Thursday, August 28, 2014

Review: A Whole New Crowd by Tijan

Taryn was good at three things: swimming, stealing, and sex. She just needed to survive her new school, her past, and the newest drug dealer that arrived in town...

4 Stellar Stars!
Review by Natasha Gentile
Do you love books about spoiled wealth kids in high school?   Do you love books about the cool kids vs. the kids that don’t care if you like them or not? Do you love stories about teenage drama? Then you need to pick up this book. 
Taryn was from the wrong side of the tracks. She was a thief. A foster child who got adopted at 17. She left behind her only “family” Jace and Brian.  Jace, her “brother” and Brian, her love.  How can she survive without her family?
Leaving everything she knows and loves behind to go and start over isn’t something that a 17 year old wants. But she does it because she wants better, she needs better, she deserves better. What she didn’t think would happened is that she would find new family; she would gain a brother, Austin, whom she would care so much about and a sister who she would die for, Mandy, who was also a popular kid, and because she’s her sister Taryn was considered popular, except she really didn’t fit in.  She was her own person.  She didn’t care that everyone was going to a party, if she didn't want to go she wasn't going.

She especially didn't think she would find someone to make her whole again, someone who would never ever leave her side through the good or the bad- Tray, the "IT" guy in school.  The one everyone wanted to be caught with, the one everyone was hoping to just look their way. 

Tray was gorgeous with sandy blond hair. striking hazel eyes and a jaw that girls melted over. While my sister was in the crowd at the top, he was the top.

She tried to fight it, she tried to tell him that she wasn’t the one for him and that she was an “asshole.”

“I’m an asshole.’  I said it quietly, but it was the truth.  “I’m the one they want to change.”
The need for him was growing stronger and stronger.  I was starting not to care about staying in my chair.  “I won’t change,” I rasped.
“Neither will I.”
We were both assholes.  That had been established.
You never know what road is for you or what path your going on but when you have people walking that path with you, holding your hand you know that no matter what everything is going to be all right..

I wasn't an innocent, but he was making me feel new sensations again. It would be my first time with him. Knowing that I loved him, and he loved me, made everything right. It was perfect.


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