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Review and Giveaway: Ace's Redemption by AC Bextor


Memories alone can ruin you. Fear has a paralyzing effect, and love isn’t always enough to keep you safe.

Ace was the gateway to a freedom I hadn’t known since I was fifteen. He offered his protection from the demons that haunted me; both living and dead.

Although I knew I wasn’t enough to keep him, this didn’t deter my hope that one day he’d love me for who I was, not the broken girl he tried so desperately to save.

In the end, the ghosts of my past found me. Their malevolence knew no bounds, and I was forced to succumb to their will of darkness. Each threat named against those I loved made any escape impossible; choosing my life for theirs became my desolate absolution.

Inevitably, it was my own weakness and self-doubt that became my undoing.


Emotional ties are sometimes severed. Friendships don’t always endure their hardships, and love offered isn’t always returned.

I was in love once. For me, leaving her back in Ohio was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. For her, moving on with her life that included her son and the man she loved was no less than she deserved -- unconditional happiness.

My reasons to bring Cherry home to California were obvious. I needed help with my family, and she needed help staying clean and convincing her parents she was ready to give her son the life he deserved.

It was a perfect plan. However, the best laid plans often get lost amidst their best intentions.

Cherry fell in love with me, and in return my love for her acted as the catalyst to her destruction.

4.5 Fantastic Stars!
Review by Jen Hagen
I was saddened that the author’s previous series “The Lights of Peril” had concluded, but was ecstatic to know that she was going to do a spinoff series.  This author can suck you in and bleed you dry.  Unbelievable how you don’t see it coming…she just works you right into the story and you quickly become infused into the characters and feel all the raw emotions.  She’s like a snake charmer.


Ace was a member of the Lights of Peril motorcycle club, but felt a need to leave after the girl he desired and loved (Sadey) made it clear that she was always going to belong to somebody else; that somebody else being the president of the motorcycle club.  Ace had taken quite a beating from the president for showing an interest in Sadey.  For Ace, the outer pain wasn’t nearly as bad as the pain inside from having his heart broke.


I was happy at Peril, but it wouldn’t have ever been possible for me to watch her love, marry, and start a family with anyone – but me. I dropped my cut at the clubhouse door, hopped on my bike, and rode away. 


Ace returns home to his grandmother and little sister in California.  But he didn’t come alone --he brought along a passenger with Cherry riding on the back of his bike.  Cherry is a club whore…there’s no other way to sugarcoat it.  Cherry has been through hell being tortured and raped and has relied on drugs in the past, but she is trying to get herself together for the sake of her young son, who Cherry does not see as he is being raised by her parents.  Cherry and Ace have been familiar with each other between the sheets in the past, but Ace doesn’t know much about Cherry, other than that Cherry is only her club name.


I’ve never even asked her f*ckin’ name.  I’ve known her for over a year.  I’ve f*cked her, and used her body to help heal my heartache…but I never f*ckin’ asked her name.


In this spin-off series Ace has returned home to California and back to his former life of being part of a band.  The guys in the band each have individual characteristics and backstories that will be shown in their own book.  The way that Ms. Bextor introduced each character and spent time describing them with more than a sentence was phenomenal.   In most books where several characters are introduced at one time, I have to go back and re-read their introduction to find out what causes them to act and feel a certain way. Not with these characters – after their initial introduction I knew exactly who they were and never once had to think back to remind myself of their qualities. 


Cherry harbors a secret love for Ace, but knows that Ace continues to pine away for Sadey.   She also knows that Ace sees her as a friend, not as a lover.   Poor Cherry has to keep her feelings hidden, watching Ace wallow.


I’m in love with him.  I’ve been in love with him for a year.  I’ve followed him around, been there for him, as a friend, each and every time Sadey crushed him, all while I listened to his heartbreak word for word as he voiced it again and again. 


For the majority of this book it is Ace battling his sorrow and pain, never really being happy.  He loved Sadey so much that he just can’t think about not having her in his life.  He has a good thing with Cherry going on, even though they don’t have sex.  She is a good friend to him and vice versa.  When one of Ace’s band mates begin to have a regular personal interaction, with Cherry we get to see a little jealousy start to come out of Ace.  It was nice to see more than self pity – it shows that he is capable of feeling something  for somebody other than Sadey.  Little by little, Ace sees Cherry in a new light and things between them begin to heat up. 


Inside I know my feelings for Cherry are changing – evolving into something they weren’t before.  I love her…but I’m unsure if I love her because she’s with me here and now or if I really believe I love her for being who she is.


Ace doesn’t have much time to embrace these feelings as Cherry is offered a chance to be with her son; but this is in exchange for her new-found happiness.  Everything comes with a price.  You will come undone at the decision Cherry is forced to make.  She certainly has had her fair share of bad luck during her life.


Going back to say goodbye to Ace, will be my final act of freedom. 


 The one good thing that comes from this stomach-hurting turn of events is that we get to see our old friends…


“Brace, brother.  Shit’s gonna get nasty real f*ckin’ quick.” – Hem



  Love, love Ms. Bextor!!  She gets my heart pounding, my stomach plummeting, and my tears flowing with every book she writes.  I can’t wait to read more in this new series.  Add Ms. Bextor to the list of read-anything-by-this-author, because she is that good!







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