Monday, January 14, 2013

Review: Fire in Her Eyes (Summer Love) by Amanda Heath

Fire In Her Eyes (Summer Love) by Amanda Heath

4 Stars

Harley Maxton and Spencer Grady have been enemies since they were 5 years old and living next door to each other hasn’t been easy either.  Throughout their childhood they have made each other’s lives a living hell by pulling pranks on each other.  Everyone in town knows that Harley and Spencer belong together, it is just too bad they can’t be in the same room with each other for more than a minute before things get explosive. Little do they know, this trip home from college will change their lives forever.

“If I didn’t know him I would be in love with that face, with it’s high cheekbones, full lips, and dimples that show when he smiles. It’s the face on an angel, even though he’s a freaking demon.” ~HarleyMaxton

Harley is back home from college for summer break. She is excited to be home with her friends. They have plans to go to their old hangouts. They are ready to have a summer full of fun times. Then she sees that Spencer is moving back into his mom’s house. That gorgeous jerk and her long time enemy has already ruined her summer. After settling back in, her dad tells her his exciting news and Harley’s world comes crashing down.

“She is one of the hottest girls I have ever seen. I’ve always thought this but we haven’t ever gotten along. There’s  just something about when we are in the same room; sparks fly and the verbal war begins.” ~ Spencer Grady

After being dumped by his girlfriend, Spencer decided to come home from college for the summer. He was looking forward to hanging out with his friends. While unloading his car he sees Harley in the drive way and is taken aback by her beauty. Then he remembers that she is the enemy. Walking into his house he notices his mother got new furniture. She tells him not to unpack and that she has exciting news. Little does Spencer know that this news will bring Harley into his life in a way he never thought would happen.

After years of tormenting each other, Spencer and Harley finally admit their feelings to themselves and find happiness with each other. Spencer promises not to hurt her and swears he will always be there for he. While out one night with friends, Harley’s life is violently changed forever.
Spencer can’t help but feel guilty about what happened to Harley. The secrets from his past start to haunt and torment him. Feeling lost and overwhelmed, he leaves town and ends up making the worst mistake of his life. This mistake will cost him the one thing he wasn’t willing to loose, the one person he loves the most, Harley.

We follow Harley and Spencer on a journey. Together they find love and just as quickly it is all taken away by a violent and tragic event. They discover who their true friends are. Secrets are revealed, lives are torn apart and relationships crumble..

“Baby girl…I’m so sorry, baby girl. I’m so fucking sorry”. I sob. I didn’t even know I was crying. She’s looking back at me with a small smile on her face. Those eyes though, it breaks my fucking heart to see the fire gone. That hurts the most. ~ Spencer Grady

I felt that some of the verbiage used at the beginning of the story was a bit immature for college kids. It did improve as the story moved forward.
A job will done for Ms. Heath

I received an advanced copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.  

I must warn you that there is a scene of violence and rape, although the rape wasn’t written in detail, Ms. Heath wrote it with care.

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