Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Review: Someone For Me by Addison Moore

Kendall and Cruise ignite the pages in the final installment of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling series Someone to Love.
Kendall Jordan knows she doesn't need an elaborate wedding with a Vera Wang dress and a three-tiered cake. All she needs is the love of her life, the hot and romantic Cruise Elton. But she's been dreaming of a picture-perfect wedding since childhood, and so with her finances in peril and a rock band squatting in the Elton B&B, Kendall must take extreme measures. She decides to pen a book about the kinky sexcapades of one Penny Whoredon and Cruz Belton, but in order to do the writing justice she’ll need to conduct some sexy research with the love of her life. It looks like Kendall might just pull it off—but when her protective older brother and Cruise's jealous ex-girlfriend get involved, tempers and insecurities rise, threatening not just her dream wedding but the possibility of having a wedding at all.

4 "I Love This Series" Stars!

Review by Lisa Kane

Kenny Jordan and Cruise Elton are blissfully, happily in love with each other and planning a Christmas Eve wedding. They may be rich in love but they are definitely poor in finances. Kenny would like to have the wedding she has been dreaming of, but that  doesn't look like it's going to happen. Cruise is still running the Elton Bed and Breakfast, but business is not exactly booming.

What she wants more than anything is to be married in the chapel at Garrison. But when she finds out that it is already booked, she's disappointed. When the person who has it booked turns out to be Blair Lancaster, Cruise's demonic ex girlfriend who booked it months ago for the wedding she hoped to be having with Cruise-she goes a little ballistic. Blair is now engaged to Rutger Crones, Ally's ex and relishes the fact that she has something Kenny wants. Probably because Kenny has the one thing that Blair wants and will never have-namely Cruise.
Kenny brainstorms with her two best friends, Lauren and Ally (her brother Morgan's girlfriend) and decides to write a sexy book based on the sexual romps of Kenny and Cruise. Since Cruise provides plenty of action and inventive action at that, the words just flow. She never thought it would amount to anything, but the adventures of Penny Whoredon and Cruz Belton takes off around college campuses. 

"Am I being arrested?"
"That’s tomorrow night. I’ve got an entire hostage drama mapped out. Of course I’ll be the one to rescue you.” I land a kiss in her ear. “I bet I’ll be very, very thankful."

In the meantime, Lauren is planning her own lavish wedding (she's as rich as a mini Bill Gates so money is no object) and Kenny is forced to see her wedding dreams go up in smoke. Cruise has his hands full as the rock group, The Plague and it's lead singer Lisa "The Skin"  have taken up permanent residence at the B & B but haven't exactly been forth coming with the rental fees. Cruise is thankful his mom is still out of town taking care of one of her relatives and isn't around to see what a mess he has made of things. Kenny's brother is still giving Cruise a hard time and Cruise's sister Molly is spending way too much time with one of her professors from Garrison. This poor guy can't catch a break. Thank heavens there is plenty of sex for Kenny's research! 

"Oh wow. I’ve been really, really bad, Professor Elton." I moan even harder as he works me into a heated oblivion. "Make sure you use a belt." I work my hips into his as his hands have their delicious way with me. “I said, use a belt for God’s sake."

Blair is up to her old tricks at trying to get Cruise back and there is some angst that she leaves in her wake.

Will Cruise and Kenny get the wedding they want? Will Kenny become the next big selling Erotic writer? Can Cruise ever turn a profit at the B & B? I am a big fan of this series and am sorry to see Cruise and Kenny's story end. (maybe there will be more in our future) but for now, this one was funny and sexy and a nice wrap up of to this couple who are crazy, passionately in love with each other.

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