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Blog Tour Review: Tied by Emma Chase

In the fourth sexy romance by the New York Times bestselling author of Tangled and Twisted, Drew and Kate can’t wait to tie the knot—if they can survive the pre-wedding festivities.

For most of my life, I never imagined I’d get married. But Kate did the impossible: she changed me. I think we can all agree I was pretty frigging awesome before, but now I’m even better.

The road to this day wasn’t all rainbows and boners. There were mistakes and misunderstandings worthy of a Greek tragedy. But Kate and I made it through with our inexhaustible lust, boundless admiration, and everlasting love for one another intact.

That being said, there were some unexpected incidents in Vegas last weekend that could have been a problem. It was kind of... my final test.

I know what you’re thinking—what the hell did you do this time? Relax. Let’s not judge, or call for my castration, until you've heard the whole story.

And hold on tight, because you’re in for a wild ride. Did you expect anything less?

5 Tangled, Twisted, Tamed and Tied Stars
Review by Natasha Gentile

Welcome back Drew Evans!!!  How I missed thee, let me count the ways. I’ve waited and I’ve waited and let me just say that the wait was so worth the wait!!!

There are moments in life that you dream about-plan for.  You imagine every detail in crisp, vivid color and high-definition sound.  And when that one perfect moment finally arrives, you pray the reality will come close to the fantasy you've built up in your mind
And then there are those precious few times-when the reality blows your fantasy out of the fucking water.
That’s what this if like for me
Because that devilishly handsome man in the perfectly fitted Armani tuxedo, standing at the altar of St. Patrick’s Cathedral- that’s me. Drew Evans.

See this is what I missed; no one does, cocky and pompous, like Drew.  So he’s back to bring us on his journey of  getting his ass to the altar and the best thing of all..Fatherhood.  That’s right ladies, not only is he off the market, he’s a dad. But I’ve come to realize that no one can do fatherhood like Drew.

It’s our golden rule.  Our first commandment: Don’t wake the fucking baby,
I’ll repeat that in case you missed it:

So the beginning of this book takes you to when they first became parents.  And I have to say I have never laughed out loud so much in a book.  There were times when my kids asked why I was smiling, and said I looked a little creepy smirking at my kindle.  They didn't know that I was with Drew, and they wouldn't understand!

Everyone who has had kids, knows that first couple of days -well it is so not like what is written in the baby books.  Yes it’s loving, but that shit is freaking hard.  You can go four maybe five days with ten minutes of sleep.  It makes you crazy and then you’re waiting for that moment from the book where it says “it’s rainbows and unicorns”…THEY FREAKING LIED!!!!

I look up at the ceiling and curse God.
“What do you want James?” my voce has a frustrated edge. “You’re dry, I’m holding you, I’m trying to feed you-what the hell do you want?”  I walk back to the kitchen and grab the checkbook off the counter.
“Will money make you happy?”
Ridiculous-yes, I know.  Don’t judge me.
“I’ll give you ten thousand dollars for four hours of sleep.  I’ll write the check out right now.”  I wave he checkbook in front of his face, hoping to distract him.
It just pisses him off more.

I totally understand him.  Desperate times, call for desperate measures.  But in all Drew’s glory, of course he survived, and it only made him better.  So he’s all in with this being a good dad and all. 

Which brings me to the greatest invention of our time.  Nope-it’s not the Internet.  Or the automobile.  It’s not female birth control-though that’s a good one too.  The best innovation of the last century is the Diaper Genie.  It’s a lifesaver.

Ok that’s enough of you being a good dad Drew, we get it, you rock in everything that you do.  Obviously anything less wouldn’t be accepted!! UGH sometimes you’re irritating..

Now we get to the part of the book.  Bachelor/Bachelorette Party.  Hello Vegas.  Hello Trouble.  Nothing good happens in Vegas, and when I say that I know.  I’ve been.  It’s like the devil’s advocate. 

That being said, there were some unexpected incidents in Vegas last weekend that could have been a problem. It was kind of... my final test.

So now Kate and Drew and in Vegas, and they have brought along their closest friends.  Even Billy was included.  I know, I know,  you’re thinking who invited the ex-fiancĂ© to the party?  Except I totally get it.  It’s kinda him rubbing it in Billy’s face that he got the girl and nothing that you can do can take her away from him.  SO now the party starts and they go on their merry ways.  Oh Drew, you would think that you would learn, but sadly your cockiness knows no bounds.   Have to saw I enjoyed their separate parties so much it was great.  But I have to say this part right here got me jumping up and high fiving myself thinking it was Kate!

“I put up with your shit on the plane because I didn’t want to spend the first hours of my vacation in the custody of federal air marshals.  But we’re not on the plane now.” Kate holds up her left hand. “See this ring? It means I belong to him.  And the tattoo of my name on his arm means he belongs to me.  All of him.  His dick is a compass, and I’m due north- it only points to me.”

Well, there’s something you don't see every day.

I mean how many times does she have to put up with skanky ho’s!!!!  Well it’s Drew so it’s never going to end!! NEVER!!!

So this is what we know about Drew Evans; he’s a reformed man whore. Oh you know he was, he fell hard for Kate, and when I say hard, he didn’t know what hit him, he thought it was the flu. True love kicked his ass back and forth, while smirking.  Pretty sure true love was a girl!  And most of all, the most swoon worthy thing about him, he’s an amazing father.

The tide of tears starts to recede.  Though there’s a sporadic whimper, for the most part his big, brown eyes keep contact with mine.  Interested in what I’m saying.  I know the accepted theory is that babies have no understanding of language at this stage, but- like men attempting to get out of household chores-I think they know more than they let on.

“I felt the same way when I met your mother.  There I was, cruising along, making the most of the fan-fucking-tastic life-and your mom came along and shot it all to hell.  I didn't know which way was up-with work, with my Saturday nights.  This is a talk for another time, but it’s true what they say: you spend nine months trying to get out, and the rest of your life trying to work your way back in”

Drew, why do you have to do everything so good!!!  It’s getting kind of annoying.  So as I take my time reading this book, because who wants to say good-bye to Drew?  No one. No, not a single person wants you to go away! But well, everything must come to an end, I guess.  I will miss you, you cocky bastard!

So that’s it.  The epic conclusion, I think we’ve come a long way, don’t you?  From the guy you first met with the “flu,” camped out on his living-room couch?
Boy, was he a fucking mess.
Thanks for sticking around, for not giving up on me.  I know that at times you wanted to.  But . . . it was great having you along for the ride.
If this were a fairy tale, now would be the time you’d read, “And they lived happily ever after . . . “
But that’s just too boring for us.
So instead, I’ll tell you this:
We lived . . . the same way we loved: with passion, tenderness, and laughter.  And every day-every fucking day-to the very fullest.

Thank you Drew for such a wild and fun ride.  One I’m sure I won’t forget.  I mean I’m tied to you!!!!

Tangled: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Paperback
Holy Frigging Matrimony (novella): Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CATwistedAmazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | PaperbackTamedAmazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | PaperbackTiedAmazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Paperback (October 7, 2014)

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