by Jen Skewes

Oh how I loved Jack McMillian, even when he was being a complete jerk.  He is rich and sexy and has a sweet vulnerable side that you don't see often.  Jack is a broken man, who is still hurting from his past.  He now runs his father's company and is a well respected business man.  But he is also void of any emotion.  He dates, but after the third date those woman are usually history.  He doesn't love any one, doesn't think he is capable of loving anyone.  Until 5 years ago when Emma walked into his life.

"You and Logan are my world and I love you both.  I will do anything to protect you and keep you both safe.  You get me?"

Emma is a single mom whose heart was broken 5 years ago when the man she loved, and the father of her child left her.  She started working for Jack 5 years ago when she was pregnant with Logan, as Jack's housekeeper and assistant. They have always had a great relationship professionally and Jack has always been there to take care of Emma and her son.  But Emma has wanted Jack for the longest time, but she knows him better than anyone.  Wanting Jack McMillian is wrong for so many reasons.  But when Jack actually shows an interest in her she can't deny the feelings that he sparks in her.  She wants him, has always wanted him, but loving Jack will only lead  to a broken heart.

"I love you," I whispered into his ear as I leaned forward.  "There isn't a single thing about you I don't love."

Jack has been waiting five years to kiss Emma and when he finally does the sparks begin to fly, which scares the both of them.  Jack tries to fight it, knowing that it is partly wrong, but this is something that he has wanted for years.  He has always cared about Emma and loves her son Logan.  He finally admits to wanting  her and their professional relationship become more of a  personal one.  Being with Jack is like a dream come true for Emma, but she can't help but wonder when she will wake up and the dream will be over.  She knows Jack's reputation and gets more nervous as they approach their third date, wondering if this is it.  Jack finds himself completely falling in love with Emma, something he has never felt before.  He knows that there is some way he will manage to screw it all up.  But he vows to always take care of and protect her and Logan.  But what happens when protecting the person you love means having to let them go?  Will Jack risk losing the one person he has ever loved in order to protect her?

"I've loved you for years, Emma, I just didn't know it.  You are my strength, and you and Logan fill my heart with an amount of joy and love I never knew possible before you walked into my life almost six years ago."

Jack and Emma were perfect for each other.  There was never a moment where I doubted Jack's love for Emma even if he made decisions that made me want to slap him for.  He never loved anyone before and opened himself up to her in so many ways.  There was a vulnerable side to Jack that you saw when he was with Emma.  He had a dominating side to him that was very sexy, and was a little rough around the edges at times, and controlling and possessive, but you could feel the love he had for Emma.  You could see how much he loved and cared for her.  And the way he loved and protected Logan was adorable and sweet and will melt your heart. I loved Emma.  She was strong and independent and knows what she wants, knows what was important in her life.  And I loved how she fought for Jack.

I loved this story.  Jack and Emma's relationship was not an easy one.  It was an emotional journey with twists and turns along the way.  Emma's trust issues and past came back to haunt them, but they loved each other and Emma would do what it took to fight for Jack, while he did everything he could to protect her.  They were made for each other and belonged together.  I loved the other characters in this book especially Logan who was so adorable.  This story was so beautifully written and one of those books that drew me in right from the start.   Don't Lie to Me is a was sweet, sexy  and wonderful read, with just the right amount of drama to frustrate you and keep you wondering what will happen next. Stacey Lynn has done a wonderful job with their story and the ending will have you smiling.  Loved it!!  A must read!

About the author
I am a wife, a mom, and a writer. I can often be found curled up on the couch with a good book, or obsessively eating Skittles in a very complicated and organized manner. No joke.

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