Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Review: Constant by Rachel Higginson

Fifteen years ago I met Sayer Wesley. I fell in love with him. I promised I would never leave him. I swore nothing could break us apart.

Five years ago I broke my promise. I ran away. I took the one secret that could destroy us both and disappeared. 

Five days ago I thought I saw him. 

I knew it was impossible. Sayer was locked away, serving a deserved sentence in federal prison. He couldn’t find me. 

He wouldn’t find me. I was too good at hiding. Too good at surviving. 

Because if Sayer ever found me, there would be hell to pay for a plethora of sins. The worst of which, he didn’t even know about. 

Five hours ago, I told myself I was crazy. 

Five minutes ago, I saw him again. 

Five seconds ago, I was too late. 

4 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I don’t think that I have read a book by Rachel Higginson that I have not loved and Constant is no exception.  This one is so different from what I am used to from this author and I loved it.  I love that she went outside of her norm and gave us a story that is different, both in terms of her writing and the books that I am used to reading.  Yes, this is a second chance romance but I think there is so much more to this story.  It’s the circumstances in which they met, which also happens to be the reason for them being apart.  It’s the bond and connection that they instantly formed, and what ultimately brings the two of them together in the same place. 

Caroline was involved in the Russian Mafia since she was a young girl.  Her father was more or less a lackey for them and he basically taught her everything she needed to know to survive in this world.  She knew how to lie, steal and con people just like the rest of them.  But her skill could be seen as both a blessing and a curse.  She was basically indebted to them in a way that she had no choice but to work for them at the age of 13.  She met Sayer Wesely one day while she was with her father “doing a job.”  Sayer wasn’t meant to be a part of this world for very long, he had one job and then his fate was in their hands.  Caroline gave him a little bit of advice,  which led to him being one of their lead men at a very young age. 

Over time the bond that Sayer and Caroline had, only became stronger and the two of them began dating, and fell in love.  But circumstances beyond their control caused a landslide of events to take place.  Caroline needed to protect herself and took off with her best friend.  It is now five years later when she runs into Sayer, by complete accident.  He wasn’t supposed to find her, but now that he is here she is not sure what to do.  Her instincts tell her to run, but Sayer opening up to her causes something inside of her to want to stay.  Is Sayer really in town to make a new life for himself or to get his girl back?  Or is he here to make her life hell for leaving him 5 years ago?  Will they both get a second chance at love together?  There are so many questions to be answered.  You will have to read to find out.

I really loved this book!  For me it was different and that’s what I loved.  Sayer and Caroline aren’t on the best of terms when they meet again but that is what makes this story what it is.  They don’t just fall back in love and live happily ever after.  You know that they will both have to work at it if they want to be together.  And honestly there are times when I am not even sure that’s what they want.  There are so many issues still left open between them and I think the biggest one is trust. 

This book is mostly written in the present but we do go back to the past every now and then to see the key moments in their life and their relationship.  From that and their emotions in the present you know how much these two feel for each other.  You can feel the love but you can also see the hurt as well.  They are both great characters that I loved.  They both got caught up in crime at a very young age.  And it was great to see them both where they are now, trying to make a life for themselves. 
I enjoyed their interactions, even if they weren’t always pleasant.

I knew that this book would end with a cliffhanger but I had no idea that Ms. Higginson would end it the way that she did.   I tried to keep swiping my finger hoping maybe something was wrong with my Kindle app.  Hoping that there was more to this story.  But no!! I was left hanging in a big way and cannot wait to see how this story ends. 

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