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Review and Giveaway: All The Pretty Lies by M. Leighton

“Live, no regrets”

Sloane Locke has led a sheltered life. However, with a history like hers, she can understand why her brothers and her father want so much to protect her. She has gone along with it for twenty long years, but those days are over. For the girl who never makes promises, Sloane has made a pact with herself that things will change on her twenty-first birthday. So when the clock strikes midnight, Sloane strikes out to spread her wings and break a few rules.

In addition to inking skin, Hemi Spencer possesses many talents. Controlling himself has never been one of them. It’s never had to be. He’s lived a life of indulgence for as long as he can remember. Right up until tragedy struck. Now, he’s nothing but controlled. He’s a man on a mission, one who will let nothing and no one stand in his way.

Nothing in their lives could’ve prepared Sloane and Hemi for what they’d find in each other—distraction and obsession, love and possession. But the one thing they can’t find is a future. Neither one has been totally honest. And they’ll soon learn that the devil is in the details. In the details and in the lies.
How far will two people go to live in the now when the now is all they’ve got?

4.5 Fantastic Stars
Review by Nicole Lorenzo

When Sloan Locke turns 21 she makes a promise to herself to spread her wings and start living life the way she wants to. Being raised by a father and three brothers, who are all cops, definitely has its drawbacks and saying that Sloan has lived a sheltered life is an understatement! Her first order of business in showing her independence is to get a tattoo, an original design she drew herself. When she walks into the tattoo parlor she’s fully prepared to get inked and start living her life. What she’s not prepared for is the work of art with the midnight eyes that takes her breath away. Hemi, her tattoo artist is unlike anyone she has ever met before and everything an innocent girl like herself should stay away from. The instantaneous connection Sloan feels toward Hemi is both thrilling and daunting, and she can sense he feels it as well.

He smiles and, for a second, it’s like my soul connects with his in a way that transcends words.

Hemi takes one look at Sloan and knows he needs to stay the hell away from her. She’s sweet, innocent and would be a distraction he doesn’t want or need right now. But as he works on Sloan’s tattoo, he can’t deny the pull he feels towards her, or the look in her eyes that tells him he’s not the only one who feels it. She asks him to teach her to become a tattoo artist and although Hemi thinks she has amazing talent he declines. He realizes he needs to halt whatever is happening between them, and fast. Hemi is a bad boy with a tainted past and he’s on a mission to set right a terrible tragedy. No one can distract him or get in his way from finding the answers he needs, especially a beautiful innocent girl like Sloan.

“For tonight, I’ll be the good guy you need me to be. Whether you know you need it or not. I’m asking you to leave, Sloan. But I promise you-promise you-that if you so much as darken my doorway again, I won’t let you walk back out again.”

Almost immediately after Hemi sends Sloan away he gets a tip, a tip that could give him the answers he’s been looking for. But when following this tip Hemi finds that Sloan is connected in a way he never could have expected, and now he is torn as to what to do. He decides to get close to her again, to see what she knows, even if it hurts her in the end, but he never planned on falling for her along the way. Hemi finds himself truly caring for her and he knows that once she finds out the truth they will be over before they have really even began.

"I don't want promises. Most of the time, promises are just pretty lies. They're words designed to make others feel better. But in the end, they're just lies. Disappointing lies. So don't worry about making me promises. I'd rather have your truth."


When the truth finally does come out Sloan is angry and heartbroken, she opened herself up to Hemi only to have him betray her and shatter her heart along the way.

I cherished them.

I cherished him.

I cherished lies.

Hemi is filled with regret over what he did to Sloan and is determined to make her listen to him and understand why he did what he thought he had to do. But things aren’t originally what they seemed and Hemi finds out that Sloan has been keeping a secret of her own, a secret that can dictate the future of their relationship and make Hemi and Sloan part ways for good. 
“You are my hope.  You are the promise of my future.  Without you, I have only regret.  Nothing good. Or colorful. Or beautiful. Just death and sadness.  You brought me to life, Sloane, and I don’t ever want to be apart from you.”

All The Pretty Lies is a story about, love, loss, family, lies, passion, deceit and hope. The chemistry between Sloan and Hemi could of sizzled off the page it was so hot! I loved how although they appeared to be so different they were actually very similar.  I loved that this book kept me guessing! Very rarely does a book come along where I can’t figure out the plot along the way, but this gem had me on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happened next, and it didn’t disappoint! I am very ecstatic that there are going to be more books in this series, there were so many dynamic characters that I can’t wait to find out more about! 
"So tell me. Tell me all the pretty lies. Tell me everything will be okay."

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