Monday, January 14, 2013

Review: Sometimes Never by Cheryl Mcintyre

Our 4 star review 

"Her milky white feet bounce up and down as she sways her legs to the beat of music I'm unable to hear. And I really wish I could hear it. To know what sound flows through her ears and makes her move like this."

Cheryl McIntyre has put a fresh spin on the good girl/rebellious bad boy theme. Hope is a product of the
foster care system. Slightly battered, cautiously guarded, fiercely loyal, she has been bounced from home to home, following the death of her drug addicted mother- father no where in sight. She has found some semblance of stability in her current placement, and is especially close to Guy, as close to a brother as she will ever come. She has tremendous self esteem issues, and acts out in a particularly secretive harmful way. Mason, is the man of the house, having lost his father from a random act of violence. As much as he tries to
keep it together for his mother and brother, he approaches life with detachment. He avoids relationships and long term commitments. His hard working mother copes with her loss by moving; picking up and moving her kids and forcing them to start schools and friendships over and over. Mason enjoys the company of girls, lots and lots of girls. And partying, lots of that too. When these two intersect, they are both attracted and repulsed by each other. Hope "ships" things, opposites, things that compliment and fill the void the
other leaves.

"Pencil and eraser, ink pen and white-out, enter and back space keys. Something that can amend the mistakes of the other."
This sums up their relationship nicely. They fight, they attract and they love. And maybe they hate, and maybe they learn each other secrets and wonder how they can make it work, when everything seems to indicate it won't. Ms. McIntyre's words flow beautifully and each paragraph brings the reader closer to Hope and Mason's world. So much angst, and so much pain and yet they have managed to rise above it and fight the good fight.

"Stop being mad and listen to me." "I'm not mad, Mason. I am crushed. Acting mad makes it easier to deal with than letting it rip me apart."

This novel will surprise, this is so much more than your typical young adult story. And can I say, the epilogue-is simply wonderful.

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  1. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book! From the first paragragh i was drawn to it! Mason reminds me if my husband. The way he is so devoted to Hope, makes me love him even more!! I have told all my "book" friends that this is a must read!


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