Thursday, June 8, 2017

Imperfect Love World: Twisted by Mandi Beck

IMPERFECT LOVE Kindle World, a fabulous new series featuring strong alpha heroes who get knocked sideways when they suddenly begin noticing the heroine in a whole new light.

In partnership with Kendall Ryan & these amazing bestselling authors: Kelly Elliott, Adriana Locke, Mandi Beck, T. Gephart, Kim Karr, Cora Kenborn, Magan Vernon & Natasha Madison.

Sexy, laugh-out-loud funny, and sweet at times, this series is all about exploring romance tropes like friends to lovers, fake fiancé, arranged marriage, surprise pregnancy, budding office romances, and more, that all share one fabulous thing in common--they end in a happily ever after.


TWISTED by Mandi Beck

Three friends walk into a bar . . . One walks out the fake girlfriend of a hot, bearded Scotsman.

Fannin McGuire is up for promotion at Tate and Cane Enterprises, but first she has to make it through her stepsister’s wedding. To Fannin’s ex. Yep. Her ex-fiancĂ© is about to be her new brother-in-law. One big happy family. And lucky her, she also gets to work with him.

While Fannin is putting all of her energy into her career, her ex is putting all of his energy into making her life hell. Just when Fannin is sure she’ll be attending the wedding without a plus one, in walks Jasper James to save the day. He’s the bartender at the Iron Flask, the account she’s trying to land, and everything she didn’t know she needed or wanted. Before Fannin knows what’s happening, Jasper is playing knight in shining armor and she likes it. And him. A lot. With his smooth Scottish accent, ridiculously good looks, and that beard? She doesn’t stand a chance.

Jasper isn’t in the habit of rescuing anyone. But when Fannin is confronted by her ex about her lack of a date for his upcoming nuptials, Jasper can’t help but step in. Her wild hair, violet eyes, and killer legs have him doing a few things he normally wouldn’t. Never mind that he shouldn’t be getting involved with the woman in charge of making the bar a global success.

Their fake relationship becomes more real than either thought it would. Now they’re at the mercy of their feelings when truths are twisted, and the lies don’t taste as smooth as the whisky.

4.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I loved this novella.  I know that some people aren’t fans of novellas especially when they are a part of an anthology.  But this is how you write a novella. Mandi Beck gave us so much more than a short romance story.  She managed to pack plenty of story into this quick novella that left me feeling completely satisfied.  And it never once seemed like too much too fast.  It was all so perfect.  It was hot and sexy with a side of sweet plus a hot Scottish man that you will fall in love with.  

I don’t want to go into too much detail so I will make this short.   When Fannin walked into the bar that Jasper James was working at, he instantly knew that there was something about this woman, making him want to get to know her.  When he saw that she needed a little bit of saving he stepped in and offered to be her date for a wedding that she did not want to attend.  But with Jasper by her side she could get through it.  What started as a fake date turned into something so much more.  

Jasper is sweet and sexy and I loved how protective he was of Fannin.  There was this instant connection between the two of them and this ease that they felt with each other.  You felt it from the moment that they met.  I loved the flirting and the humor between the two of them.  And let’s talk about how hot and sexy this book was.  Oh Jasper you had me from the start, but then throw in the sexiness and I was done.  

I love Ms. Beck’s writing and she certainly did not disappoint at all.  This was the perfect story with just the right amount of sexiness, humor and drama. 

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