Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review: Trust in Me by Stephanie Reid

Love cynic Sandra Carmichael is one more failed relationship older and swearing off men for good. Not that she has time for a man anyway. Between graduate school, work, and keeping her younger brother out of trouble, she’s lucky if she sleeps. Determined to stop her brother’s downward spiral, Sandra aims to eliminate the negative influences in his life. And topping her most unwanted list is her brother’s boss—the imposing, tattooed, and evasive Nick Tomaras.

No stranger to the darker side of life, Nick does what he has to do to help his family and justifies his actions to no one. The last thing he wants or needs is to answer to his errand-boy’s meddling sister. No matter how sexy she is.

But when Sandra and her brother find themselves in grave danger, Nick gets more involved than he ever intended, and Sandra must decide if she can place her faith in the one man she hoped never to see again.

4 Star Review by Jen Skewes

I really enjoyed this book. It was sweet, sexy, funny and had a bit of suspense to it as well.  I loved the first book in this series but wasn’t quite sure who this book was about and then realized that Sandra, the heroine is Emily’s friend.  So of course we get to see a bit of her and Mac in this one as well.

Sandra has been taking care of her brother since losing their mom and having a dad who just picked up and left them one day.  Sandra is very protective of her brother and is doing her best to give them a good life.  She comes home to find some sexy tattooed guy waiting for her brother David and right away the scenarios start going off in her head as to what this guy wants with her brother.  She comes to find out that he is actually his boss but Sandra is convinced that he is doing something illegal and dragging her brother down with him. 

When Sandra and David find themselves in a bit of troule it is Nick who comes to her rescue and Nick who promises to protect them and keep them safe.  Sandra learns that sometimes not everything is as it seems, especially when it comes to Nick. He surprises her in ways she did not see coming.  But Sandra has a huge issue with trust and lying is a hard limit for her.  Sometimes people need to lie or stretch the truth a bit to protect the ones that they love and care for.  But will Sandra learn to trust in Nick and realize that maybe she needs to move past her trust issues in order to open herself up to someone. 

Nick is as loyal and protective as they come.  He built a really great relationship with David, taking him under his wing so to speak.  He wants what is best for him.  From the moment he first met Sandra there was definitely an attraction.  She intrigued him and he wanted to know all about her.  He know getting involved with her was not a good idea but when Sandra and her brother needed him, there was no way he was going to just walk away from her.  We see their relationship slowly turn into something more.  Sandra has issues and for that reason Nick is patient with her but at the same time knows that she wants him just as much as he wants her.  He also has no problem making her aware of this fact but doing so in a really cute and flirty way.  I loved the sexy, sweet and funny banter between the two of them. You could see how much Nick's feelings for Sandra were starting to grow and even if Sandra fought it you could see beneath her armor she liked Nick as well.  I love this series and I am hoping we get to see David get his story as well.  

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