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Review and giveaway: Worthy of Redemption by L.D. Davis


After his devastating actions in Accidentally On Purpose, Kyle Sterling is trying to move on. He has lost the love of his life and he does not believe he is worthy of ever being loved again.

Lily Whitman has been devastated by the ultimate betrayal and later tragedy hits her heart full force. She doubts she will ever be able to give her heart to anyone again. She hides her own demons behind a wall of colorful hair, piercings, tattoos and a style and attitude that is all her own.

Kyle and Lily find themselves thrown together when Lily takes a position at Sterling Corporation after her place of employment burned to the ground. Lily is the complete opposite of the type of woman that Kyle has ever had any interest in. Lily is rough around the edges and challenges Kyle at every step. Despite his dick-like disposition and violent past, Lily fights to prove to Kyle that he is worthy – of being loved, and worthy of redemption, but Kyle is afraid of repeating history and he can’t let go of his past…And maybe a very important someone from his past isn’t ready to let go yet either…

5 star review by Jennifer Skewes

I loved Accidentally on Purpose and I, like most people who read it, was not a fan of Kyle's at all.  When I found out that he would be getting his story I could not wait to read it.  I needed to know all about Kyle.  Why he was the way he was, what happened to him that caused all that pain and I needed to know about that night that would forever haunt him.  L.D. Davis did an amazing job with his story.  She managed to take a character who I did not like at all, and made me fall in love with him.  And yes, you read that correctly.  I fell in Love with Kyle Sterling in Worthy of Redemption.

Kyle is a broken and tortured man.  We learn about his past and his issues with his father, which leads to the anger and pain that Kyle has been dealing with.  Over the years Kyle has coped with his pain the only way he knew how, drugs and alcohol.  But that horrible night, not too long ago when he hurt the woman that he loved he realizes that he needs to find other ways to deal with his past.  There is a vulnerable side to Kyle and seeing what he has gone through will break your heart.  There is one person in his life right now that makes him feel alive, and that is Lily Whitman.

"I let my emotions flow through my body into hers.  I held her as she did the one thing I wouldn't allow myself to do.  I held her tightly and let her cry for me."

Lily has her own issues from her past that she has been dealing with as well.  In ways these two characters are both broken an find comfort with each other.  Lily knows that Kyle is bad news and knows what happened with him and Emmy.  But she doesn't know the worst part, and when she does find out what he did, she doesn't run.  She sees that there is  more to Kyle than most people do.  She sees the pain and the hurt and gets a glimpse of what has caused it.  Kyle opens up to Lily in ways that he never opened up with anyone, not even Emmy.  He finds himself falling for her but he feels she deserves better.  He will only screw it up somehow and hurt her.  Kyle's biggest issue is his past with Emmy.  While Kyle is in love with Lily there is a part of him that will always love Emmy.  The biggest hurdle for Kyle is Emmy and his feelings for her.  He doesn't remember the night that he hurt her.  And while he has tried to move on from her, knowing that she is in a happy place with Luke, he realizes that until he knows what happened and until he can forgive himself for what he did, he can't move forward.  Can Lily convince Kyle that he is worthy of redemption and deserves to be happy?  Can she help him move on from the past and build a future with her?

There is so much depth to this story that I will not go into because you need to experience it all for yourself.  There are Lily's issues with her family and her past that she needs to confront.  We see Emmy and Luke and see how Emmy has affected Kyle and his thoughts.  And how he needs her to help him move on.  Lily and Kyle's journey is a very emotional one.  There were moments I laughed, mostly at Kyle because even though I loved him, he was still a douche at times and I found myself just laughing at how much of an ass he was.  There were moments where he was so sweet with Lily and then moments where he completely frustrated me and I wanted to kill him all over again.  After seeing all that Kyle has been through, you truly understand him in so many ways.  When you get past the surface of Kyle Sterling you will find that he really is an amazing guy that will capture your heart.  

"I love you," he said, his voice thick with emotion.  "You have revived something in me that I thought was gone and dead.  you don't just make me feel alive, but you make me feels like I am living."

This was an amazing story that had me crying on a few occasions.   L.D. Davis did a fantastic job with these two broken characters.  I went through all the emotions with them, the pain, anger, sadness, frustration and happiness that they felt.  There are a few twists that were thrown in there that completely surprised me.  Worthy of Redemption is a must read and one that had me in tears at the end, in a really good way.  Amazing job by Ms. Davis! 


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