Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: The World: According to Graham by Layne Harper

“Love doesn’t follow Einstein’s rules of the universe. It doesn’t march across a linear plane of time. No. Love is other worldly. It doesn’t believe in rules and timelines and logical next steps. My brain kept reasoning with my heart that we couldn’t feel this strongly about Graham Jackson, the guy that I only dated for two weeks, but what I’ve come to learn about the heart is that it doesn’t listen to logic.” 

Rachael Early, the first female White House Chief of Staff, is facing the scariest chapter of her life – the unknown. After discovering that Graham Jackson is one of the Sons of Liberty – a political talk show that is shaking up Washington – she ends their two week, whirlwind love affair. However, fate has other plans, forcing them back into each other’s lives. Rachael and Graham begin their journey to overcome the hurt they’ve caused each other and move forward while struggling to find balance in their new careers. In the conclusion to Rachael and Graham’s story, their relationship is tested in ways that they could have never imagined. In the end, does love really conquer all? 

4.5 Stars!

Review by Jen Hagen 

I will be completely honest – I was not a huge Rachael fan when she was first introduced to us back in Caroline and Colin’s story.  I found her to be self-centered, but when she got her own story I began to tolerate her.  Now in this latest installment I am in Rachael’s corner.  We see a whole new side to Rachael – she is vulnerable, agreeable, and fragile.  I loved Graham from his first introduction and when Rachael wouldn’t stand by him and acknowledge their relationship, my heart broke for this man who had so much to offer Rachael.   This sequel begins immediately following where the first book left off with Rachael meeting Graham at a diner and delivering him some shocking news. 

My inability to put my entire being into our relationship has created the angry, highly emotional man that is gripping the edge of a picnic table so hard that his knuckles are white. 

Graham is ready to take his Sons of Liberty political show on an 18-month tour.  He wants Rachael to come with him on the road so that they can get to know each other on a more personal level since their quick 14-day lust-filled relationship failed to bring out personal details other than they have great sexual chemistry together.   A huge secret broke up their relationship and they are both still reeling from trust being broken, and it’s not just Graham’s fault now.  Rachael has her own secret that needs to be revealed.

“Forgive me, please,” I plead into his back.  “I need you, Graham.  Tell me what to do to make this right.  Tell me what I have to do to make you forgive me.”

Rachael has a plan that involves going to hide out in Texas with Caroline and Colin.  Graham is much more ambitious when it comes to his ingenuity and his plan involves a cross-country trek in a tin can with his black lab in the back seat.  Rachael is in her agreeable mode so she is willing to try.  It’s not like Rachael to be so placabIe and I, along with Graham, didn’t quite know what to make of her new characteristic.  Rachael seems to adjust well to her new daily life that does not include daily presidential debriefings.

As I drift off to sleep, I allow myself to believe that this could be our future, and the smile on my face is so foreign that my cheeks ache from lack of use.    

Graham has a lot on his plate.  His show is struggling, his co-hosts are blaming him for the mix-ups on the tour, and he is balancing travel with show taping.  It would be enough to send me to the prescription pill bottle to reign in my anxiety, but Graham seems to have everything under control.  He has a very strong personality and I admired him for all the backlash he was getting from his partners but yet remained calm and never waivered with his devotion to either Rachael or the show.  But then the rug is pulled out from both he and Rachael…

He takes a seat on the floor next to me. His fingers comb through my strands of wild hair.  “Today has been the worst day of my life,” he states.  

There’s no denying what he is truly was the worst day of his life, but yet Graham was able to remain calm and controlled.  That man is amazing!  He is so sweet, gentle, and forgiving.  
“Every morning I marvel that I can love you more than when I fell asleep the night before.”

Ms. Harper has never disappointed me with her well-executed stories and plots.  I have loved every book she has written and I look forward to more (as a side note I hope I’m right in my thinking on who the next featured character will be…)

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