Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Review: Wild Highway: Runaway Series by Devney Perry

Gemma Lane built an empire. Not a small feat, considering her home as a teenager was a makeshift tent in a California junkyard. She’s dedicated her life to turning pennies into millions. She has power, fortune and prestige.

And she’s leaving it all behind.

Gemma is headed across the country in her best friend’s Cadillac when a detour in Montana reunites her with old acquaintances and a man who hasn’t changed. Easton Greer challenges her every word and tests her every limit because he doesn’t believe she’s really abandoned her riches. She ignores his snide remarks and muttered censure—until the day she’s ready to return to the wild highway, and Easton taunts her to stay.

She’ll prove to him she’s not just running back to her wealthy life, that she’s more than her money. She’ll unlock her guarded heart and hope that this time around, he’ll treasure the key.

4 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Emma Lane has just sold her successful cosmetics business for millions. She achieved what she set out to do, but now she's just drifting. She sold spur of the moment, doesn't regret it, but has no idea what her future holds.

She grew up in a junkyard along with five others and start a life in Boston with her best friend, Londyn. Londyn is settling down with the love of her life and Emma thinks she needs to make a fresh start too. Sometimes when you have everything you want, you don't have everything you need.

Her journey starts out towards California to deliver a car, but takes a detour in Montana. Eleven years ago she left with some unfinished business there. She has some wrongs to right. Katherine, who she wasn't exactly fair to, is quick to forgive. But Easton Greer, the sombre cowboy that Emma shared a one night stand with-he's not so quick to forgive and forget.

I didn't read Runaway Road, the first book in the series. Although Emma wasn't a main character, I feel like I missed out on her background story. But her feelings of abandonment come through and it's obvious that Emma has a protective shell around her heart. Her mother virtually threw her away and no matter how much you rise up out of those ashes, you are scarred for life.

Emma and Easton have a slow burn to their second chance at love. Both are stubborn, both hide their true feelings and neither one is the first to make amends. But a slow burn can turn into a raging fire if the embers are fanned a bit and it just takes some time.

Easton-now I was not a big fan of his through out most of this story. He is grumpy and surly and so pig headed. It's hard to swoon over a hero when he isn't too much of a hero at the moment. But he did grow on me, especially at the end. Theirs is not an easy romance, but in the end, it's a lasting one.


I opened the door, a smile still on my face, and collided, headfirst, with a wall of muscle.
“Oh, sorry.” I looked up and my heart stopped.
The smell of leather and aftershave filled my nose. I looked up to see a pair of dark brown eyes hooded by long, onyx lashes. I took in the straight nose, the sharp jaw and strong chin. My gaze dropped to the full lips I’d tasted once, on a night eleven years ago.
I’d never seen a face as symmetrical and so beautifully masculine as Easton Greer’s.
Even when he scowled, like he was now, it was a wonder.
He’d gotten even more handsome. How was that possible? He’d transformed from a young man to just a man, man. Rugged and rough and sexy.
“Gemma.” My name came out as a growl in his deep voice and I tore my gaze away from his mouth, taking a step back.
“Hi,” I breathed, the air heavy and thick.
He took a step away, then another, his glare unwavering.
Easton cast his scowl over his shoulder and spotted the Cadillac. “That yours?”
“You’re staying here.” Not a question. An accusation. If he had it his way, I’d be uninvited.
I lifted my chin. “Yes, I came to see Katherine.”
His jaw ticked. “I thought we’d gotten rid of you years ago.”
Ouch. I guess he was still pissed about that whole sex in his room and waking up to find me gone.
But, good or bad, he hadn’t forgotten me.

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