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Blog Tour: Forever With Me by Kristen Proby

From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the With Me in Seattle Series comes the end of a saga…

Dominic Salvatore seemingly has everything a man could want. He’s found a new relationship with his father and the entire Montgomery family. His vineyard, Coppa di Vita, is a success. There’s only one thing that eludes him: a certain driven, intelligent, and sexy as hell blonde named Alecia.

Alecia works tirelessly building her event planning business. It’s the most important part of her life. Despite the beautiful, lavish weddings she organizes, Alecia is convinced that the idea of true love is a myth. While Dominic is a sexy, intriguing man, welcoming the handsome Italian into her bed, and her life, is a risk she’s not so sure she’s willing to take.

However Dominic isn’t used to taking no for an answer, and it’s not long before these two are burning up the sheets and discovering a connection that neither can deny. But will it be strong enough to last forever? 

 “I’m going to eventually make you understand how amazing you are, tesoro.” – Dominic Salvatore


5 Star Review by Allison East

I love Kristen Proby. She is one of my favorite authors. And one of my favorite series- With Me In Seattle, has come to a close. I was well aware that this book was the last in the series, but I was not prepared for all of the emotions I was going to feel when reading about this family for the very last time. The series ended perfectly and in such a way that Kristen should be so proud.

I was super excited to read more about Dominic, the son that was a result of a one night stand many years ago for Steve Montgomery. Gail and Steve welcomed him into the family with open arms. Dom is the sexy Italian- the wine maker, and he is totally gaga over the event planner- Alecia. Dom is sweet and thoughtful- and whoa can he be a caveman when he gets jealous. Alecia, now she is a different story.

I really liked Alecia as the heroine. She is confident, brilliant, and knows what she wants. But unfortunately, she is convinced she is unlovable. It made me so sad that she thought of herself in that way. But it just goes to show you, it all depends on the people you surround yourself with. She was
raised by some terrible parents so self-involved with each other; they couldn't make time for Alecia, and married to 
a man who belittled her work constantly. As I read this novel though, I felt like what was NOT to love about Alecia- because she was the perfect little combo of all of Kristen's main ladies.

This book had it all, drama, romance, laughs, and definitely some tears- happy and sad. I loved the best friend Blake; his relationship with Alecia was so genuine. Even though it caused a bit of drama in the book, it was still a well-built friendship. I loved all the Montgomery and Williams cameos placed throughout the book. I mean Will and Meg's marriage was interwoven throughout- it was
absolutely perfect. And we got to see Matt and Nic's romance come even further along.

The epilogue was by far my favorite part. It was told in the POV of the patriarch of the family, Steve
Montgomery, ten years later. We saw marriages, children, and celebrations, everything that I could have ever wanted from the last installment of this series that is so precious to me. After I was finished I shed a tear, mostly because it was over- but because it affected me tremendously. I messaged Kristen right after to thank her, thank her for stories that I could always come back and read if I was in slump, for characters I loved and could identify with, and words that I could always count on to  make me FEEL. Feel every gamut of emotion, and that is why Kristen will remain one of my favorite authors- because of this series.

And don’t forget the rest of the With Me in Seattle Series…


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When I wrote about Dominic Salvatore's vineyard, I pictured the Washington winery, Chateau Ste Michelle, in my head. The grounds are lush and green, the buildings solid and beautiful. I could just imagine rows and rows of barrels in a barn. Grapevines heavy with ripe grapes. It would smell earthy and when they look out over the land, there is just no other feeling like it in the world for them. Coppa di Vita Vineyard is a special place.

