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Blog Tour: Entice by Ella Frank...Interview with Josh and Shelly

“Wow, this place really is Exquisite,” Jennifer says looking around. “OMG, that food smells divine, I wonder if Mason is cooking tonight?” Lisa asks. “Shelly did say that Lena had Mason reserve the private room for us to conduct our interview, that was extremely nice of them to do.” The hostess approaches us and states “You must be the Three Chicks, please follow me, Ms. Morgan and Mr. Daniels were just seated.” Kristie leans over and whispers “Delicious Daniels, yummy.” Lisa shakes her head laughing, while Jennifer is biting her lip but nodding with Kristie in agreement. “Here you ladies go, your waitress with be with you shortly. Josh and Shelly stand up to greet us. Jennifer says while shaking Shelly’s hand “I'm Jennifer and this is Lisa and Kristie, it is so nice to meet you both.” “Yes, thanks again for taking the time to talk with us this evening, I am sure there are other things you’d rather be doing,” Lisa states. Kristie mumbles while giving Josh a quick glance “like having awesome hot sex under an oak tree.” Lisa pinches her arm, Kristie glares at her and Jennifer starts laughing and says “Okay Josh and Shelly, ready to start?” They nod yes.

Three Chicks:  Congratulations on your engagement! Has the date been set yet?

Josh:  No not yet.

Shelly: Soon though.

Three Chicks:  How are things going for you two?

Josh:  (Looks to Shelly, takes her hand) Really great, what do you think Shel?

Shelly:  Things are amazing. Hard not to be with this guy. (bumps her shoulder against Josh’s)

Three Chicks:  Josh, why were you so against the idea of dating and getting to know Shelly better when Mason and Lena suggested it?

Josh:   (Squeezes Shelly’s hand) Ahh okay, sorry Shel. Well when we first met, Shelly was rather full on. I mean not only is she gorgeous, she’s bold and brassy. Damn, I knew she had the potential to damage me. (Chuckles, as he turns to smile at Shelly who is currently arching a brow with a smirk)  

Three Chicks:  Shelly, I am sure you are familiar with the saying “when you assume you make an ass out of you and me”. Why did you assume that Josh was just a contractor? A bit shallow don’t you think?

Shelly:  Wow, you ladies don’t pull any punches do you (Squirms in the chair a little, Josh lets go of her hand and reaches down to squeeze her thigh)? If we’re being this honest we may as well just say I made a lot of wrong assumptions in my haste to not fall for Josh. I had an image of who I thought I needed and I stupidly assumed he couldn’t be it. However, I also believe everyone has an idea in their head of what works for them, a type you’re attracted too. I’m constantly judged before people know me and my story.

Three Chicks:  Josh, your trip to Shelly’s parents' house was insightful to say the least. What were your thoughts on her relationship with her parents? Did it make you understand her better?

Josh:  Shelly’s relationship with her parents is complex and difficult, it’s also very sad. What little girl wants to grow up witnessing a lie? But that trip made me really see her (turns and gives Shelly a heart stopping smile). I got to know the real Shel in Georgia. She isn’t perfect, in fact we had one of our biggest arguments there, but I had no choice in the matter. I lost my heart in Georgia.

Three Chicks:  Why did you both fight the attraction you have for each other?

Josh:  Because we’re idiots? (Laughs)

Shelly:  Agreed.

Three Chicks:  Shelly, do you like dogs?

Shelly:  (Tilts her head and purses her lips) I like Mutley, but he’s more like a human, so that doesn’t count.

Josh:  She loves Mutley, she gives him Scooby Snacks all the time. (Shelly lightly smacks his shoulder)

Three Chicks:  Josh, you were such a doll and so patient with Shelly. How did you feel after she shut down when your ex showed up?

Josh:  Pissed off. But I knew exactly what was going through her mind. She’s such a stubborn pain in the ass though she just wouldn’t give an inch.

Shelly:  Ahh hello, I’m right here.

Josh:  I know Georgia, you smell real good too, but yes ladies. She really pissed me off.

Three Chicks:  Shelly, why did it take Josh moving for you to realize how much you loved him?

Shelly:  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, pretty sure I’m not the first one who learnt that out the hard way. I really got to know him through his emails to me, probably better than I would have in person. You often say things in writing you would never say in person.

Three Chicks:  Josh, when Shelly came to her senses and started fighting for a relationship with you, what were you thinking and how did it make you feel?

Josh:  I felt wary. (Looks to Shelly as she nods quietly) I didn’t trust her. I fell in love with her in three days, and yes I know a lot of people think I was pressuring her into something, but that wasn’t it at all. I knew she fell for me too, it was all over her face in Savannah. So yeah, when we got back I wasn’t willing to settle for anything less.

Three Chicks:  You two clearly longed to have something similar to what Mason and Lena have. At what point did you realize that you had it with each other?

