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Review: Asher's Mark by Amy Durham

Grace Ballard has been in love with Asher Howell for a long time. When she was sixteen, he became her hero, and she fell head over heels for the boy with a ring through his eyebrow, a big heart, and an unending sense of justice. But two years ago he left for college without a backward glance, leaving Grace to wonder if she'd imagined everything.

With no reason to wait for Asher to return, Grace moved on, and Asher's brother, Adam, stepped in to help her pick up the pieces. But Asher never left her thoughts... or her heart.

Now, two years later, tragedy brings Asher home and back into Grace's life. The boy who left her behind is now very much a man - a licensed tattoo artist, much to his parents' dismay, and still carrying a major torch for Grace. But two years apart has changed them both, and the things that happened during their separation may create a divide that can't be crossed.

Asher and his brother both left their mark on Grace's heart. Will Asher's be able to stand the test of time?

4 Wonderful Stars!
Review by Allison East
This was my first Amy Durham book, and I have to say it won't be my last! With an interesting plot; twists and turns that will keep you forever guessing; a tale of love lost and found, and some gut wrenching moments, Asher's Mark kept me on my toes.  

This book was emotional, and had me up and down- but ultimately it was a good story, that was told well, with great plot development, and characters with depth. They have to make life altering decisions, and they make them with much care. 

Grace has been in love with Asher since the moment she met him. But life changes, and Asher suddenly leaves, and Grace ends up with Adam- Asher's brother. When tragedy occurs and Asher comes back to town- it leaves you wondering where that leaves Grace and Asher's relationship? It's  a delicate balance, and there are many emotional hurdles they have to jump over. But what is life without some obstacles?

I loved the character of Grace, she was such a strong heroine. She had to be, through necessity, it wasn't really a matter of choice. The things that happened in her life, they molded her into the person she was, because of the events and decisions she made. One can't help but admire her for it.  

My loved for Asher went back and forth - although he did leave Grace, he came back after tragedy struck and he did stay. He ended up being such a strong character, but that was after he showed a lot of weakness by leaving in the first place.  

In this heartwarming story, characters have to face the reality that life isn't always unicorns and rainbows, sometimes really real bad stuff happens and we have to deal with it in the best way we know how. We have to move on, even if it is hard, or it makes us feel guilty. We have no choice.  
There is also the interweaving in the story of a Navajo legend and how it was handed down to Asher by his mom and his grandfather. It was an interesting, unique take on the history of a family.

Amy Durham has a written a story I won't soon forget, one that is overflowing with emotion. I would recommend this one to anyone that is craving a good read.

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  1. Thanks so much for the great review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Asher & Grace's story!


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