Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Review: Sociopath by Lime Craven

The name's Aeron Lore. And you are...? Such a pleasure to meet you, sweetheart. Is that a southern accent? Gorgeous.

You fucking bitch.

Why so surprised? I control a billion dollar fortune. I control the news. Give me five minutes and I'll control you, too. If you could read my mind, you'd probably call me perverted. Unnatural. Manipulative. But I've learned to blend in, to be funny and charming. A predator in a designer suit.

I have no conscience. No shame in taking the things I want. And what I wanted was for Leontine Reeves to sell me her boutique tech firm so I could exploit the fuck out of it. Maybe exploit the fuck out of her, too, because desire haunts me in shades of scarlet, and I desire Leo most of all.

I never meant for this to be a love story. I fought it kicking and screaming, the same way Leo fought me. Now we're bleeding into each other, making a mess. A chaos. There's no control here. And what do monsters like me do when control leaves the building?

We attack.

4 Hardly Sane Stars!
Review by Natasha Gentile

What the hell just happened??  What the hell did I just read? 

Sociopaths make up 4% of the US population.  You’re probably thinking that’s bullshit, that it all got too fashionable after American Psycho and became the diagnosis           du jour.  Truth is, you’re surrounded by sociopaths, but you think most of them are just fucktards.

So I have to say that it took me four days to get through this book.  I, at some points,  had to put the book down and walk away.  It just t.ok me so far out of my comfort zone, I felt I was on another planet. 

This book is about Aeron Lore. He controls a billion dollar company.  He also controls the news.  He also wants one thing -Leontine Reeves.  Ok, he doesn’t really want her at first; he wants her to sell him her company SilentWitn3ss.

Here’s what the mannequins of SilentWitn3ss see when I walk into that boardroom that afternoon: a tall, broad guy with dark blond hair and shameless crater dimples, dressed in a well-cut suit.  I’m hot-Let’s not beat around the bush, sports fans-but you have to peel back the layers to see what’s going on here.  They don’t just see a person.  Behind all that, there’s power and money and suspicion, all of it boiling down to a visceral chemical reaction.  I must somehow turn into trust.  Like Jesus turning water into wine, but more of a religious experience.

Maybe exploit her, too, because desire haunts me in shades of scarlet, and I desire Leo most of all.

Gifts for my special girl, one, two and three.  Lingerie and flowers, indeed.

Come hunting with me grasshoppers.

I’mma catch me a lion.

Well if you put it like that how she can she say no.  Except well , it's Aeron, he doesn’t do anything the kosher way.  In fact he lies, cheats and oh blackmails you into giving him exactly what he wants.  It’s boggling my mind how this book is so insanely well written.  It went back and forth from his childhood to his adulthood and gave you an insight into his mind. 

Oh, hello there.  I ‘m Aeron Lore.  You might recognize me from scenes such as sexually assaulting Leo, or trespassing in Leo’s apartment and assaulting her again.  It’s important that you remember this as you  join me for the next part of the journey.  Important that you understand how things are here in the land of American Dreams. 

OH MY GOD!!!!  So now that he has assaulted her, well assaulted is a very strong word for him. 

I have emotions, sure.  I don’t sit there like a designer sack of potatoes, numb to the rest of the world.  On the contrary, I feel a lot of things, just not for other people.  I’m self-serving.  Impulsive.  I like to please myself, and my desires quiver like dominoes all set up and waiting for the right stroke to make them fall.

So there is always the back story that lays there lingering.  There is something from his past that has made him the way he is, or that has created him to be the man he is.  It makes you always think you know what it is, and then boom, it’s so not what you thought it was.  You are thrown the ringer. 

It was so interesting to read how he tries to fall in love with Leo.  He gets all Alpha on her and no one is more surprised by his actions than Aeron himself.

I have to know.  So I search.

Then I type my other question into Google.  Can sociopaths fall in love?

The words float there.  Just pixels.  I don’t know why I’m so nervous-I’m not a fucking pansy.

I hit enter.

The search spews up articles, and I begin to read. 

So now that he has sent his question to Google, he is ready to give Leo his everything.  Except well Leo, she really is not what you think she is.  Loving yes, she is in love with Aeron, deceptive, yes she is that too.  She’s trying to run from her past, or she’s trying to hid it and bury it.  But what happens when your past comes back to haunt you, and it isn’t just your past, but his as well?

Sociopaths cannot love in the same way as others…but they can and do still fall.

Sociopaths love with an all-consuming, dangerous passion.

The sociopath, who seeks to manipulate all things, may only retain interest in a woman who disturbs the power balance he is used to, rather than one who continues to submit.  If she challenges him adequately, he becomes addicted.  His attachment to her deepens until he believes himself to be in love.

I have to say that this story is a dark romance, and the author lets you know that.  I also must say that I enjoyed her writing style.  It was phenomenal in every single aspect.  Well Done!

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