Monday, August 1, 2016

Review: Thousand Yard Bride by Nora Flite

He's part football player, part flirt, and entirely filthy.
Hunter is a playboy who thinks the world revolves around him. He's also the notorious wide receiver for the New Haven Hawks football team.
But honestly?
It's more like f*#kball with this guy.
So why would a classy girl like me hang around a trainwreck like him?
Fact check: being the PR for a celebrity pays well. Great, even. All I have to do is keep this unfairly sexy mess of a man from dipping between the goal-post legs of every woman around him.
It should have been easy.
It wasn't.
Not only did I NOT stop him from hooking up with someone...
I was the one he hooked up with.
You thought it couldn't get any worse? How do you feel about surprise babies?
That's right, I'm pregnant. The headlines will be amazing: "Wide Receiver Receives... Baby?!"
Only one solution can save my reputation and Hunter's—we have to get married. I'm supposed to pretend I'm in love with a stranger who spends all of his free time grinding up on strippers in Vegas. I don't know what's worse:
Acting like I care about this jackass...
Or realizing I'm actually falling for him.

Author's Note: This sporty romance is part football and ALL flirt -- so if you like your romantic reads with a bit of filth and a ton of happily ever afters, then read on! Stand Alone novel, no cliff hangers allowed!

4.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I loved this book.  I think that this just may be my favorite book from Nora Flite. 

You don’t really need to know any more than what the blurb states.  Hunter is a star quarterback for the NY Hawks.  On the field he works his ass off and is good at what he does.  But off the field he has the reputation of a bad boy.  The alcohol consumption, sleeping with strippers, waking up the next morning not remembering who the woman in his bed is.  Yes he is the total definition of a bad boy manwhore.  His father, who owns the team he plays for has had enough and wants him to straighten himself out.  So he hires Joanne to keep Hunter in line and to save his reputation.  Jo’s job as Hunter’s new PR rep is to keep him from sleeping with nameless woman and to stop the drunken parties.  But the one thing that she wasn’t supposed to do was sleep with him herself.  It was just one night, that they will both keep to themselves and leave in the past.  Until Jo finds out that she is pregnant and the only way for the two of them to save their careers and reputation is to fake a marriage between the two of them.  Neither one of them are sure that this will work but it seems to be the only way.  But what happens when their secret comes out?  And more importantly what happens when real feelings start to surface?

What I loved the most about this book was the characters.  I loved Hunter and Jo together.  Hunter was the typical sports star who partied too much and slept with many women.  But once he met Jo, things changed.  I loved how much he changed and matured throughout this story.  He was falling for Jo, he wanted to be a better man because of her.  You could just see that deep down Hunter was not the guy that everyone thought he was.  I think his past relationship made him into the man that the world knew him to be.  But deep down he was a very loyal, caring and protective man.  And you could see all of that when he was with Jo.

I loved the chemistry and the banter between the two of them.  But most of all I loved watching their relationship develop into something more.  I could tell from the beginning that there was nothing fake about what was going on between them even if they couldn’t see it.  But as the reader I felt it.  I felt the chemistry and connection between the two of them.  And I loved every minute that these two were together.  

Thousand Yard Bride is a fun, sexy and light read with just the right amount of drama and angst.  From the moment I started I did not want to put this book down.  I fell in love with Hunter and Jo and could not get enough of them.  Another excellent job by Ms. Flite.

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