Shelly:  Mason and Lena are so different to us, in the respect that they had so much heart ache and loss to fight past. They learned to love through grief and sorrow. Josh and I, in my opinion anyway, were like a Mack truck. We plowed into one another and then crashed. We then had to slowly put all the pieces back together.

Josh:  Mason is nauseating around Lena. (laughs).Honestly, they are the happiest people I have ever met and they don’t mind reminding you either. So that pain in the ass I call my friend, took great delight in my fall. I knew I wanted Shelly the minute I saw her, and I fell in love with her not long after. I think we just thought it was too good to be true and both needed to take a step back for a while, to trust it and believe it.

Three Chicks:  Josh, how are you getting along with her parents?

Josh:  Good, I hope ? (Turns to Shelly and arches a brow. She laughs and pats his thigh)

Shelly:  Yes. They’re good.

Three Chicks:  Shelly, has your relationship with your parents improved any?

Shelly:  Yes. It’s still a work in progress, but my father has become much more approachable. It is something that is going to take a lot of time to heal.

Three Chicks:  Have you two had any other mind blowing encounters in other parking lots recently? (Lisa whispers “OMG- that was really hot!”)

Josh:  (Winks at Lisa) That really was hot, and unexpected. No parking lots, but there was the ele..

Shelly:  Really? You’re going to tell them? (Shelly laughs)

Josh:  Yeah you’re right, it is kind of private.

Shelly:  No, I don’t care. I’m just shocked, you’re usually more private. (Shelly turns to Lisa) I finally gave him the elevator ride he deserved, since the night he dragged my drunk ass home.

Josh:  See what I’m dealing with? (Chuckles and shakes his head)

Three Chicks:  Shelly, it seems your plans with Josh backfired on you in more ways than one. He always ended up having the upper hand and it seemed to have confused you. Is that the case?

Shelly:  The man was confusing as hell. I knew he needed time, he had told me he didn’t trust me, and I deserved that. Not knowing where he was, infuriated me. But when he came back we would reconnect and I could tell he was just as tortured as I was. He was struggling to trust me but at the same time I could tell he loved me. The emails and messages helped and in the end it was worth it, it all made sense.

Three Chicks:  Josh, how did you manage to gain the upper hand? Shelly is one tough cookie.

Josh:  She is tough. Ella and I call her the three S’s, sexy, stubborn and sassy. All I can say is that honesty and nothing but the truth is what eventually made me have the upper hand. Shelly won’t say anything unless it’s true. So that moment at Mason and Lena’s wedding, when she stood there with no answer for me, I knew. She’s not ready. When she was ready she wouldn’t need to build up to it. She’d just blurt it out – true Shel style. Don’t get me wrong, for months it was all over her face, but in the end it needed to be in her soul as well.

Three Chicks:  Shelly, your parents' situation really did a number on you and how you dealt with your relationships. Did you ever think to talk with them sooner? It could have saved you some heartache.

Shelly:  I don’t know how I would have done that honestly. I’ve been arguing with my parents for years. It was my mother who decided to trust me and open up and tell me things I never knew had taken place, and maybe she did that because of Josh. But no, I don’t see how it could have happened sooner considering it was in her hands.

Three Chicks:  Shelly, there are many sides to you- Shelly the professional doctor, Shelly the Georgia girl and vulnerable Shelly. Have you been able to relax and just be yourself a little more?

Shelly:  I think there are many sides to anyone, that’s what makes us complex and interesting individuals, don’t you think? What do you think Josh? (Turning to Josh)

Josh:  I think you’re perfect.

Three Chicks:  Josh, how long were you planning to buy that land and build the house by the oak tree? (Kristie states excitedly “That was one of the most romantic and awesome things EVER, Josh you are just WOW!”)

Josh:  (Chuckles) Thanks Kristie. When Georgia took me there that first time it was obvious it was special to her. I could tell by the way she talked about it, and after the afternoon we spent there it took a hold of me too. On our drive back to Chicago we spent a lot of time talking and my mind started thinking about the future and where I could see myself. Well, you know what happened after that.

I really tried to move on, I went on a couple of dates..

Shelly (Coughs)

Josh:  Well I did, (laughs) with Jenny. She was very sweet and nice, but she just wasn’t Georgia and that night we all went to see the fireworks off the pier and Shel looked so sad, I knew I would do anything to make her happy. That’s when I did some research.

Three Chicks:  Where will you two be living? What about work?

Shelly:  We live here in Chicago – it’s where we both work.

Josh:  Yep, we will be using the house in Savannah for vacations, and maybe when we get old or sick of freezing our asses off.

Three Chicks:  What is your favorite nickname for each other?

Josh:  Georgia

Shelly:  Delicious Daniels

Josh:  That’s ridiculous. (Laughs)

Shelly:  Smokin’ Hot? Does that work better? (Winks at Josh)

Josh:  God help me.

Three Chicks:  Any plans for kids in the future?

Shelly:  We need to practice a lot first to make sure they’re perfect.

