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Review: Chained by Jaimie Roberts

After the devastating loss of her parents and subsequent depression, Olivia Brown decided a move from her parent’s family home in Cambridge to a house in London would give her the fresh start she so sorely needed. 

Living off her inheritance, Olivia didn’t need to work, but she knew she needed something to make her feel like life was worth living. Painting was her one true love, but that wasn’t enough. So she started a part-time job in a bar, and the rest of the time she spent at a local soup kitchen, feeding the homeless. In the mornings, she bought hot beverages for her homeless friends, but there was one who never asked. This man, having the most facial hair she’d ever seen, the most captivating eyes she’d ever stared at, remained aloof. He never said a word to anyone, and never once looked her way. However, all this did was make Olivia want to find out more about this mysterious man hiding behind a face full of hair.

One perilous evening, her wish came true.

On the way back from working at the bar, Olivia was attacked. She screamed for help, relieved when her cries are answered...but surprised when she saw who her rescuer was. It was the eyes. It was the hair. It was none other than the mysterious homeless man. 

That night, Olivia learned two things. One, his name was Kit, and two, Kit had skills… skills which didn’t fit a man living on the streets.

Day after day, Olivia slowly pushed the boundaries, coaxing out the man hiding behind the hair. Kit Chain wasn’t only trained like men she watched in movies, he was also the most beautiful. Bit by bit, Olivia managed to break down his walls, revealing secrets that would change her life. Secrets that would put both of them in terrible danger. 

However, there was one thing about secrets...

Everyone had them.

WARNING: This is NOT a traditional love story. It contains disturbing subject matter, including themes of questionable consent for both male and female, as well as graphic sexual content. This is a work of fiction intended for a mature, 18+ audience only. The author neither endorses nor condones this type of behavior. 

4 Stars!

Review by Jen Hagen 

I started reading this book when I went to bed and that was a huge mistake…at 30% my Ambien kicked in and I was really wishing I hadn’t taken it because I extremely pulled into the story.  I am a sucker for homeless men and I needed to know Kit’s story.  

Twenty-year-old Olivia is working in a soup kitchen.  Olivia lost both her parents at a young age.  She witnessed her father place a gun to his head and pull the trigger.  That haunts her dreams along with something else she witnessed long before that event.  That something belongs to a shadow and the man who created it.  “Shadowman” is her nemesis.   She has a hidden agenda to working at the soup kitchen and she has 3 months to find her information before Uncle takes her back home.

This Uncle is really not her uncle, thank goodness.  Immediately my impression of him was a pervert.  He gave Olivia a longing look even when she was a child and he is 17 years older than she!  It skeeved me out.  The good news is he never acted upon his desires when she was underage but for reasons unknown during Olivia’s narrative, she was always effected when he was in her presence.   There was no way she could fight the way her body would react to him being near.  The brush of his finger on her lips leaving a strawberry scent made her body ignite.

 “Don’t you want to please me?”
His words hit between my legs, making me moan again.  “Yes,” I breathed, unable to hide how I felt towards him.  My lord and master.

Kit is 32 years old but looks much older than that due to hiding behind his long hair and beard.  Kit’s survival depends on his anonymity.  Kit is very standoffish, does not make eye contact with anybody, and forget about getting him to speak to you.  He keeps to himself, but yet keeps an eye out on everybody to make certain that they are safe.  Kit’s eye on Olivia makes Olivia think that she may actually be considered his friend, but Kit makes it clear she is not.

“Don’t talk to me.  Don’t say my name.  I don’t want you anywhere near me.”  He walked off and I felt the stab of rejection straight to my chest. 

Olivia’s heart is golden.  She takes care of the homeless people outside the soup kitchen doors.  Everybody knows her by name and they all take an interest in her life.  She is their friend, and they are her friends.  It is very difficult for her not to be Kit’s friend, but when Kit needs help it is Olivia that he seeks out.

“I didn’t know where else to go.”  I could barely hear him, but I felt my eyes glisten a little at his confession.

Kit is an awesome man now, but years ago he wasn’t.  That’s part of his secret and the allure that keeps me wondering what his backstory is.  He wasn’t always homeless, but in his former life he didn’t have relationships as believe it or not, this sexy man used to be a nerd.  Women didn’t exactly flock to him, but Olivia loves spending time with Kit.  He makes her truly happy, and that isn’t something that she has ever felt in her entire life.  Kit has a difficult time understanding why Olivia would want to be with him.

“Why do you need me so much?  What is it I could possibly give you?”  He gestured towards his body. “Look at me.  I have nothing.  The only reason I’m eating with you now is because I cooked food that you bought, under the roof that you pay all the bills for.  How could you possibly be the one who needs me?  I’m nothing.” 

It hurts me to hear Kit say that he is nothing.  He has a lot to offer but when you have no money to your name I can see where it would burst the ego a little.  Secrets…it always has the potential  for relationship demise.  Kit’s past would kill him and Olivia’s future may kill him but for now they have the present and for however short it is, they will enjoy it.   But what about when the secrets catch up to one of them?  This upcoming part was tough to read, and I mean tough.  At first I tried to distance myself,  but yet I couldn’t pull myself away from the words playing out right before me.   I can’t imagine being an actual witness to this.

I could see his frame in the window.  His breathing was harsh, his head hanging low.  I could see the last remaining liquid falling out of his mouth from where he must have been sick.  His wrists were bloody from the amount of straining he must have been doing against his chains.  I had done this to him. 

So the chains…where did they come from?  Can Kit break the chains and save Olivia or will Olivia need to pull off the performance of her life in order to break Kit’s chains?

“Then you understand what’s coming?”  He winced, but nodded again. 

I love dark romance.  I am not a fan of instalove and there was a point in the book where I felt that was the direction it was going.  They didn’t even know each other’s last names and were declaring their love!  Once I got past that slight irritation, the book went back to pulling me into the story and from there on out I couldn’t reach the finish fast enough.  

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