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Blog Tour: Prove Me Right by Anna Brooks

Title: Prove Me Right (It’s Kind of Personal #3)
Author: Anna Brooks
Release Date: Nov 16, 2015
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One weakness can change everything.
Meara and Liam were friends before they could talk, in love since they could drive, and planning their future before they graduated high school. In order to start the life they’ve always dreamed of, Liam just has to finish his tour with the band.
He doesn’t want anyone else. Liam’s only ever had eyes for Meara, and he can’t wait to finally get home to her. But when his dark secret is exposed and his entire world crumbles around him, he has no choice but to let her go.
Meara would wait for him forever. She knows that Liam will always be hers, especially now that she has an unexpected surprise for him. But just when the life she’s waited for is in her grasp, she discovers something that destroys her fairytale ending.
Can two people who are destined for each other find their future together with mistakes between them? Will their love be able to repair the heartbreak and lies?
One night was all it took for everything to fall apart.
Can one moment be all that’s needed to repair it?

5 Stars

Review by Natasha Gentile

I have been waiting for this book ever since that scene went down in the second book Show Me How.  I’ve been stalking this author for this book and I have to say she certainly didn’t let me down.

I made the mistake of taking a shower and climbing into bed thinking I’ll just read a couple of chapters.  Umm big mistake.  This book had my heart racing, it gave me  palpitations and it had me very,  very tired the next day.

One weakness can change everything. 

Meara and Liam were friends long before they fell in love, which makes for the best love stories.  Their future was already planned before they graduated high school.  Meara would take over her family bar and Liam, well he always dreamed that he wanted to play drums.  

 This couple put their faith in the love they had for each other.  Meara was not going to become the clingy girlfriend that she hates.  She is going to give him his dream and be there waiting for him. I mean how long can a tour last?  Let’s just say she has the patience of a saint!

One tour turns into two tours which turns into years of them being apart.  I have to admit I thought she would give up.  I thought we would fast forward seven years with them apart, but to my surprise and joy not only were they still together they still loved each other something fierce! 

I would expect someone who is so famous to have groupies hanging off of him but Liam…Well this man, he has my heart.  He is ready to call this tour thing off.  He has sacrificed everything for his band and for once he wants to put himself first, but most of all he wants to put Meara first.  

Six more months that is all they have to make if through, but what happens when that six months become the final straw?  What happens when his one weakness changes everything that he knows? 

His dark secret is exposed and his entire world crumbles around him, he has no choice but to let her go.
Letting her go is not what he ever planned to do.  Keeping her safe, keeping her love , keeping her his is the only thing that he ever planned to do.  

But now that he’s lost her, can he get her back?  Can these two finally have the ending that they dreamed of having when they were teenagers? 

Will their love be able to repair the heartbreak and lies?

One night was all it took for everything to fall apart.

Can one moment be all that’s needed to repair it?

Can he actually become the man that she knows he can be?  Can he prove to her that all his darkness is gone because in the end she’s his light?  All he has to do is prove her right, how hard can it be!

I loved every second of this book.  I loved their banter, I loved their sex, I loved their love.  There was a kindness to it, there was a innocence to it, there was a forever to it.  

Well done, totally well done! 

“Does this mean what I think it means?”
My head shakes on his chest when he laughs. I look up at him and flick his nose.
“Yeah, princess. Go find it.”
I bite the inside of my cheek then press a hard kiss to his lips, hop off the couch, and run to grab my laptop. Once I have it, I sit at the kitchen table and power it on, tapping my fingers anxiously. Liam stands behind me and places his hands on my shoulders, gently rubbing them, his thumbs kneading into my back. My head falls forward for a moment, and I let him take my stress away.
Too excited to wait any longer, I roll my head back up and type in the address bar. Once I scroll through the website and see one that stands out, I point at it. “You like it?”
“I don’t care. I already told you this.”
“Liam, it’s a house, not a shirt. You have to have an opinion.”
“My opinion is that I don’t care what the house looks like as long as you’re in it.”
God, I love this man. He always said that we’d buy a house when he finished with his tour. In my mind, I was prepared to wait, so there was no way I could contain my excitement that I get to start house hunting now. I’ve always had this vision of what I want my house to look like.
“Give me something. Anything. Please, Lee. I want you to like it, too.”
“All right.” He kisses the top of my head and sits next to me. “I want privacy. If there’s not a fence already, I’ll build one, and I want some land. I don’t want the neighbors to be able to look over and see me fucking you.”
“Think I’m joking?” The screeching of the metal chair legs pierces my ears when he turns it so my body is in front of his. He grips my upper arms, looking right at me to make sure I see him, too. “I’ve gone seven years not being able to have you whenever I want you. Seven horrific years of fucking my own hand almost daily when I only got to be inside you every three or four months. Do you have any idea how much I want you? Constantly.” He answers without giving me a chance to speak as his fingers tighten on my arms. “You are always on my mind. Your face. Your smile. Your smartass mouth. Your body. And just thinking about you constantly makes me hard. Can you imagine how it’s going to be living together, waking up next to each other, and sleeping in the same bed every night?”
I squirm in my chair, wetness quickly dampening my underwear. He trails a couple of fingers down my arm and grabs my wrist then places my hand on his rock hard dick. With his hand on top of mine, he squeezes.
“It’s always like this for you. Only you. Doesn’t matter how many whores or groupies walk around backstage half naked. You’re the only one who can ever do this to me. Always have been and always will be. And if I know I get to come home and touch you, love you, fuck you every day for the rest of my life … Princess, it doesn’t matter where it is or what it looks like as long as you’re there.”
Anna began writing when she thought the world would want to hear her sick lyrics through song. Since then, she's realized her childhood dream wasn't so far-fetched, just misguided. Now she writes romance with real emotions and happy endings. If Anna isn't writing or reading, she can be found by a space heater painting her nails and drinking a ridiculous amount of Diet Dr Pepper. She also likes to hang out with her husband and two boys. If it wasn't for them, she wouldn't ever leave the house. Anna was born in Wisconsin but now lives in the Evergreen State.
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