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Blog Tour: Captive by Brenda Rothert

Two years ago, Jason and Kate Ryker were brought together by grief and bound to one another by love. Now married, they’re confronting their fears together.

But heartbreak finds them again, and the ties that bind Kate and Ryke are tested as she struggles against fear and sadness. As a grief counselor, Kate understands all too well the pain of her clients. And while her husband’s career as an NHL forward is at an all-time high, he’s coping with the frustration of feeling powerless as his wife's hopes slip away.

Kate’s unexpected journey sheds light on the fear that imprisons her, and reveals that she is the only one who can set herself free.

5 star review by Jen Skewes

We first met Ryke and Kate in Bound where they were brought together by grief.   Both Kate and Ryke had lost someone very important in their lives and when they first met they formed a bond and a friendship and eventually fell in love.  Captive is the continuation of their story.  If you have not read Bound I highly recommend that that you read it before reading Captive.

Kate and Ryke are now happily married.  As you read the first few pages of Captive your heart will completely break for Ryke and Kate because they are now experiencing the one thing that Kate has feared.  She lost her baby once and the thought of going through the pain all over again is unbearable.  Within the first few chapters I had tears in my eyes and my heart was breaking for them.  But don't let that scare you.  This was an amazing story and one that everyone should read.  Ryke and Kate want to start a family but the fear of the unknown and history repeating itself is causing problems between them.  The love that they have for each other and their marriage itself is tested as they both learn to cope with their loss and try to move on from it.  

I felt the emotions that both Ryke and Kate went through in this book.  And I understood how the both of them felt.  Ryke was frustrated at times with Kate and I completely understood why and will admit that at times even I became a little frustrated with her as well.  But what I loved was that no matter how far apart they may have seemed or how frustrated he got, he never lost sight of what was important to him.  And that was his wife, his marriage and the love he has for her.  I loved how he fought for all three.  Ryke would do anything for Kate, he just needed her to have the same faith in them as he did.  This is why I loved this man.  He was absolutely amazing. At times he felt completely helpless but he never gave up on them.  

I loved Kate and truthfully as a wife and a mother I understood her fears and insecurities like they were my own.  She never stopped loving Ryke but I think along the way through all the heartache and pain that she felt caused her to lose a bit of herself.  And she needed to find her way back.  Her marriage and her husband were important to her and she knew they they were having issues and part of that was her fault.  When that light bulb finally went off and she realized how much the two of them were suffering she knew that she needed to be his wife, to stop pushing him away and to start living her life again.  What I loved about her was no matter what she was going through she also knew and understood that Ryke was in pain too.  It wasn’t always just about her.  Ryke and Kate were meant to be together.  And if anyone deserved to find happiness and have a family it was certainly these two.  They had been through enough pain and suffering to last a lifetime. 

Brenda Rothert did an amazing job with this story.  I fell in love with Ryke even more.  He is still the amazing, sweet, caring, loving man he was in Bound.  This was another emotional ride and Ryke and Kate faced many struggles along the way.  Their story was one that was filled with so many emotions, pain and heartache just to name a few.    But it was also filled with so much love.  Ryke and Kate loved each other and they were happy together, but their struggle to have a family caused some bumps along the way in their relationship.  But that is what made their story so real and true to life.  There was also the addition of Melody which I loved.  I think she brought so much light and happiness into their lives and their story.  This was a wonderful conclusion to their story.  Absolutely loved it!!!

About The Author:

Brenda Rothert started her writing career as a print journalist. She now writes Romances, some Contemporary and others with a twist of dystopian society and adventure. Rothert lives in Central Illinois with her husband and three boys.

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Facebook Author Page:!/authorbrendarothert
Twitter: @BrendaRothert


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