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Review: Bait by M Mabie

He was trouble from the start, but I couldn't resist.
[She was the best kind of trouble. The kind that was so wrong, it felt right.]

I’ve tried and failed to stay away from him.
[I’ve done everything in my power to make her mine and keep her.]

He’s almost impossible to say no to.
[She never tells me yes.]

We’re always fighting.
[When we’re not fighting, we’re… well… making up.]

He makes me laugh so hard.
[I miss her laugh the most.]

I'm a liar.
[She knows the truth, but won’t admit it.]

Sometimes, I wish I'd never met him.
[I wish we could meet all over again. I'd do better.]

His sweet girlfriend knows.
[The guy she’s with is a fool.]

I’ll never love anyone like I love him.
[She doesn’t love me enough to choose us.]

It was the wrong place.
[It was the wrong time.]

It should have been him.
[It will always be her.]

5 Hook, Liner and Sinker Stars!!

Review by Natasha Gentile

“It’s a hook and a fish,” I said.

Her laugh bellowed and she quickly shut it off, re-making her face with rapt interest.

I said, “See a fish doesn't want a hook.  They’d probably rather not meet one and they’re a bitch to get rid of.  You follow?”

She bobbed her head with rapt attention.  “And a hook, well it’s only a hunk of metal.  It doesn't know anything.  Right?


“You have to add something special to these two to bring them together.  Something that one can’t shake and the other can’t resist.”  I wrapped my hand around her low on her hips so I could pull her to me.  I wanted her closer.  “It’s the bait, Blake.  The bait is this outside force that brings these two totally different, foreign, objects together.  Neither the hook nor the fish have a choice.  We have something like that.  We have the bait.”

So where do I start with this book, cause my mind is racing and I’m still a little shaken. 

So two days ago I was speaking to my friend, who shall remain nameless, but her name is in the book and we hate this person, and it’s not Blake, and it starts with an A.  So she sends me a message saying I have to read this book it’s amazing, I’m going to love it. 

So I tell her really what’s the name?  Bait…Ok..One click…Wait a second…So I let her know that I have two criteria’s before I read a book. 1) No Cheating…Like ever..I hate cheating..It’s a simple no, every time..All the time.. and 2) No cliffhangers.  I don’t have time to wait for another book to come out.  Plan and simple…She then informs me I am going to hate this book and not read it.  Ugh I already one clicked.  So then I’m on Facebook scrolling and everyone, everyone  is raving about this book…I can’t…I mean cheating…Cliffy…No it’s just No..Ok fine let me try one chapter..8 hours later non stop.  I’m a nervous wreck.  My heart has been shattered and I feel hollow… Let me take you on my journey, into the dark side..


Let me introduce you to the woman that I think has a bounty on her head.  Blake.  She is the definition of what not to do in your life.  But at the same time, I totally felt for her, and I understood exactly where she was coming from.  I know I know a lot of you called her selfish, and she totally was, but she was also just a girl, who loved a man, except with her heart, well we all know who her heart belonged to. 

Meet her boyfriend Grant. 

Grant was a great guy and insisted on not living together until we were married.  I could only presume he’d insist on that sooner than later.  That was the tradition thing to do.  He was traditional.  A classic. The all-American guy.

But I didn’t think of myself as the classic, all-American girl.

Opposites attract. Apparently. 

I know right,  you're reading this and you're like, aww he’s like so sweet, and you swoon…then…well she’s at her friend’s graduation party.  The drinks are flowing and she’s having a great time.  Ok. And then.. 

He was trouble from the start, but I couldn't resist. 

Casey..Oh Casey..I want to wear your red jeans, and I want you to put my panties in the pocket. 

When Casey smiled, his whole face was involved.  His eyes, his cheeks, his mouth, those teeth, his chest puffed out, and his head tipped back.  He looked pretty damn proud.  His delight was contagious.

He had the most perfect set of teeth I had ever seen.


I mean…come on…there is nothing that you can say…I know I know. She has a boyfriend. And…it’s not right. I agree…well semi agree.  I mean she just wants one night.  She wants to sow her oats. 

What starts as a flirty conversation and some dances lead into more drinking.   I know it’s not an excuse.  But come on…She’s human.

“I’ve already warned you.  You won't be able to get enough.  Now, here’s your chance to stop this, while you still have the willpower.”  He was both menacing and tempting.

He warned her, he was just that good that one taste wouldn't be enough.  But come one, what guy doesn't think that his penis is the cure for world peace.  I mean they also think that they are packing anacondas!!! 

She’s knows she has to walk away.  It’s the right thing to do. 

Instinctively, I brought my hands around his neck and clasped them together.  I felt shy and possibly guilty.

I had a boyfriend.

I had an almost fiancé.

I was a ho.

I was about to stop the whole charade;

My arms began to slip from our embrace.  But before I could retreat, he put his nose against my cheek and breathed into my ear. “Hold on to me, Blake.”

So, you see, she totally knows that it’s not right.  It’s wrong, it shouldn't be done.  She should just walk away.  Go back to your hotel room and text Grant. 

I shouldn’t have, but I wanted him.  I should have stopped, but I also knew that I wouldn’t.  I couldn’t.  It felt too right.

So she got her one night.  Her oats should have been sowed, right?  I mean that was what she said right?  I mean, ok it’s wrong.  You shouldn’t have done it.  Except I totally could of jjumped his bones also.  Wrong or not, I have a pulse, and he’s hot. 

I’ve tried and failed to stay away from him.  

So now is when the tricky part comes in.  I know the tricky part was cheating, but now that it’s done and over with.  She should step away and forget it. 

One text, One simple sentence. And both their fates were sealed.


He’s almost impossible to say no to.

They decide that they will be friends. SUUUURRREEE.  That sounds like a great idea.  

He makes me laugh so hard. 

For a while, that is exactly what they are.  Friends.  I loved it.  I loved seeing their friendship remain exactly that.  She never crossed the line. 

It didn’t sound or seem fair to either Grant or Casey, but I didn’t know how to stop.  I couldn't imagine a world without Casey in it, but felt I needed to stay in the world with Grant as my center. 

Ok at this point.  I’m mad.  I mean I’m pissed.  I want to throat punch her.  What you're doing is wrong.  You are playing with fire, and usually when that happens you get burnt, not a little, like burnt down to the ground. I don’t want to continue.  I can’t.  My heart is breaking.  It’s shattering, piece by piece.  I feel gutted.  Leave him alone.  Just walk away.  He deserves to be happy and be loved wholeheartedly.   

I’ll never love anyone like I love him. 

He was right.  I was his.  In that space and time, my body was the property of Casey Moore.

She finally sees that she can’t string him along, and when she lets him know, he fought and begged her to fight for them.  Now I’m ready to strangle both my Kindle and Ms. Mabie.  Like seriously, just let them be together.  Just do it.  Just type the words.  Make them fall in love,  let them have their happily ever after, with rainbows and unicorns.   

I loved Grant.  I cared for him a lot.  But I never felt as powerfully consumed by him as I did by Casey.  Sadly, it took seeing the grass on the other side of the fence to prove to myself it was greener.

But all of these thoughts were for another time.  Another day.  I prayed Casey would allow us to have them.  Even though, he didn’t owe me anything.


What does she do? Who does she choose?
I am gutted, and my breathing is sporadic, this right here is why I don’t do the cheating, I don't do cliffhangers, 'cause now I’m addicted to this.  I’m starting to get shakes without knowing how it’s going to end.  Ms. Mabie  has me hook, line, and sinker except I want to be the bait!!


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