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Hot For The Holidays Exclusive Excerpt - Keep Us by Faith Andrews

Excerpt:  Keep Us by Faith Andrews

Our breathing simmers to normal, our bodies still collapsed in an uncomfortable position across the kitchen table. It doesn’t matter, though, because wrapped in Marcus’s arms I could fall asleep on a bed of nails. He strokes my hair and paints my shoulders with soft after-sex kisses. This is it, I tell myself. It’s the perfect time to tell him about the baby. I don’t know why I’m nervous—I know he’ll be ecstatic—but my heart is still galloping in my chest from what we just did and my nerves are getting the best of me.
“Hey, babe?” My fingers trace the outline of this muscular back. I can’t see it, but this is where the tattoo of Luca’s name is. I’ve committed each piece of artwork, each swirl of ink, to memory.
He doesn’t answer me, but I feel his body tense beneath my touch. A lengthy sigh escapes him. “I hate to do this now, but I might as well blurt it out while I have you laid out and vulnerable.”
Hey, I was supposed to be the one blurting something out! And vulnerable? What the hell is he setting me up for? The romantic glow of our lovemaking is lost, just like that. I sit up and scoot out from his hold, then search the floor for my pants. “Blurt what out, Marcus? This can’t be good.”
Marcus rakes his fingers through his short dirty blond hair. Frustration wears heavy on his usually relaxed features. With a tight jaw and disappointment in his tone he confesses, “I have to work tomorrow morning.”
I see red. “What? On Thanksgiving? You can’t be serious!”
He pulls his pants up in one quick motion and rushes over to me. “Well, technically—Gary wants me, us actually, at the parade. The invitation is open to you and the kids too.” He smiles, a forced, I’m-trying-really-hard-here smile.
“I can’t just drop everything—all this cooking—to go to a parade, Marcus. The kids will be miserable in the cold, and I can’t host a houseful of guests afterwards. It’s just too much. Can’t you say no?” I want to be angry at him, but I’m sure this is out of his control.
“I wish I could, pretty girl.” He meets me at the sink and backs me up against it. Strong, protective hands cup my cheek. Soulful, apologetic eyes gaze into mine. “I need to be there, but I’ll be home as soon as I can. I just have to show my face, smile and say a few words, and then I’m all yours.”
Slumping into his arms, I sigh. “Fine.”
He backs up and lifts my chin with his finger. “You’re not mad?”
“No, of course I’m not mad, I’m just—upset. It won’t be the same without you. You won’t be home as early as you think with all the traffic and hoopla. As it is, Riley’s away and Beck’s working. Your father is always a mope on the holidays. The only glimmer of hope is Griffin.”
Yes, thank God for Griffin. I love my father-in-law to bits but he’ll plop himself in front of the TV for football all day. Uncle Griffin will at least keep the kids entertained and get some nice family photos too. Not that there’s actually going to be a family here to take photos of.
Turning away so I can let the tears escape without Marcus seeing, I hang my head over the sink. “What a mess. I shouldn’t have gone to all this trouble.”
Marcus’s hands are at my shoulders in a flash, trying to rub away my sadness. “Please don’t say that. It’ll still be a beautiful day. You always make sure of that. Let’s look on the bright side—”
“Yeah, and what’s that?” I sniffle.
He spins me around so we’re face to face again. With his hands still on my shoulders, my husband arches a brow and smirks. “We have special news to tell everyone tomorrow.” He peers down at my stomach and winks.
Keep Us, A Grayson Holiday Tale is one of the 21 holiday short stories featured in the Indie Chicks Rock Hot for the Holidays anthology. You can preorder your copy for only 99 cents now, as the price will go up after release on November 3. We are also happy to announce that ALL proceeds from the sale of these naughty and nice holiday romances will benefit Proliteracy is an organization dedicated to giving the gift of literacy to millions of people around the world.
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A collection of 21 holiday short stories from some of your favorite 'Indie Chicks Rock' authors. Curl up around the fire this holiday season and enjoy deciding who in this collection of characters you want to add to the 'nice' list, and who you'll be adding to the 'naughty' list! All proceeds will be donated to a charity that supports literacy.

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