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Blog Tour: Break Even by Lisa DeJong

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Meet River & Marley in this emotionally twisted - unconventional stand alone by Lisa DeJong

Break Even is NOW AVAILABLE!
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My story isn’t a love story … not the typical kind anyway.
As a lawyer, I’m used to discovery, but I never saw this one coming.

Every day, River gives me ten reasons to stay away, and then eleven reasons why I can't. Our relationship was to remain strictly business, or at least I tried.

Four years of marriage, and everything with Cole has changed. I never knew two people who lived together could be so distant. But I’m not ready to give up on him.

One man wants to break me.
The other is just trying to get even.

Both are lying to me.

***This is a standalone contemporary romance (though a little unconventional and twisted!)

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4 Stars
Review by Jennifer Hagen

I went into this book blind, not knowing anything about it, only knowing that if Lisa De Jong was the author then I was going to read it.  Immediately I knew it was going to be something I liked…I love triangles.  But the further I proceeded I realized I had an imaginary line that it crossed and it was a line I didn’t even know I had drawn – I must be getting old and developing more morals – but when the story took a different turn and I could justify her actions – I was sick with what had transpired.  I guess that could be a good thing considering that the story made me feel so much, but it just felt so wrong. 

Cole and Marley have been together for 11 years and married for 4.  They work together in their own law firm, one that was originally started by Cole’s father.  Cole is frequently gone on case-required out of town visits and Marley is left feeling alone.  She has been wanting to start a family but Cole is never around when the timing is right.  Marley is starting to resent his absences and the distance that it has created in their relationship.

“I’m sorry,” he says quietly, curling his fingers against the side of my tank top.
“For what, Cole?  What are you sorry for?”  My voice speaks tears I didn’t know I’d held in.
“For everything you need to me to be sorry,” he answers.  “I don’t know where we went wrong, but I want to go back and make it right.”

River is a new client and he brings something fresh to Marley’s otherwise predictable days.  He is spontaneous, sexy, and tattooed -- he is yummy.    Oh he is also a little bit conceited…

“I can have any woman I want on any night that I want her.  A married lawyer doesn’t even rank on that list.”

River and Marley spend quite a bit of time together working on his property zoning case.  Sometimes River may be a little persuasive and demanding of Marley’s time, but hey if I was a lonely 33-year-old woman I too would be willing to spend my time with River!  River may have sworn off any relationships, but he is doing a fine job at wooing Marley just with his personality.

River is unlike anyone I’ve ever met.  He’s untouchable – unobtainable – and I’m married.

And there it is…the imaginary line in my head…marriage.  Both Marley and Cole are at fault, but there does get to a point where I was furious with one of the characters…spitting mad…throwing Kindle mad…mad, mad, mad (not to sound like a child throwing a tantrum, but I felt like flailing my arms around).

You think you know someone, then you find out you really don’t.  Not only did you not know them, but you hate who they are and who they’ve become.  And then you just hate yourself for being caught up in their spell for so long.

I will admit I had my blinders on through most of the story.  I am way too trusting of a person and I like to give everybody the benefit of the doubt.   But this…this just blew me away.  I was not expecting it and I will say it again…it made me sick and furious!!  For those of you who cannot fathom the idea of cheating, then this book is definitely not for you.  For those of you that love a good triangle, this will fit the bill.  But for those of us that have a certain line not to be crossed, you will find yourself wavering just as I did.   The writing is excellent, the flow of the story is continual without gaps, and the depth is phenomenal.  These are all qualities that I expect to find in Lisa’s writing and I was not disappointed.  There are a lot of emotions being played and I read this fairly quickly.  If you are looking for a quick angsty read to fill a vacation day over the holidays then grab this one.  River versus Cole…do either of them win?  Or maybe neither is trying to win…

Tears flow down my cheeks as I realize what true loneliness really feels like.  It’s the saddest place I’ve ever been, and I don’t have a clue what I did to deserve the ticket that got me here.

Excerpt #1
My eyes never leave my guest who’s dressed in a crisp navy blue suit, white shirt with the top two buttons undone, and expensive brown leather belt and shoes—the kind Cole works so hard for. River carries the look with ease.
“I hope I didn’t interrupt,” he says, sauntering toward one of my guest chairs.
“You’re early.”
He shrugs, relaxing into his seat. “I was bored, and I’ve noticed you like your coffee, so I thought I could buy you a cup. It’s the least I can do since you’re going to have to put up with me all day.”
“Who said you could barge into my office?”
He smirks. Stupid dimple. “Your secretary was missing so I helped myself.” His eyes stare into mine—too long and far too intense. “I didn’t mean to interrupt your phone call with Mr. Mason, by the way.”
“Something tells me you’re not feeling all that guilty.”
“You’re right, but I did learn something about you.” His elbow rests on the arm of the chair, index finger brushing his chiseled jaw.
“What’s that?” I ask, unable to look away.
“You profess love with indifference.”
My mouth falls open before I realize it. I quickly recover, searching for my voice. “What do you know about love?”
“Enough,” he says simply.


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About the Author:
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Lisa De Jong is a wife, mother and full-time number cruncher who lives in the Midwest. Her writing journey involved insane amounts of coffee and many nights of very little sleep but she wouldn't change a thing. She also enjoys reading, football and music.

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