He just laughs and leads me around the building. There are sidewalk paths that meander through beautiful, lush green grass and gardens and water gardens. The grounds of the winery are simply gorgeous.
It’s still early in the day, so it’s not too warm, but I’m glad I wore a light linen shift dress rather than a suit, since I’ll be outside the majority of the day.
“You live so far away from the city,” I say, needing to cut through the silence that he seems to be perfectly at ease in. He glances down at me with an easy grin.
“Wait until you see why.”
“Well, I can see that it’s beautiful here.”
“Oh, you haven’t even seen the best parts.”
“Lead on, sir.”
The back of the villa is as beautiful as the front. There are wide windows, opening the inside up to the amazing views of the vines and gardens. About fifty yards away, sitting perpendicular to the main villa is a smaller, one-story building with wide barn doors, currently pushed open.
“That’s going to be the store,” Dom says. “I have a crew in there setting it up. I’d like to have it up and running the week after the wedding.”
“That’s a great idea,” I reply. “It looks different since we were here briefly last year, when Meg and I came out to look around.”
He nods. “I’ve been renovating. I added onto the back of the villa, expanding my private quarters. This is my wing,” he points to the section of the house we’re walking past now. “And that side is going to be for guests. I might start using it as a bed and breakfast.”
“You could even host concerts and events here. There’s plenty of space.”
His eyes fall to mine.
“Maybe, eventually. The guest wing is finished, and I’ll take you in there later to show you where the groom and bride suites are.”
“Great. What’s over there?” I point over behind the new building housing the store.
“The vines run over on that side of the property. It’s hilly, and perfect growing conditions. The reception tent is going over here.” He leads me to the left, where the sidewalk ends, and down a long dirt path to a grassy field, at least two square acres big.
“This is perfect.” The land is level, so people won’t be trying to dance on uneven ground, falling after having too many drinks. “I’ll have them set up the stage on this end.” I walk all the way to the left, cursing when one of my heels sinks into the grass and kick my shoes off so I don’t ruin them.
“I knew you’d shed the shoes.”
“My feet don’t hurt, they’re just too expensive to ruin in the grass,” I reply absentmindedly, and keep my eyes on the meadow, mentally measuring the space. “Yes, the stage will fit perfectly here. And with the sound equipment facing the villa, everyone will be able to hear the music, even if they choose to wander through the gardens and such.” I bite my lip and turn to gaze at the rest of the space. “This is a perfect place to set up a dance floor. There is plenty of room for tables around the perimeter.”
“Did you say there will be a tent?” Dom asks from behind me, startling me.
“Yes. It protects the guests from the sun and the rain, and around here, you never know what you’ll get.”
“It’s going to be a big tent.”
“That’s why they’re coming tomorrow to begin setting up,” I reply and fetch my shoes. “This is plenty of space for both a formal sit-down dinner and dancing. I love it. Okay, let’s move on to the ceremony site.”
I begin to walk away, and then realize he’s not beside me. I turn to find him standing, hands in pockets, watching me.
“You’re good at this.”
“Of course I am.”
His lips twitch as he approaches me. “It looks good on you.”
“I’m working.”
“No flirting.”
“Is that what I was doing?”
“Weren’t you?”
He chuckles and reaches over to drag his fingertip down my neck, from just below my ear to my collarbone.
“Yes, but not on purpose.”
“Well, stop it.” I turn and begin walking again, ignoring the way my skin sizzles where his fingertip was. “Ceremony site?”
“Over here,” he replies, and leads me back onto a sidewalk path for about a hundred yards, passing a large, dark brown barn. “The barrels are in there, along with the bottling equipment.”
“Oh, that’s cool. I’d love to check that out.”
“I’ll show you,” he says, and leads me into a field just past the barn, where vines of grapes are standing in perfect rows.
“Oh, this is beautiful.”
He grins and nods. “Meg wanted to get married in the vineyard. So, she will. As you can see, there is a wide space in the middle of the vines where we set up harvesting supplies. I think it’ll be a good place to set up for the ceremony.”
My eyes are raking over the gorgeous green-leafed vines, heavy with purple grapes, and my heart yearns. I wish I could hold everywedding right here.
It’s amazing.
In the background, there’s a steep hill with more vines climbing up it and the Cascade Mountains are the backdrop, providing a glorious painting of color.
“This is beautiful,” I whisper. “Where does the sun set?” I shade my eyes and look around for the sun.
“Behind us. So, the guests won’t be looking into the sun.”
“Perfect.” I grin and tap notes into the iPad, doing the happy dance inside. “With the colors of the vines and the mountains, we don’t need many flowers out here. I’m going to have my construction crew build a simple arbor at that far end and I’ll have the florist weave some flowers into that.”
We go over the chair placement and then turn to walk back toward the villa.
“When will you pick the grapes?” I ask.
“The harvest usually begins in late August and goes through September,” he replies. “It’s a busy time for me.”
“I’m harvesting grapes?”
“Alone?” I ask incredulously.
“No,” he laughs. “I hire about fifty people to come help. But I love it, so I work right alongside them.”
“What do you love about it?” I ask.
“The feel of the grapes in my hands. They’re heavier than you’d think. Watching the buckets fill. Getting my hands dirty. I don’t even mind the blisters.”
“It’s hard work,” I remark softly.
“Very. But rewarding.” His voice is like smooth chocolate, full of affection and passion for this life that he loves. And what’s not to love? This place is simply breathtaking.

About Kristen Proby:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Kristen Proby is the author of the bestselling With Me In Seattle series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong characters who love humor and have a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type; fiercely protective and a bit bossy, and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves.

Kristen spends her days with her muse in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys coffee, chocolate and sunshine. And naps.


Twitter: @handbagjunkie
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