Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blog Tour: Anchor by M Mabie

I believe in love at first sight. 
Now I know soulmates exist. 

Nothing has ever been easy for us. 
Every fight, every struggle, has been worth it. 

I’m stubborn, but what woman isn’t? 
She’s hard work and I love the overtime. 

He’s frustrating and unpredictable. I hope he never changes. 
I love driving her crazy. That’s half the fun. 

Lou’s sexy curls. 
Honeybee’s pink nose. 

He still looks at me like I’m precious and unflawed. 
She treats me like I’m the center of her world. 

Our future will be full of happiness. 
Despite everything, we’re two of the lucky ones. 

I took the bait. 
She was a lucky catch. 

He is the wind in my sail. 
She’s the anchor that grounds me. 

The wake our love made is beautiful. 
Every day I thank God for her. 

No matter the hurdles, we’ve jumped them side-by-side. 
No matter the obstacles, we’ve made it through together. 

For better or for worse, I’d do it again. 
I’ll love and protect her all the days of my life. 

We made it. 
We always will. 

4 Stars By Lisa Kane

He could heal me, distract me. Replace hurt with desire. Fear with ecstasy. Hate with love. Greedily, I just couldn't resist him.

Anchor provides soothing to my anxious soul. Bait shattered me, Sail calmed me down and Anchor is the salve to my open wounds. It begins just after Grant has done his worst and attacked Blake. Casey is devoted to making sure she heals both physically and mentally and will do anything to make sure this happens. Although make no mistake, Grant still has a few tricks up his sleeve. 

If there was a pill I could take to make him disappear from my memory, I'd take two just in case. My ambivalence to him had changed. Intensified. I didn't just not want him. I hated him.

Once Blake begins the healing process, Casey wants nothing more than to make his honeybee his bride. After so much heartache,  happiness is just within their reach. They have fought for it, and no one deserves it more. 

"We don't mind work is what I should have said, I suppose. We fell in love. It wasn't the right time. It was inconvenient as fuck and, at times, it hurt so bad. It would have been much easier to quit."

This is a time for celebration. Their friends and families could not be more supportive. They were not completely blinded to Blake's indifference regarding her first marriage-but when she is with Casey-she is a totally different woman. 

There just may be an appearance from our resident beer whore Aly. Just typing this woman's name grates on my nerves. She's like a fly buzzing in my ear that I just want to squash. Will she cause trouble again? 

I loved this story-it has a little sour, but every story needs a little angst right? But the sweet-oh,  there are so many sweet parts. Blake and Casey could not be more in love and more confidant that the path they are taking together is the one they were meant to take. Read this, savor it and enjoy! 

"My love for you owns me. It consumes me. It makes me reckless and sane, with it I'm both weaker and stronger than I'd ever be without it."

M. Mabie lives in Illinois with her husband. She writes unconventional love stories and tries to embody "real-life romance."

She cares about politics, but will not discuss them in public. She uses the same fork at every meal, watches Wayne's World while cleaning, and lets her dog sleep on her head. She has always been a writer. In fact, she was born with a pen in her hand, which almost never happens. Almost. 

M. Mabie usually doesn't speak in third-person. She promises.

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