Josh:  See, now that’s an idea I can get on board with.

Three Chicks:  What is going on with Rachel and Cole?

Shelly:  Ahh, I have no clue what to tell you about that. Let’s just say Rachel has a tough road ahead.

Josh:  Cole better watch himself.

Shelly:  Come on Josh. (Shelly sighs)

Josh:  That’s all I’m saying.

After taking a sip of her delicious drink called The Red Hooded Slut, Lisa says,“ Josh and Shelly, again thank you. This was fantastic and we really hope to talk to you again in the future, maybe we can have Lena and Mason come along too?” Josh and Shelly stand up and we stand along with them and Kristie says ,“we had a wonderful time, you two are awesome, funny and sexy.” Jennifer jumps in and says, “Yes, and I love your nicknames you have for each other, they are priceless.” Josh and Shelly gather their coats and head out. Lisa looks over to us and puts her hand on her belly, “OMG, I am so full. That food was to die for.” “We couldn’t agree with you more Lisa,” Jennifer and Kristie say together. “Let’s order one more drink, then we'll call a cab to take us out to a club or something, what do you say ladies?” Kristie asks with a devious smirk on her face. Lisa shouts, “Ooh let’s check out that place Whipped!” Both Kristie and Jennifer eyes pop open and jaws drop staring at Lisa in shock. Then Kristie laughs and says, “ I knew you had a kinky side to you.” Winking at her. All three chicks laughing hysterically waiting for their drinks..


What if everything you think you want isn't what you actually need...

Dr. Shelly Monroe is a woman who doesn't shy away from going after what she wants, but lately good sex has been hard to find. Shelly's become increasingly frustrated with the men she's been dating and the men she believes are the right choice.

Joshua Daniels is certainly not even close to the right choice. In fact he is exactly the wrong choice. For one thing, he's Mason Langley's best friend and best man. Second he's too much of a risky complication for Shelly to even consider.

Then why can't she stop thinking about how delicious he looked that first night she met him at Exquisite? Why is it so imperative to keep her lusty desire for a man that doesn’t meet her preconceived mold hidden from Lena and Mason, her trusted friends?

It seems unreasonable that being with a man completely wrong in theory could somehow feel so right. Then why is it the more she sees him the more enticing he becomes?

Our 4 star review:

en·tice transitive verb : to attract artfully or adroitly or by arousing hope or desire : tempt

After a string of failed relationships, Doctor Shelly Monroe is done with the good looking men.  She wants a man with a steady job and one who is good in bed.  She has decided to go for successful suit wearing men. They are boring but safe.  She doesn’t have a problem going after what she wants and she certainly doesn’t have a problem getting it. The problem is she hasn’t found the one that can rock her world. She continually makes wrong choices. She is the maid of honor in her best friend, Lena’s wedding. Lena and her fiancĂ© Mason are trying to get her to go out with his best man. She immediately declines and when they are introduced Shelly realizes she is in trouble because nothing has prepared her for Joshua Daniels…

“I can tell you want me. Your eyes are all over me, and your breathing is just a little too hard for some woman sitting at a bar. Come on Shel, you can admit it. Just like I can almost guarantee you’re getting all hot and bothered down between—"

Joshua Daniels is tired of being with the perfect woman who only views him as a bank. After he finds his girlfriend cheating on him, he takes a job that lands him in Chicago. He is doing renovations for his best friends Mason and Rachel’s restaurant Exquisite. He also happens to be the best man in Mason’s wedding. One night while eating at Exquisite, in walks the most perfect and beautiful woman Josh has ever seen. He immediately knows this beautiful creature is trouble. Josh knows about women like her, cold, just like Chicago, always well put together, smart and snobby. She will chew him up and spit him out before he even realizes what happened. He knows his heart won’t be able to handle that.

Shelly knows the type of man Josh is and she refuses to be used again. There is just one tiny problem, she can’t stop thinking about him and  how gorgeous he truly is- and he knows how to get under her skin. 

“The deal is this. No one knows about us. This is sex. Hot Sex, but just sex. I want a nice, sweet everyday man to settle down with. And, honestly, you scream complicated and not so sweet.”

The attraction they have towards each other is mind blowing. Then one night, Shelly makes him an offer he can’t refuse and then of course, things get complicated. Both are neither what each other expected.  They are both falling hard and fast for each other.  With Shelly’s family issues to deal with, things get a little rocky for her and Josh. When someone from Josh’s past comes back, Shelly is devastated and does what she does best, shuts him out and turns her emotions off. When she realizes her mistake, she does all she can to prove herself to him before she loses the one man she has truly ever loved.

“Take a chance Shel. I’m not going to hurt you, use you or take any part of you for granted.”

Josh Daniels is every woman’s dream! I have to say that Ella Frank has some of the most fantastically delicious sex scenes!  
Exquisite was a beautiful and tormented perfection. Entice will definitely tempt you!

Purchase on Amazon 



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