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Release Blitz: His Royal Highness by RS Grey

R.S. Grey's next romantic comedy, HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, is available today! Find out more below and grab your copy now!


I’ve spent eight years wishing I’d fall out of love with Derek Knightley. Blowing out birthday candles, chasing after shooting stars, making it rain spare change into mall fountains—every time it’s the same wish: forget about Derek.
But the day he walks back into my life, I realize there are two things time has yet to soften: my feelings for him and his chiseled jawline.
It’s infuriating that my heart still races when he walks into a room. I refuse to fall prey to old unrequited love, so I decide the less I’m around him, the better. Avoidance is key.
Unfortunately, Derek isn’t going to make it easy. As a teenager, I would have crawled on my hands and knees to attract his attention. Now I can’t seem to escape it.
I’m not sure why he’s bothering. He’s not just out of my league—he’s out of my tax bracket. As the sole heir to the Knightley Company, he’s as close to American royalty as you can get. As for me, I’m just a part-time princess at Knightley’s flagship magical theme park.
I spend my days playing make-believe, but Derek has no use for fairytales. His unwavering confidence makes it clear he thinks I’ll surrender in the end.
He’s just biding his time.
Making me sweat.
His Royal Highness always gets what he wants.
And he wants me.

5 Stars!
Review by Lisa Kane

Whitney Atwood works at Fairytale Kingdom in Georgia. From the time she was old enough to get a job the company has been her employer. Really her escape from the life she lives with her family. Her sister, Avery had cancer. As often happens, a family with a sick child will often become the focus of the family, almost to the exclusion of any other siblings in the family. Whitney became the donor when needed, the care taker, the one who didn't exist outside of what she could do to help Avery.

Her family moved from Idaho to Georgia and that move brought Whitney to working for the Knightley Company. She worked her way from selling balloons to being a candidate for a special college program for incoming freshmen. If chosen she would be able to work in the theme park and take college courses through Southern Georgia University. Her college would be paid for and she would still be working part time for the park. While she got in, her family decided to move to New York. Avery was better and had decided to pursue a career on Broadway. She stayed, they left.

Part of her course work is to be paired with a mentor. Who does she end up with? Derek Knightley, the son of Cal Knightley, the CEO of Fairytale Kingdom.

I knew about the Knightley family. They were royalty. Cal Knightley was the man behind it all, someone rarely seen at the park. 

He is gorgeous, ten years her senior and he might as well be from another planet. He is so far out of her league but she can't help crushing on him. But fate had other plans and Derek moved to London. Her new mentor was none other than Cal Knightley and a new friendship began.

I fell in love for the first time when I was eighteen. It was unrequited and silly, wrapped up in teen angst. Still, none of my crushes hold a candle to that one. 

Eight years later and Whitney has the coveted job of being In Character (the theme park's name for employees who are in costume and an active part of the Fairytale Kingdom) as Elena at the castle. Once shy and reserved, she's involved into quite the popular employee. There's few employees she doesn't know and she's very well liked. She's close to Cal and he's protective of her.

Enter Derek. He's back from London and ready to take over the helm. But Cal thinks he should get more in touch with the wants of the employees. He wants Derek to start by working In Character. With Whitney. Oh, things are about to get interesting.

It's been eight years and now he's back. Cal's grandson, My first crush. 

Whitney has never been able to forget Derek. In her head some things happened years ago and she blames him. He was older than her, and only gave her a passing thought over the years.

She crossed my mind a time or two since I moved to London, but in my head she was permanently eighteen. 

But this older version of Whitney. Well, he's knocked off his feet. Only she seems to put up a concrete wall between them. Why?

Part of me is still angry with him for how he left things eight years ago. It wants retribution. 

I love when someone truly deserving gets the happiness they deserve. Whitney got the short end of the stick for a good part of her life. She's a good person who gets a lot of joy when the people around her get their happiness. This is her chance and I loved it!

On that bed is where I would lie, reading the books he'd lent me and daydreaming about the possibility of a real future with him.Turns out, I wasn't all that delusional. 

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