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Review: MVP by M Robinson


I love you.
Three words that can make or break you.
I thought I needed to find myself. I thought I wasn’t happy. I thought I needed more out of life.
I didn’t.
I’m more lost now than I was when I left. I have no answers, just endless amounts of questions. It was only a matter of time until the truth came to light. I never imagined it would change my entire life and everything I thought to be true.
It was all a game.
Except I wasn’t a player.
I was a pawn.


The end.
Two words that have several meanings. I never thought I’d lose her. But did I ever really have her…
Or did VIP?

Can love conquer all?

5 Most Valuable Stars!
Review by Natasha Gentile
To say I was excited about this book is kind of an understatement.  To say that I also wasn’t scared to read it would be a lie. I was so very scared my heart had palpitations even before I opened the book.  You see I fell in love with this couple in VIP.  I just wanted them to live happily ever after.  I mean they went to hell and back in VIP, what more do these two have to do?  I can tell you, it sure wasn’t easy!!!!


When I receive the book I asked M. one question, please tell me there is no cheating?  She said no.  So my heart t-the one that was racing,  was now slowing down and I was ready to start my journey !

In this book your taken on the journey of Ysabelle and Sebastian now that they are together.  It should be so easy, but let's face it all love stories have heartache!


Ysabelle, my sweet sweet crazy, independent, broken hearted beautiful girl.  Why can’t you just believe.  Sebastian loves you, like women love chocolate cake.


I had only ever loved one woman.  From the first day that I stared into those mesmerizing and entrancing bright green eyes, I was lured in.  It was a magnetic pull that capsized me to live and breathe for her and only her.  She was my soul mate, the one person in this world that was made for me and only me.


Seriously, can I love this guy any more if I tried?  I swear I want him, I want him all for myself, all for me, except his eyes, they are only for one person- Ysabelle.


I knew it the moment her tiny frame fell into my arms.  We were meant to meet and be together, it was all for a reason; a greater purpose that I knew from the second she told me her name.


So Ysa and Seb are living together in Turks and Cacaos.  She is doing what she’s always wanted to do -living in a bikini and running the third hottest hotspot in the world. 

They have been apart for two years, each finding themselves and trying to figure out life, but one thing and one thing is for sure, their love for each other is never ever in doubt.


There wasn’t one place on my body that hadn’t been touched by a man or a woman, except my heart.  That has only ever been touched and connected to one person.



So these two need to have their heads banged together.  I swear I wanted to jump into my kindle and shake the crap out of them, then I might have attacked Sebastian, in a very naked way.  Whatever.. He’s super hot


But with all the love that he is giving her, she can’t seem to stop thinking about her past; where she came from, who she came from, the what if’s.  It really makes her think, and no matter how much I hated that she was going through this, I understood.  I didn’t agree with it, but I understood.  While she is finding herself Sebastian is on the outside looking in just hoping that she sees him.


My legs couldn’t hold my weight anymore.  I wanted to break down; I had to sit.  I slouched forward as soon as my body hit the couch cushions from the overwhelming need to want to f*cking scream and rip my hair out. 

Now that she’s asking all these questions and doubting herself the only thing she can do is go back to the beginning.  To where she came from; the answers are there, she knows it, she feels it, but the question is, can she handle the truth?  Will it make or break her, and in the end can she finally love herself and accept herself and the unconditional love from the only man that can ever complete her?


She smiled and it lit up her entire face.  “I love you, too, Sebastian.  I always have.”

To hear those words come out of the woman that has consumed my everyday existence for the last two years was like winning the lottery.  I knew she would hide from me again.  I knew we still had countless obstacles to overcome, but in that moment, she was mine again.


I loved seeing characters from VIP and The Madam intertwined in their journey, loved getting a glimpse into their lives.  I also without a doubt loved the writing in this book, it is bar none, the best writing that M. Robinson has done.  Great Job.

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