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Review and Giveaway: A Brutal Betrayal by DC Renee

Past. Everyone has one. It shapes the person they become. It determines the present. It even contributes to the future. And sometimes, people are thrown together in spite of it.

It was no secret that Megan Verona was raped. It crippled her being, turning her from a vibrant young woman to someone who feared intimacy. After years of struggling, she decided to seek help with a therapist, Declan Connors, in hopes of being able to finally have a relationship. Declan wanted to help Megan; he wanted to help everyone who sought his aid, but she was different. She consumed his thoughts until he could no longer deny his feelings. He hadn’t expected to fall for her and fall hard, but he did. It was a wonder when she returned some of his sentiment. But, like everyone, Declan also has a past, one riddled with pain and anguish, one he hadn’t fully dealt with.

If helping Megan brought out his own shadows, what did loving her do? How do both their pasts play a role in their future? Most importantly, can they conquer the past that threw them together?

4 Loved It Stars!
Review by Jen Hagen
Megan was 16 years old trying out her fake ID with her best friend when she stepped outside the club alone for a brief moment to catch some fresh air.  In the darkness a demon was watching and waiting, a demon that still holds her down 7 years later.  Following her rape, Megan shut herself down and is not easily approachable even as a friend.  She keeps herself distant and does not allow anybody into her life.  She has seen a barrage of therapists, but nobody seems to be able to make her “normal” – as Megan would like to be.  She wants to be able to experience things as everybody else does but she can’t  let go of her fears and she has allowed her fears to control her happiness.  It is with her current therapist that  feels she would be better suited with his new partner, Declan.


Declan is 25 years old and seems to have an old soul.  He didn’t always use to be this way.  He was once a member of the Army and witnessed his fellow soldier killed by a roadside grenade – the same soldier who saved Declan’s life and in turn died for Declan.  The trauma from that event has caused Declan to lose any memories prior to that event that are considered traumatic memories.   Being Megan’s therapist is proving to be very difficult for Declan.


Why do I feel a pull toward her like she is the sun?


Declan is doing a fantastic job pulling Megan out of her shell.  Declan has become a wonderful friend to Megan.  Because of him and his outside the box therapy she is able to have fun again, able to hang out with friends, and able to let a little part of herself wish for something more.


“I feel good around you.  You make it easy to forget.”


But being with Megan may not be conducive towards keeping Declan’s demons under control.  It seems that hanging around Megan has brought back memories of some of the worst times of his life.  Declan was once popping pills and drinking large amounts of alcohol to numb the pain he felt from losing a significant person in his life.  He was offered jail or the army for his actions, and it was the choice of the army that changed his life and made him want to help people.  Some memories aren’t meant to be hidden forever, and they can pop up at the most inconvenient times hurting even the person you would do anything to protect. 


He tasted the salt on his lips before he even realized the tears were trickling down his cheeks.  He didn’t bother wiping them away, he wanted to taste the bitterness they carried.


Declan and Megan are both broken, but while Declan is trying to fix Megan – Megan wants nothing to do with Declan’s past.  It’s a reminder of what she is hiding from.  Declan is willing to do anything to prove to Megan how much he loves her and to earn her trust again. 

…His mind was reeling, his fate was destroyed, and his heart was tearing apart.  He needed the night to make peace with himself. 

When morning comes will forgiveness be his savior or will he continue to be Megan’s destruction?

This is the second book I have read of the author's and I have enjoyed both.  In both books she was able  to move my emotions from one extreme to the next—in one second  I could despise a character while in the next I was feeling remorse for being so hard with my judgements.   If you have triggers, there are a few graphic scenes that would not be suitable for you.   




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