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Review: 27 Truths: Ava's Story (The Truth About Love Book #1) by MJ Fields

From USA Today Bestselling author, MJ Fields, comes a gripping story of love and it's many truths. 

Ava Links was raised seeing the different sides of love. 
The beautiful and the broken. 
Through it all, she knows the journey she is taking will lead her to the man she is destined to be with. The man she has always loved, Luke Lane. 

But as we know, there are no guarantees in this world, no promises that can not be broken, and no way you will know what tomorrow brings. 

**** A note for the readers**** 

At present time, this story is slated as a duet. In the writing process things change. This story has been begging to be told for two years. 
Although not necessary, The Love series, The Wrapped series, and The Burning Souls series can be read before The Truth About Love. 

This is not Steel or Caldwell, but at the core is a strong family just the same. It does not promise an HEA or laughs. This is heart, heat, and will evoke feelings that are not always pleasant. 

To the lovers of my first works. You have been patient. You have been... persistent. The wait is almost over. 
After you read this, please remember you asked for it. 
Love you anyways. 

5 Fantastic Stars!

Review by Lisa Kane 

"You can never steal a girl's inner sparkle no matter how old she is."

I am a huge fan of MJ Fields' Love series. I don't think I've ever read a series that had so much angst between a couple (Tessa and Lucas) that spanned over decades. Only after the death of Tessa's husband and Lucas' divorce did the two finally get together and stay together. But you don't have to have read any of the previous stories before you read this one. It can be read as a stand alone. 

Ava is Lucas' daughter with his ex Ashley. She's in her mid twenties, is a lawyer and lives in New York City. She's dated but unbeknownst to anyone in her family, she's been having a friends with benefits relationship with family friend, Luke Lane. He's a career soldier who reenlists for deployment after deployment. But for the last seven years, he and Ava have had sex. That's all it is to him and he stated his intentions more than once. He has other partners and he expects her to also. He's only home a few times a year but those hook ups mean the world to Ava. She's convinced this guy who always protected her as a child must still feel something for her. But the hurt she feels every time he is around her family and has another girl with him is excruciating. 

"Sex isn't a once a year thing," he told me.
"So tell me you'd be okay with me fucking you and others."

Where's my fly swatter so I can just get a few hits in on this guy?

Ava thinks it's time to make sure he knows exactly how she feels for him. If he only knew how she felt, he might realize that they could have so much more than a sexual relationship. So after their latest hook up, she spills the beans. His reaction is enough to make me want to throttle this guy! 

"Do you know how badly I want to tell him I fucked his little princess for years, knowing damn well I didn't love her and never could?"

Just about now is when I want to reach for my pruning sheers. He cuts her off at the pass and the hurtful things he says-I could kill this moron!! 

And then the final blow..."The world doesn't begin here, nor does it end here. And I hate like hell to say it, but the same goes for being between your legs."

I had an image in my head of me choking Luke...slowly...enjoying every moment. But I had to keep reading. 
Ava is just about brought to her knees but Luke's words and actions. 

In fact, everything I thought I felt, everything I told myself about mine and Luke Lane's ...fated love, everything I believed with all my heart, all my soul-it was a big fat lie. 

By this point in the book, I am a big snotty nosed mess and have no tissues near by. But I couldn't bring myself to get up from my chair.

But Ava still has to see him, he is at every family function. Her heart is breaking and she can't let anyone know. 

"If I could take it back, I would."

"But you can't," I say.
"No, I can't any more than you can take away last night."

Just go away Luke, I can't take your hurtful words anymore, my poor Ava is crushed and it's your fault!! 

"You've got yourself a deal, Luke. I will block out any feelings I have for you, but you better make damn sure my father and your family never find out how much we disgust you."

But someone else has been bidding their time just waiting for her to see them in a new light. To him she is a goddess, someone he could cherish and love and treat her with the respect she deserves. Will Ava see what is right in front of her face? 

"I'm serious, Ava. Someday I am going to marry you, and someday, we're going to raise a family." 

I sit here just a mess hoping that there are more pages to this story and for some reason my Kindle is stuck and just isn't turning the pages. This book, oh this book!.I cried so many times reading this story. I would be on top of the world and then my heart, I swear I could almost hear it shatter. I know I felt it, I can tell you that. No one deserves the pain that Ava suffers. She has so much love to give and is such a good person. There are so many secrets in this book- secrets kept from Ava, secrets kept by Ava. It's only a matter of time until they come out. I devoured 27 Truths and have already started stalking the author for the next book! 

"I promise that our love will never get old or tired. It will never die. I promise, Ave. I promise you forever."

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