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Review and Giveaway: Always You by Missy Johnson

I was thrilled when I was offered a graduate teaching position at the prestigious Tennerson Girls Academy. At twenty-three, this would be my first ‘real’ teaching assignment. Working at the elite boarding school, home to the daughters of some of the wealthiest people in the world, was a great opportunity that I would’ve been stupid to pass up.

One week into my new job, and I suddenly had no idea why I chose high school…I was a seventeen year old boy once, I knew how teenage girls behaved.

You can’t even imagine the hell of trying to teach thirty, hormonal driven seventeen year olds who have been cooped up, away from any male contact.

I could handle the whispers every time I entered the room. I could even handle the obvious attempts at gaining my attention. What I couldn’t handle was her…

Rich bitches and way too many rules. Was it any wonder that I hated school?

Add to that the lack of male contact, and I was going insane. Like literally. I wasn’t used to this. A year ago I was normal. I had a boyfriend, friends and a loving family. There is nothing normal about me anymore, and nobody here lets me forget that.

My name is Wrenn, and I’m only here because my aunt took me in after what happened, but my aunt also happens to be the headmistress of this academy…Can you see my problem?

I’m hated for my lack of money, and I’m hated for who my Aunt is.

Then he arrived. Dalton Reed. My new history teacher.

Slowly, he helped me see that even in the worst situations, there is always hope.

4 Great Stars

Review by Jen Hagen

This is one of my favorite genres of books – the taboo teacher/student romance.  For all the books I’ve read including this subject, Always You took a different approach and added an element of depth and emotion that I have not read in any others.  Not only was it about a forbidden romance with the suspense of being caught, there was a decision to be made if the price of love is worth the risk to have it taken away from you.  Dual points of view are told.


The story begins with a very sweet prologue 11 years earlier with two small children discussing the beauty of living for today.


In the space of a few short minutes, this little girl and her simple outlook on life had changed my whole perspective on living and dying.


Dalton Reid is now 23 years old and is fresh out of college taking his first teaching job at a school for girls.  He’s hot and he’s pretty much the only male species these girls get to see.  There’s a betting pool in place as to which girl will get to kiss him first.


He was like a piece of bloody meat in a tank full of sharks.


Wrenn is 18 years old is a new student at the school and has enough credits to graduate mid- year.  She is looking forward to getting out of there as she is not liked by the other girls because she is the headmistress’s niece.  She is constantly being bullied and has only one close friend.  She and Mr. Reid develop an easy going banter between the two and soon she finds herself attracted to him.  Wrenn has had a life-changing year and has very few reasons to be happy. 


This guy made me feel like I wanted to live. Really live, not just go through the motions of day to day life.


Wrenn and Dalton begin the taboo relationship, hiding as best they can.  Of course there’s always one person that figures out the scheme and sets trouble in motion.  In Wrenn and Dalton’s case, it’s not only their relationship that they try to keep a secret, but Dalton also has something that he needs to tell her.   There’s never a right time to tell her. 


I was hiding something. Something so potentially life changing, for both of us. Something she deserved to know.


Once Dalton’s secret is revealed, what will this do to their relationship?  Are they strong enough that they can treasure the love and happiness that they have in live in the moment, or will the uncertainty of the future push Wrenn away?


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