Thursday, December 11, 2014

Review: A Very Merry Hockey Holiday by Toni Aleo

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – with eight stories featuring your most beloved characters and their families – it’s time to get comfy with a cup of hot cocoa and take a sneak peek at the holidays, Assassins’ style.

Join Lucas and Fallon along with Tate and Audrey as they await life-changing gifts; Erik and Piper, and Phillip and Reece who have decisions to make that could lead to exciting developments ahead in their lives; and Claire as she makes a Christmas wish and choices for her future. Spend Christmas morning with the Adler family and see what the New Year has in store for Karson and Lacey, as well as Kacey King. The King family faces significant changes and resolutions that will leave readers alternately cheering and maybe a little heavy-hearted…all wrapped up in a big bow.  

5 Fantastic Stars-SCORE!!

Review by Natasha Gentile

Who doesn’t love it when authors do a novella and bring us up to speed on the couples from their previous stories? Characters we fell in love with. I would beg to have a little novella yearly. I mean I want to know what they are doing, how they are progressing...

Well peeps, Toni Aleo has finally written a book about the Assassins hockey team and their wives! We can catch up with all the characters we love and can't get enough of-finally!

In this novella we join Shea and Elli..the couple that started all this. The “first couple” of the Assassins. Over the five books we have always gotten glimpses into their lives, usually Shea is knocking Elli up. I think they are giving the 19 kids and Counting a run for their money. But seriously would you say no to Shea??? I didn’t think so.

Lucas and Fallon are getting ready to welcome another child. Everyone all together now A

Tate and Audrey are super happy with their little girl, but Audrey has made a wish for another baby, I’m wondering if Santa is listening and if Tate made the naughty list or not? Only Santa knows!!

Erik and Piper are in their own world of happiness. And what is better than to see Erik going into the mall with his two kids in search of a Christmas Gift? Did I mention he is in a mall with a stroller with two kids!!! Nothing says I love you more than a little blue box with Tiffany’s written on top, trust me I know!!I have got to score me a hockey player!!!

Phillip Anderson has to be my most favorite guy of them all. Except I really can’t even say that since I love them all. But let's just say if Phillip came home from a hockey game early and decided he wanted dessert on the counter, well who am I to say no? He rocks all the way around!!! Oh and Claire and Jude are finally getting hitched….And Phillip couldn’t be happier…NOT!

And finally the couple we have all been waiting for- Karson and Lacey. I can neither confirm or deny that I went straight to their story. I mean come on. I want to know what happens next, how happy are they? I won't ruin it but I will say they are so happy.. Want to know who else is super duper happy- Kasey.

That’s right people Kasey is getting a book and her partner of choice will make you count the days until her book is released. And I for one can’t wait

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