Thursday, July 16, 2015

Review: Forget by NA Alcorn

Brooke Sawyer is a successful record producer living in L.A. She has endured a lifetime’s worth of pain, but despite everything she’s been through, she still has the biggest heart. She’d do anything for the ones she loves, even putting their needs above her own. 

When she visits Paris for one month, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with gorgeous musician, Dylan Bissette. But he doesn't know about Brooke's life back home. He doesn't know about Jamie. 

The best way to keep a secret is to pretend there isn't one. 

Falling in love was not part of the plan.
He broke down my walls.
And the moment he whispered, "You've wrecked me, Little Wing," I was done for.
I didn’t mean to fall in love, but Dylan made it too easy.
Meeting her was fate.
Pursuing her was a choice.
But falling in love with her was out of my control.
Brooke ruined me for everyone else.

Music connects them, but secrets may keep them apart.
This is just the beginning. Changing Colors, Part One

4 Stars!

Review by Jen Hagen 

Sometimes when a book is based in England the jargon annoys me…all those whilsts, boots of the car, knickers, vest, etc. But never have I read where an English character says shagged. Here I thought that was only an Austin Powers word, but when sexy French-born/raised-in-England Dylan says it there’s no bad teeth, only sexy tattoos and the imagery is much more pleasant.

Brooke is 26 years old and is grieving her beloved grandmother in the way that grandma Millie wanted her to, by taking an all-expense paid trip to Paris complete with Millie’s bucket list planned out for Brooke. She will be taking a 4 week vacation, and initially Brooke was a little hesitant to let herself be a free person in Paris, but then she met Dylan on a train, albeit a very embarrassing meeting, it was where they first made eye contact with each other.

Dylan is 27 years old and helps his father in the pub business. Dylan and his brother are members of a band and that is where Dylan’s heart belongs. Dylan is full of life, always wanting to have a good time. He gives Brooke his number, but Brooke is a little less gutsy than Dylan and even though she wants to, she never gives him a call. Sometimes you just have to leave it in the hands of fate to take over.

“After a few days went by without a word, I was starting to wonder if I dreamed the whole thing,” he mutters quietly.

Brooke makes her life more complicated than it needs to be. She used to be fun, energetic, and daring. Now she is conservative and never takes a chance. She is hung up on her life back home with Jamie. I know you’re saying “WHAT?” There is something between Jamie and Brooke but it’s never fully revealed what it is that is holding them together.

I keep his secrets, and he keeps mine. He has trusted me with the darkest, most painful parts of his life, and holding onto that trust will always be a priority. I won’t hurt him. Our relationship is complicated…

It’s weird what’s happening. There’s this entirely different life back in LA that keeps Brooke grounded but yet with Dylan she lets go and becomes the person that’s become a figment of her past. She and Dylan have a great time together and even have great shagging times. I want them to be together, and they want to be together so what is the hold up?

“Believe me, I know it’s overwhelming, but I also know that I can’t deny it. I can’t not try to find out what this is between us. I’m certain that whatever it is, Brooke, whatever is pulling us together, is something worth exploring.”

Brooke is in Paris for 4 weeks…time is slipping down to one week remaining. They both avoid mentioning the inevitable that their time is coming to an end. Which one will finally speak up? What will happen at the close of her vacation? There is so much taking place behind the scenes that will eventually come to a head, but for now you are left forming your own hypothesis as a few things are revealed near the end and especially in the brief glimpse we get at the second book.  

I will never forget about you, about us, but it’s okay if you need to let us go, I’ll understand.

I am a huge music fan and I always enjoy reading a book where the characters can find music to incorporate into their conversations and their common interests. There are great secondary characters adding a lot of humor to the story. I will definitely be counting down the days until I get Dylan in my hands again. This was my first book by Ms. Alcorn and it was a great way to discover her. The story was very good and it contained depth that I am always looking for in the characters, their thoughts, and the scenes. We are treated to hearing Dylan’s thoughts a time or two. One particular chapter in his view left an impression on me that I stored in the back of my brain thinking this will come back to cause trouble in the next book. Bring me the angst! I’ll be ready.

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