Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Review: Beneath This Ink by Meghan March

I’ve always known she was too good for me, but that never stopped me from wanting her. 

And then I finally had her for one night. 

A night I don’t remember. 

I figured I’d blown my shot. 

But now she’s walked back into my life, and this time, I have the upper hand. I want my second chance. 

Will she be able to see the man beneath this ink?

4.5 Star Review by Jen Skewes

Beneath This Ink is the first book that I have read by Meghan March.  This is the second book in this series and yes I technically read it out of order but I can say that this can certainly be read as a stand alone.  I never felt lost having not read the first one who is about a different couple.   I loved this book.  I loved the chemistry between the two main characters. 

Constantine “Con” Leahy grew up in the foster care system and was later adopted by an amazing family who was also wealthy.  But even being adopted and brought into this new world Con never felt like he fit in.  He never felt like he deserved it all.  And he especially didn’t deserve the girl that he has always admired from afar.  When Con was in high school he had his eye on Vanessa Frost aka Princess.  He knew he never deserved her but that didn’t stop him from wanting her.  One night he actually got the girl but when he woke up the next morning he couldn’t remember a dam thing.  Two years later and he is still thinking about her.  So when she comes into his tattoo shop looking to make a deal, he sees it as his second chance.

Vanessa grew up in a wealthy family and has spent her life trying to live up to her family’s expectations.  Always needing to look perfect in every way.  Vanessa needs something from Con that will help prove to her family that she has the ability to run the foundation that her family has built.  Con makes her a deal.  He wants a second chance with the woman that he has always seen as his, the one he let get away.  Vanessa really has no choice in the matter if she wants to prove to her family that she is capable of running the foundation, not to mention how much this foundation means to her.  So if she has to deal with Con in her life for a few weeks than so be it. Spending time with Con proves to be better than she expected.  There is so much more to this man that she thought.  So what happens when the deal is over and Vanessa gets what she wants.?  Can she just walk away as if the last few weeks didn’t matter?

Con and Vanessa have this connection that I loved.  At first I was not sure what to make of him and his motives for the deal he made with Vanessa.  But you see that the deal is nothing more than the second chance that he has wanted for two years.  There are so many layers to Constantine Leahy and once you peel back those layers you see that he is not just the tattooed bad boy that everyone thinks he is.  Beneath the layers and all of the ink is a guy with a heart.   I loved Con and I loved how much he wanted Vanesa and went for it.  He cared and not just about her but about the people in his life. Despite what people thought of him he was a good guy. 

I loved Vanessa and all though at times I questioned some of her decisions I understood them.  She had her own issues that she was dealing with.  When it came to Con and Vanessa they both had these pre conceived notions in regards to the other only to find out that they were both wrong.  Vanessa was far from the perfect princess that Con thought she was.  Yes she is out to please her family and appears to always be perfect but deep down she had her own issues that she was dealing with.  But I think she also stood up for herself in ways ad I loved her for that.  I loved watching these two fall for each other and slowly open up to each other as well.  They had a connection and while Con may have been the last person she was supposed to fall for she couldn’t stop it.  He did things to her that no one else has.  With Con she felt safe and alive.  They were perfect together.

Beneath This Ink is hot and sweet and sexy all in one but there is also a bit of suspense and drama added to the mix.  Con is looking for a piece of information regarding his parents.  And when he finally finds out the info he has been looking for it will shock you.  I didn’t see the twists coming and when they did I had to wonder what happened now.  There was one character that completely surprised me in the end.  While I disliked Lucas for most of the book he grew on me in the end and would love to read his story one day.  And then there is also Lord who also seems like a very intriguing character and would love for him to get his own books as well.

Overall I loved this book.  I loved Con and all of his tattooed sexiness and his heart.  I think my only issue is that I would have liked to have seen a but more from Con’s past and see why he wanted Vanessa so much.  Other than knowing that he has wanted her since high school, I would have loved to have seen a little bit more when it came to that part of the story.  A wonderful job by Ms. March.  I cannot wait to go back and read bout Simon and Charlie and looking forward to what comes next.   

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