Monday, March 14, 2016

Review: A Love So Tragic by Stevie J. Cole

We all make them. Sometimes we break them. But what happens when the promise you break haunts your dreams, when that moment of betrayal echoes within every last beat of your heart? 

Love is passionate, painful, and all consuming in the most brutal yet beautiful way. How many people have you said 'I love you' to? Five, ten, maybe no one? I've said that word to two men, but only one where I felt it. 

This word sums up my relationship with Nicolas: devastating, painful, depressing. 
A first love that should have lasted a lifetime, but I ruined with a stupid decision. Nicolas is my star crossed lover, and even though Shakespeare has taught me that stories such as ours always end in tragedy, I can't not love him, even if I'm married to someone else.

4 Stars!

Review by Jen Hagen 

Warning:  This book is not for the cheater haters!  

Nicolas and Peyton had a long-term relationship and were engaged when they were 20 years old.  A small squabble escalated into taking some time away from each other.  In my mind I kept thinking of the Friends episode when they were on a break.  One of these two is confused as to if they are on a break or just taking a breather.

I have made a horrible mistake.  One that can never be repaired, one I will suffer from for the rest of my life.  

Four years have passed since that bad decision.  Peyton and Nicolas have attempted to move forward with their lives, but they never really had their closure.   Peyton has married Isaac and Nicolas is thinking about popping the question to his present girlfriend.  There is a lot of hurt and anger still surrounding their break. 

Nicolas and Peyton are brought together again for the time first time in 4 years and there are still feelings present between them.  They have not spoken at all during these years and perhaps this could be a chance for closure…or maybe a chance for something else.

“This is your call, Peyton.  I’ve got nothing to lose.  You’ve got everything to lose, so you let me know what we’re doing when you’re ready.”

And so it begins.  The affair.  The person you never thought you would become.  I crave this type of story.  I can’t get enough of the illicit acts.  The more they sneak around the more I become engrossed into the story.  The cheating didn’t bother me.  The reading of having sex with their current partners didn’t bother me.  Peyton sometimes would make bad decisions without regard for the other person’s feelings, but yet I have to wonder how I would compare in her situation.  I don’t know if I would do anything different.  She didn’t want to hurt the man who married her and had been good to her, so in her eyes, keeping her affair secret, was being kind.  Then the timing wasn’t right and being Peyton was conscientious of Isaac’s feelings and didn’t want to kick him while he was already down.  I can totally see myself doing that as I don’t like conflict.  I’m not going to judge Peyton for any of her decisions.  

The story is told in dual POV between Nicolas and Peyton.  The story begins in current time and flashbacks to the past are told by letters and journal entries.  I enjoy this type of writing because I don’t like to go back in time to when the characters were teenagers.  The writing was well paced and included details.  My only complaint is I have an unanswered question regarding Isaac and just a little chapter thrown in from his POV would have been the icing on the cake.      

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