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Review: Riot (Predators MC Book 1) by Jamie Begley

As president of the Predators’ MC, my men and I are used to preying on the weak and those stupid enough to cross our paths. So why does a straitlaced teacher make me sit up and take notice when I see her for the first time?
The brothers all think she makes me weak, and believe me, weak in their eyes isn’t where I want to be. She wants me to prove she means more to me than the club, and when I fail, she thinks she can just walk away. She’s wrong. I’m a Predator, and nothing escapes me.

As a teacher, I’m supposed to want to educate those who want to learn, right? That’s what I believed until I was told I’d have to teach a class at the prison. I didn’t move to a town labeled as one of the safest places in America only to be faced with a bunch of Predators.
He expects me to trust him despite being the reason I’m trapped in the middle of a prison riot. His club means more to him than I ever will, and if I give him a chance, he will break the fragile peace I have managed to find. It’s not the first time I’ve had to escape a predator.

5 Freaking Stars!

Review by Natasha Gentile

Ok ladies, prepare yourselves, because there is a new MC in town.  Not just a new MC but a new MC President, and well, I really need to start buying myself leather and stuff because holy mother of Harley Davidsons I also need myself a nice helmet!!

The Predators owned Queen City. There wasn’t a deal that went down that they didn’t okay and get their share of the profits. Which was why Ice was sitting here instead of being back at his clubhouse in bed with a woman and a bottle of tequila.

So this is where we meet Ice. Actually this is where we see Ice and his “brothers” doing illegal activities, shocker and gasp- they get caught and get thrown in the slammer.  Not one to turn away a chance to get out of his cell, he signs up for the computer course.  He experts an old lady will be teaching this class.

“Damn, am I seeing things?” Max’s voice drew Ice’s attention to the door.  He barley managed to keep his mouth from hanging open when he saw a woman cautiously enter the room. 
The lithe blond was tall for a woman.  Ice gauged her to be around five-nine.  She was wearing a plain, black skirt with a jack on over a black top.  Ice’s lips twitched.  She looked like she was attending a funeral-her own.
She hesitantly walked toward the front of the room, placing a briefcase on the desk.  When she turned to face the room, Ice sucked in his breath.
The woman was a fucking looker.  The prison was crazy to let in a woman who looked like that around men whose dicks hadn’t had a woman in months, if not years.  Ice knew men would be beating off the memory of the woman staring at the room of prisoners with a carefully blank face.  She wasn’t as unafraid as she appeared, though.

Meet Grace.  She is a teacher, she is supposed to want to educate.  She didn’t take this job easily.  She actually fought tooth and nail to not teach it.  She didn’t move to the town to be thrown into a jail cell with convicts that deserved to be there.  What she wasn’t expecting was to lay eyes on the most amazing pair of blue eyes she has ever seen.

She made sure her gaze didn’t linger on anyone in particular: each one seemed to be scarier than the previous one.  So far, the one she had caught sight of as she entered the classroom was the most frightening.  That was, until her eyes caught and held by the one sitting by the window.

His brown hair was long, almost to his shoulders.  The beige uniform he wore was tight over his broad shoulders and across his chest.  He was sprawled lazily in his chair, as if he didn’t have a care in the world, which he didn’t.  The state was picking up all expenses.

So now she sees this man with ice blue eyes.  She knows that he means danger.  She knows he is in jail, therefore he did something wrong and he must pay for his crimes.  Except she can’t seem to stay away, in spite of the notes she receives telling her to stay away. She is determined to not back down, to not be that weak woman.  And things are going well, well as good as they are expected to go when you're teaching convicts.  Until the riot.  Those riot scenes had my heart palpitating.  I actually screamed at my kindle and told her to run, she didn’t hear me.  

So I’m giving you one guess as to who protects her.  I’m not sure you're going to need that one guess, but I’ll give it to you anyway!  In case you're wondering it’s Ice.  Ice saves her, or at least he tries to protect her.

Ice hated himself for what he was about to do yet couldn’t resist the impulse to touch her.  He had wanted his hands on her since the first time he had seen her walk inside that classroom.  As his hand circled her neck and brought her closer to his chest, she dropped the soda.  He was grateful she hadn’t opened it yet; it would probably be the last one she would have for a while.

He brought his mouth down on her startled lips.  When she tried to take a step back, his arm circled her waist, pulling her closer, despite her attempts to try to get away.  His tongue parted her tense lips, thrusting inside her warm mouth, and he released a groan of satisfaction at the taste of her.  Wanting more but aware she wasn’t responding, he took his mouth away.

Ok, so I may not be able to teach a computer course, but I can learn, and if I learn,  can I please be in a prison riot with him.? Ok, it’s not something to wish for, but come on.  He’s protective right?

So now that the riot is over, she is safe and he is behind bars, how can this become anything else?  Well you see once you get out of jail, and you’re a Predator what do you do, you go catch your prey!  And does he ever catch her.

When a chair next to her was pulled out, her head turned and she met ice-blue eyes staring back at her.  She didn’t know if she should be frightened he was here.  He was thinner than she remembered and his hair was cut close to his head showed a healing gash.  The new haircut made him appear even meaner and more dangerous.
“Hello, Grace.”

Grace can’t seem stay away from him.  She knows that he will always pick the club over her.  He just wants her to give him chance.  His brothers think that she makes him weak.  Her mother thinks he isn’t good enough for her.  When push comes to shove, Grace thinks about walking away from him. The thing she doesn’t realize is that no one walks away from Ice.  Especially when he declares that she’s his. Period.

“I’m yours.  I’ll always be yours.”

Grace doesn’t know what to do, she is afraid that he will break the last piece of herself that she has, and if he does that she’ll be left with nothing but the memories of the riot!
Well done Ms. Begely yet again…  



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  1. No I have not, but looking forward to reading it. I love these types of books.


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